2018 July to Dec - Hobbies, Interests, and nothing of Nodding


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Just an update.

Conversion has become slow and tedious. I’m finding it hard to keep going on it. Almost got a huge folder validated, but that means clean up on other folders to prepare to convert them.

I’m below 900 broken links now-- yay.

I’m down to 2100 unlinked files, but that includes jpgs. My old program wants every file shown on the main page–ain’t gonna happen. So it is slow to pick through each file and decide what it needs-- is it truly unlinked to anything, or is my old program just complaining… Every file can take 5 to 30 minutes to get straightened out and linked everywhere it’s needed to be linked.

Sigh. Wish I was done.


Hang in there, Cagey. That sounds like me with H. Maria. I have just over 2,200 tiles to go, but with the lag it takes a day or two just to do 100 of them. And Heaven forbid should I accidentally move my hand as I click to place a tag. That slightest movement will move the tile… and cause a delay of a minute or more before I can actually set the tag and move on. If there wasn’t any delay, H. Maria would have been done - for me - last year! :rofl:


Good going on Maria! You have extreme patience, more than I have.

One commonality with Maria and webpages, for me, is my eyesight. By 9-10pm, I have trouble reading plain type on a PC, or seeing details in images.


:rofl: ME too! Things start to get blurry and I want to put my eyeglasses on, but they’re for distance. Sometimes I think I start going cross-eyed staring at some of the smaller homes. While waiting for the next tile to load, I usually work on a text file - white background - which also tires my eyes out. I remember the old DOS machines. I had the screen color as blue and the text white. I experimented with different text colors and screen colors a lot, but that is what I always went back to. I’ve even changed the colors displayed on my browser for some websites, but once in a while it messes with the layout so I switch it back to default colors.
As for H. Maria, one more tile and I can move down another row! Yea! LOL! I should hit 17.2k by tomorrow night. :rofl: I’m almost hoping there aren’t any more maps after this one, but if so, so be it… :neutral_face: