2018 - Meteors and sky watching


I am hoping the fog will lift by then and we will have clear skies!


Just checked at 8:05 PM tonight. For the 3rd and 4th, partly cloudy and for the 5th, mostly cloudy. (shaking head in hands :frowning_face:) Maybe for those first two nights there won’t be that many clouds and I’ll be able to see some.


Isn’t that always the way, Jim? Always cloudy when there’s a chance of something interesting in the night sky… :roll_eyes:

Another thing to watch for in the middle of the month is Comet 46P/Wirtanen
which should be bright enough to see with the naked eye (predicted to get to magnitude +3) around December 16th.
:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: for :night_with_stars::night_with_stars::night_with_stars: and no :cloud: or :cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


We have a possibility of it being clear the evening of the 4th!
Thanks Helen I will mark that one of the calendar to watch for!


Thank you, Helen. I just marked my calendar also. This is also one of my 6 sister’s birthday! I’ll have to tell her. :wink:


Tonight…hopefully we will see something!

4:30 pm. CST …still cloudy…:roll_eyes: Hopefully in the next 8 hours it clears!

:disappointed:…strike out on the meteor viewing!


Don’t forget the Geminids tonight and tomorrow! From the eve of the 13th until the dawn of the 14th there could be up to 50 meteors per hour! I finally have a nice clear (and cold) night to watch. Earlier I was seeing double stars as my eyes were a little messed up from working on several files (white backgrounds) for hours. Last time I went out, I wasn’t seeing double any longer! :laughing: Guess I’ll be up until about 3 AM. Then it’s 5 hours of sleep before heading out to babysit with the wife again. (Almost can’t wait until January when we won’t have to babysit every day. But then I’ll probably have withdrawal symptoms from not seeing the girls every day for hours… on end. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing:

Edit: 1:35 AM: Clouds moved in and it just started snowing. A steady fine snow. No meteor shower for me - again! :unamused:


Ooh goody, it looks like we’ll not have any weather tonight :laughing:

Clear sky’s tonight…wonder if we’ll get to see anything :thinking:


Partly cloudy today… :thinking: hopefully clear skies tonight!

EDIT: They just said our forecast should be good for meteor watching! YEAH!!!


My forecast for tonight is “mostly cloudy.” Still continuing the trend which started 8 or 9 years ago - meteor shower = cloudy skies… no shower = clear skies. :unamused:


I did go outside last night for a little while. Partly cloudy - and very windy. Windchill must have taken the temps down near 0°C, the clouds were moving fairly quickly, but the gaps weren’t big enough for getting a good view of either meteors or Comet 46P/Wirtanen.
I’ll try again tonight, it’s quite cloudy (with a few small gaps) at the moment, but might be better in an hour or so… :crossed_fingers:




See if you can spot one (meteor) for me… and the comet. I still have overcast skies even though the snow ended at 2:15 PM this afternoon. It’s going to be cloudy all night here. :unamused:


I did! See one, that is… We had quite a lot of broken cloud, but it was moving quite fast with the aid of the wind. Just enough of a break to see one quickly shoot across the sky…

I did take some pictures of the part of the sky it’s supposed to be in, couldn’t see anything reviewing the pics on the back of the camera, but will take a good look at them on the big screen later to see if I have captured anything.
We have similar weather conditions again tonight so I’m going to have another session tonight to see if I can get anything better.


I looked up Alan Dyer’s instructions for taking meteor photos…(he is a friend of a friend and does amazing shots of the sky, some which he shoots in southern Saskatchewan)…hoping the clear skies continue to the evening! I certainly don’t have his equipment but can use my tripod and 18-300 lens. Settings are the important part…I had no idea what to use…we will see if I can find them tonight!


Here’s why I can’t see a thing… Maybe better luck next year… (sigh :no_mouth:)

Additional Conditions
Pressure | 29.89 in
Visibility | 10 miles

… Few 1400 ft
… Mostly Cloudy 6000 ft
… Overcast 7500 ft

Dew Point | 41 °F
Humidity | 79%
Rainfall | 0.04 in
Snow Depth | 0 in

METAR KALB 150051Z 19008KT 10SM FEW014 BKN060 OVC075 06/03 A3025 RMK AO2 SLP246 T00610028


Cough… Wellllll, jump on clouds at 7500ft, catch an elevator cloud to 6000, up to 1400 ft. Lay on your back. Don’t fall asleep! Oh, and you can use dirty clouds going up, but not to lay on-- those bear rain. Pick a fluffy one, so no need to bring a pillow.


I think I’ll just sit right here and have a second big bowl of black cherry ice cream… this time with real whipped cream on it. :yum: Maybe later on I’ll open the other box and have some cream and coffee fudge ice cream - with or without whipped cream. :laughing: That first bowl seemed to go down too fast. Each box is a full half gallon (1.89L), but I have a feeling that there will only be the equivalent of one box left tonight. The other box should be gone tomorrow night. :roll_eyes: Now where did I put that Monterey Jack with Jalapeno peppers? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oooh, save me some Jim! Comfort food to compensate for a very similar weather forecast last night. The cloud cover came in and didn’t leave…



I agree :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

Usually I cannot eat ice cream in the winter…its just too cold.

There was a thin layer of clouds at 4 pm that was suppose to move out but just got heavier by 11…again…shut out. .