2018 - Northern Lights


Here are some local photographers’ shots of Northern Lights in our province:


Simply beautiful, absolutely stunning!
:crossed_fingers: I would love to be able to take just ONE shot like those… maybe in October when I go, I’ll have had a bit more practice setting the camera up properly… :camera:


Can a cat come visit you? er… me LOL Would love to see… but can’t fly.
x :flight_departure:



That tree :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I knew these images of aurora reminded me of something…:smile:



Ooooh @Helen, where are your 2014 pictures taken? Did I miss that somewhere?

And yes @TerriB isn’t it funny, what some of us see all the time, others go out of their way to find! I have always lived in the west where we don’t have fireflies. When I go east or south, I can’t wait to see them! To me they are the most unbelievable magical thing. Sometimes at Rocky Mountain National Park I see tourists, usually not from the U.S., seeing deer for the first time. It is fun to see them again through their eyes!

@kateg I went to Nebraska to see the total eclipse this summer: WOW. What an unbelievable experience.


I agree @Mel_Nod! :smiley:We get used to Northern lights being something that is just “out of town” when you get away from the streetlights. Deer, moose, rabbits, foxes, in our yards! The things that amaze us in other places in the world, are “normal” to those that live there! Like :evergreen_tree: versus :palm_tree: or :cactus::smiley:


Two examples I thought of for my area were while growing up in the city, I had never seen a bobcat. Now we see them in the fields or running across pastures and don’t think much about them - just like fishers and minks. The other thing was deer. Returning from Florida, my wife told me how surprised she was at the small size of the deer down there. She said as compared to the deer up here, Florida’s deer look like skinny dogs. :grin:
I guess every area has something big and/or different from all other places whether it be flora, fauna or fish - or auroras. :slightly_smiling_face:


I grew up in the big city so never really saw even hedgehogs, squirrals, deer or fox (unless we too a train out into the countryside) which are pretty common where I live now. So now the children are grown up with it, I’m the only who still gets excited :smile: :roll_eyes:


I understand this so well. Each time I am out in the country taking photos of wildlife, I feel like it is the first time I am truly “seeing” this animal in its true form. It is just a magical moment each time :heart_eyes:


I had kind of a reverse experience when moving to urban California for the first time -They have freeways with 6 lanes on each side!! :scream:

Where I lived before it was 3 lanes tops.


:fearful: that would be :crazy_face: I go down a two lane highway, maybe divided four lane…that’s as much traffic as I am exposed to …which is okay with me :wink:


Heck, I won’t even drive the motorways over here unless my hubby is with me :fearful:
It’s the oddest thing that, that I can drive on them when he’s in the passenger seat :confused:
And besides, he’s really the only one who knows just how to prize my fingers off the steering wheel without breaking them when we arrive at our destination :rofl:


Just found one one of those in the new fun campaign :smiley:



Yikes! I just saw this one…scary scary


All taken in Norway (Feb 2014 and Feb 2015). Was aiming on carrying on the “tradition” of going somewhere north of the Arctic Circle to see them in 2016, but never made it due to the surgery which my surgeon was deemed “more important”…! :thinking::hospital:
Much the same happened in 2017, so I decided that 2018 was “the year” to get back to aurora chasing…


Toronto would give you the hebejebes, TerriB. 12 lanes one way. you had better know where you butt is supposed to be to get to your off ramp,:sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:


I haven’t been there for 10 years, as I tend to go to the west coast more, but that 401 always scared me!!! I drove out to Niagara Falls last time and OMG I wanted to hire someone to drive me back!!!


Or you could do what I’ve seen in Hartford, CT… a person cutting diagonally across 4 lanes to get into the left lane to make a left turn - traffic be damned! Just cut right across in front of everyone! :open_mouth:


a Sask photographer - ©Jeff Wizniak - took this on April 19, 2018 right by the river in Saskatoon at 11:30 p.m. When you are in the city/town streetlights they are not as clear or as bright as they are if you travel away from the lights and get out in a farmers field or somewhere darker.