2018 - My Crazy Life thread


New thread for all of us. Feel free to post your trying events.

If you were here in 2017, you know I had some bad-life events going on. It sorta doused some of my cat-joy. Even getting a new bed became a comedy of errors.

So let me catch you up on this week’s ““OMG!!!””

My friend had a hip replaced in Nov. She has other medical problems that make surgery unwise. In Nov she did not “come back” from anesthesia for a WEEK. Complicated story and given my past occupation, I worry about her.

So she stopped over on Monday. She calls me from outside, saying she fell and needs an ambulance! The EMTs just “pulled” her up to sitting and walked her to the gurney.

ER says she broke her clavicle and rib. Oh geez, just what she needed! AND, they sent her HOME-- where she couldn’t take care of herself easily from Nov on. They should have admitted her!

Now, pain pills, not able to get up easily, no helper at home, etc. does not sit well with me. Seniors can get pneumonia with just one or two days of being “down”. As it was this morning Weds , her (male) upstairs roomer had to call an ambulance to help put her into bed because she fell out of bed and he could not lift her or help her up.

So if I have seemed “off” for some months, forgive me. If I’ve missed things in the forum, I’m sorry. If I haven;t seemed much of a chipper cat or joking, I do regret that. Life can’t get much worse than 4 deaths since July, and 2 others who “almost died” but recovered, a bed fiasco, and annoying house stuff like frozen pipes… and upstairs stomping so hard last week that they knocked a light fixture right out of the ceiling in my kitchen… and oh I dunno, but there had to be more that I forget now.

It’s gotta get better, right???



Hi @cageycat, Just keep in mind Ecclesiastes 3.1-8 and the folk song based on it. It will get better!



We have an elderly lady over the road who keeps herself very much to herself; very independent and an active member of her church. Not long after we moved into the area, her husband died (some 15 years ago) and she has missed him every single day of her life since.

Her next door neighbours, whom she was most closest to, have all died since and she doesn’t get on well with most of the younger neighbours moved into the community. And they in turn don’t give her the time of day and don’t have a kind word to say about her. Sadly, I don’t think they ever tried to get to know her. She has a wonderful, very dry, sarcastically funny sense of humour and it’s said with such a straight, deadpan face it shocks the laughter out of you :smiley: You really need to know her to get it and to get where she’s coming from :smile:

The first time she started talking to me was to let me know the break light on my car had gone. And we’ve stopped to chat many a time since, when we are putting the bins out or taking them back in; out the front gardening; and always when there’s a light gone on my car :grin:

When we bump into each other at the supermarket in the mornings, we can spend an hour in the aisle just chatting away as though no one else exists in there :smiley: And in particularly bad weather, when it’s snowed heavily, I go over to shovel her drive so she can get her car in and out…sadly no one else will :frowning: and she will pop out to chat and to show her gratitude.

She has her routines, the car will come out of the garage in the morning and if she’s not going out later in the day it will always go back in the garage and certainly by end of day. She’ll never invite you in for a chat, will always keep you standing on the doorstep no matter the weather and that’s ok with me, I respect her privacy. And she’ll never go out of her way to call over to me either, and that’s ok with me too. We suit us both, we get each other :wink: And we always part, me with a smile on my face and her with that devilish twinkle in her eye…on an otherwise grumpy looking deadpan face…but her eyes are laughing…if you care enough to look :wink:

Last Monday morning she left her car out after she’d been out shopping…a sure sign she’d be going out again before the day ends.

Monday evening a police car sat outside no particular house for several long hours…but I knew.
So I stayed up and I wait…to wave her off :slight_smile:
And at midnight the private ambulance arrived to take her away; and I smiled and thought…silly girl…she needn’t have left her car out for this journey :smile:

I don’t know that I’ve ever been so happy that someone has died, but she has waited such a long time to be with her husband again, I can’t help but be happy for her and that’s ok too :slight_smile:


What a sweet but sad story. Thank you for being her friend, for making her routines important, helping her, and for easing her sad times to be less sad. I’m sure she was very grateful to know you.

You made me cry.

I think my friend had another deep brain stroke. :frowning: Her roomer does not think to check her and rouse her, or to call someone. My friend slept most of 2 days! Same as the last stroke. But she has other medical conditions that could result in a coma and death-- so I’m angry. I and her other friend worried so much Wednesday. But the valley where I live had a dumping snowstorm and the roads were iced. The other friend would not drive to the lady’s house, and I cannot go check on our Sleeping Beauty friend. Sigh. Finally today she woke up… relief! Talking OK. Relief! She missed the Orthopedic appt. :frowning: Now, she’s worried if the Orth surgeon can still fix her clavicle.


Thanks @Wilms and @EmeraldEyes I always liked that verse & song.

Deep sigh… It’s Friday, and nothing else broke. :+1:


A change of perspective always helps!

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