2018 - Meteors and sky watching


No hugging my bunnies… :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Look up! I just saw 2 meteors traveling from east to west - less than 20 seconds apart! When I came inside and checked my calendar, I realized that this is the Perseid’s shower. It peak is actually tomorrow night (11th-12th) and the following night (12th-13th). While you can start watching them as soon as early evening, the most per hour (about 50) is in the wee hours before dawn. Guess who’s staying up most of the night tonight? Yawn…
Edit: I should say that the first meteor I saw was traveling very slowly (</= 90,000 mph/144,841 kph) and had a very long tail - about 1/5th of the sky. I was in my glory! Just as I was about to turn away a second meteor passed overhead. This one, also traveling slow, had a much shorter tail and didn’t travel as far as the first. Later on I went on the earthsky.org website and it said that an “earth grazer” is a meteor that just grazes the atmosphere and has a very long tail. Is this what I saw? They also said grazers are fairly rare to see. Now I am in my glory! :star_struck:

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Of course I read this when ours skies are so smokey, the sun cannot get through :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


Well, I did get to see one meteor :comet: last night…just the one :grin:


Other than the two I saw within 20 seconds two nights ago, that was it! Tonight (almost) everyone else gets treated to 60-70 meteors/hour. Me? Another overcast, rainy night. Last night there was a 5-minutes “hole” in the cloud cover which allowed me to see a planet and one star (faintly). Rained here all day and evening, stopped before sunset (wherever that was! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:), but it’s still overcast. There’s still tomorrow night to look forward to! :star_struck: :wink:


With all the smoke, we cannot see anything but gray! :thinking:I hope the wind blows it out and there is a chance I can see it tomorrow night???


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! I was sort of… kind of… hoping the skies would clear up enough to see a few, but instead some more rain clouds moved in and we got some more light rain. The clouds are just moving out now - heading east to northeast. I was just outside with the two dogs and it’s so overcast that the lights from a 24/7 recycling center and the cement plant - both to my north - are reflecting off the bottom of the cloud cover… immense light pollution! To the west and just over the hill are the lights from the village - more light pollution! Straight up, to the south and east are my only “dark” skies tonight, but of course being overcast there is nothing to see but “cloud butts”! :crazy_face: Scattered thunderstorms are expected tomorrow and tomorrow night is going to be cloudy. Still, I’m going to check every hour or so for the next several nights. Even after the peak is over, there’s usually several more nights with fewer meteors. But it would have been nice to 60 to 70 per hour. Some day… some day…


Thanks…I hope the wind pushes out the smoke and I will get a chance to set up my tripod in a field away from the lights…fingers crossed.


Got to see 2 meteors so far tonight. Even though they’ve forecast cloudy skies, right now (10:45 PM) it’s only partly to mostly cloudy - depending upon which part of the sky I look at. Caught a meteor with a short tail traveling from northeast to southwest - even visible through the clouds. The second one had a much longer tail and traveled from east to west. So @TerriB and @Doug4, look out tonight if your skies are clear! Tonight’s the last night of the peak of the Perseid meteor shower! Still hoping to see the 60-70/hour! I’ll be sneaking outside every 45 minutes to an hour checking - and hoping the clouds stay away.


We are cloudy so far, I am going to keep checking and hope near midnight or so there are clear skies!


I may have to make this an “all nighter,” but our DIL has to leave for work early tomorrow. My son leaves by 5:20 AM. My wife and I will have the 3 girls to take care of, but I do so much want to see a lot of meteors in one night. The best time for me to watch is supposed to be between 2:30 AM and 5 AM. So I should be able to grab 2 hours sleep before the girls come calling, “Grandpa? You awake?” :tired_face: :wink:


I just ducked outside for 10 minutes and got to see 5 more meteors! One with a decent tail, one that really shot across the sky, and one that just to flash as soon as it started to glow. Cool! The clouds had a good size “hole” to the east, south and straight up overhead. Now if my neck will just hold up for a few more hours. (Three herniated discs in my cervical spine - which is what put me out of work - sound like someone walking on shattered glass when I turn my head, look up and then down. Ouch! And I had 8 nerves severed (rhizotomy) to kill the pain in my neck and across my shoulders and upper back. After 10 years I think they may be growing back together. I’ve been getting that familiar numb tingling sensation again.) If only I had covered the motion detectors to keep the lights from coming on - and in my eyes - I could be sitting back in a chair on the deck with my head back and feet up. :smiley: Forgot all about them until I stepped out onto the deck and BLAM! Bright lights right in my eyes. (I was looking up as I walked out. Duh! :unamused:


I’ve been away from Tomnod a few days. Just returned home and came on here specifically to see if anyone was having luck with the meteor showers. @Jim7, hope you are able to share the meteors with your granddaughters! They’ll remember it as a special time with their Grandpa! One of my favorite memories of time spent with my Grandpa as a kid was when he took me and my sister for a snowmobile ride in the hills at winter (an hour east of Olean, NY). We usually visited my grandparents during the summer, but two times were during the winter. My Grandpa would take my Mom’s sled she used as a kid and we would ride down this huge hill. We built a bump at the bottom so we’d catch some air! Grandpa would laugh when this happened. I didn’t know my grandparents very well since we lived far away, but have many happy memories. :relieved:


I’ve taken all 3 of the girls out to look at the stars and I point out the planets. All three have seen Venus, Jupiter, Mars and the oldest one (6 yrs) has also seen Saturn. The 4-yr old loves to make a wish on the first star she sees whether it’s actually a star or Venus. :heart_eyes: The 1-yr old is fascinated with the moon most of all. Once she sees it - whether it be during the day or in the evening - all she does is walk around the house saying, “Moon… moon… moon.” She makes sure she tells everyone in the house she’s seen the moon, even the dogs! :rofl: :heart_eyes: Last year the oldest got to see a “shooting star.” and she thought that was the greatest. I’d wake her up and bring her outside, but I know for sure that we’ll get caught either by mommy or daddy. :hushed: Of course even if we didn’t get caught, the first thing out of her mouth in the morning would be, “I saw shooting stars last night with Grandpa!” Even if I tell her to :zipper_mouth_face:


Just great! I went outside at 1:10 AM in the hopes of seeing more meteors and there’s nothing but a solid cloud cover! I guess seeing 9 meteors over a few nights is better than nothing! A few were really nice to see. One more time of missing out on seeing hundreds of them… :unamused: Will have to try for the next meteor shower. :expressionless:


I saw one fabulous meteor as soon as I went outside and then nothing for a half hour. It is just too hazy here! But that one was amazing - crossing the middle third of my field of vision. Must have been very close :grin:


I was just outside - 2:10 AM here - and it’s still overcast. There’s such a cloud cover that the temperature hasn’t budged from 70.1F/21C since midnight! It is nice and calm and between the sound of the brook at the bottom of the hill, the crickets and beetles (bark beetles), I could fall asleep sitting out there. Guess I’ll turn in shortly. Have to do a couple more tiles on H. Maria to finish off a row. :wink:


That’s one more than me… as is seemingly traditional, it has been cloudy! :roll_eyes::wind_face::cloud:


me too…tried …but those darn clouds would not part. Today cloudy and rainy all day…


I hope by this time of the year…the fires are out, the skies are clear and we will see this:

October 21, 2018, before dawn, the Orionids


I hope so too! For me, hopefully with a large green (or blue, red or yellow, I’m not fussy!) curtain of Aurora Borealis playing nicely for me… that’s when I’m due to go!