2018 - Northern Lights


wow unbelievable @TerriB!!


Wow, that’s a simply stunning photo…!


He takes amazing shots. Some photographers around the province focus strictly on the northern lights. Some on snowflakes…which is difficult. You have to catch a snowflake - usually on a dark mitten or glove - take the photo before it melts magnified and then process:

The other one I love is taking frozen bubbles:

Especially if you can get a backdrop of a sunset/sunrise/christmas lights or something that shows through the bubble.


That’s what the girls and I were supposed to do this past winter when the temperature was down to about 20F/-6,6C. They wanted to make frozen bubbles. But my DIL put them away last fall and couldn’t remember where. Once it started warming up, she inadvertently “discovered” them when she decided to clean the garage. :roll_eyes:


I have used dish detergent and it works!


Ooh, more stunning photos! I may just have to take some bubble mixture with me when I go north later in the year, although I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t be cold enough when I’m travelling. Maybe I’ll have to take another trip during the winter… :wink:


I will put this in this category. I just posted a tile that has green ice under the Green Moss category and it reminded me of these areas in Alberta that have “bubble ice”…


oooh I love that snowflake photo too @TerriB!


Very interesting article and amazing photos of the Northern Lights:


I think I may have witnessed a “Steve” sub-auroral arc, but not known what I was looking at, or what it was, at the time. I have a couple of not-very-good photos that look like they may have Steve in…


I looked back at some of the photos from previous posts in this thread (#s 19-21) and got to thinking about the auroras I seen from my hamlet along the Hudson River (south of Albany, NY). Those which I’ve seen were high in the sky - mostly overhead - and weren’t visible at the northern horizon. There were very many thin ribbons of mostly purple and reds with a little green and reminded me of a thousand snakes slithering very fast across the sky. They also appeared to come in “spurts” with a couple of seconds or more between them. An hour later and they faded out. I guess that would be my best description of them.


Another one that looks like Northern Lights on the sea:


Did anyone see the Northern Lights on Saturday?


Nope! Cloudy/Overcast until 11 PM, then partly cloudy - and I forgot all about it. :roll_eyes:


Well shoot, no, I didn’t @TerriB! Looks like colorado was in the Southernmost possible band of viewing. But, still, I was probably still too close to city lights, not to mention, asleep.


If they (the lights) decide to do a second run, for the last two nights here there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! Lots and lots of stars and a few planets. Just no northern lights. :expressionless:


Ooops…maybe another “run” another time!


“Northern Lights” of the Lagoon…


this one is even better: