2018 New Bern, NC Hurricane Florence


This place has a waste treatment plant nearby. All houses were flooded.

Pick any town. We could mark flooding and debris piles.
Certainly ground authorities are too swamped to ask.


Along Rt 40 E in N.C. after flood waters receded.

LOTS more in the grass on the berm and in the median.

Should we tag the fishies, @Mel_Nod ?

Got post hurricane maps?

Shucks! I was so hyped up about counting fish.

I guess we can still tag debris piles. Yes? Yes please? Yes-maybe?


And we can have different colored tags depending upon in which direction they’re pointing, toward the water, away from the water, to the left of the water or the right of the water. We could even have a multi-colored tag for multi-colored fish! Nah… that’d be carrying it a tad too far. :wink:
(:shushing_face: Everyone… Don’t say this too loud when you tell everyone else, but I think Cagey has been secretly counting tires in tire dumps. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:)


Tires?!! I was chasing
:fish::blowfish: :fish: :fish::blowfish: :fish: :fish::blowfish: :fish: :fish::blowfish: :fish: :fish::blowfish: :fish: :fish::blowfish: :fish: :fish::blowfish: :fish: :fish::blowfish: :fish:


You know, on a serious note, I’m wondered how many kitties and puppies didn’t make it. :frowning: