2018 - Northern Lights


Thanks @TerriB! I have bookmarked this to read in more detail.


@Helen did you see this?


Is that video speed increased or do the lights move that quickly?


I’d assume that’s speeded up Kate, the clouds appear to be moving too fast…well, faster than I’ve ever seen the go :smile:


Yes he did increase the speed.


Thanks for that Terri! I don’t go anywhere near facebook, but managed to find the clip elsewhere on the internet! Fascinating…

Definitely speeded up. They’re usually very slow and graceful… I’ve only ever seen one small section of aurora move fast, it moved across the sky just like a whip. Far too fast for me to get any pictures of, and I wasn’t set up for video…


Great words to describe them…that’s exactly how they are!

Glad you could find it elsewhere. He certainly hit the jackpot with that additional bonus to the fire.


That’s exactly how I saw the aurora years ago when I went down to the river with my grandson to watch. There were waves of red, green and bluish-purple flashing across the sky (from north to south) like someone working a bullwhip back and forth. Alas, it didn’t last long this far south, but it was great while it was visible. :heart_eyes:


Good point :grin:———————


The last time it was visible in the south of the UK (and further south, I saw aurora pictures taken in Jersey from that event), I was on a cruise ship heading for the northern tip of Norway! :roll_eyes::thinking:


I was babysitting our first grandchild. One down, three to go! :roll_eyes:


I can hardly wait until September - mid to late - the northern lights should be visible in our area.


Looks like Auroras are currently over Alaska, and for me the northern tip of Saskatchewan. Usually by mid to late September they are visible in Central Saskatchewan

You can check it out on https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/aurora-3-day-forecast

posted the screenshot but the system did not like it.

EDIT: when I changed the link, they were already forecasting a change by August 31st further north.


I guess Saturns’ are like ours…


Northern lights are getting much closer to me…



Only another month to go until I get closer to the Aurora… they almost never come to me, I’d need at least KP7 or KP8 before I have the faintest chance of seeing them from my home location, so I have to go to them!


Soon!!! I hope they are exceptional when you are there!


I hope so! It’s been a long time in the planning… last visit was 2015, should have gone in 2016 but various health issues took over, and I wasn’t allowed to travel!


I’m sure it will be excellent! What lens are you using? This is not something I have mastered yet…I hope the night photography class I’m taking this fall will help!


I don’t actually know yet! I want the widest possible lens I can get for my Sony camera, without going so wide it ends up with the fish-eye effect… I will have to go shopping soon! :wink:
If I can’t find anything suitable that I think is worth some of the hard-earned cash, I have a “travel” lens that I tend to use quite a bit, that one is 16-300mm so does just about go wide enough to take a good landscape picture.