2018 - Northern Lights


Still sitting in the 2 and 3’s, which is unlike we will see them. Way north of me, about 6 hours, they have been taking photographs of the northern lights in the last week.



Here’s Dre Erwins blog from Pinehouse Lake …which is the location I mentioned in my last post:


A brilliant article, thanks Terri! From what I’ve read there I’ve been doing it just about right… now all I need is the Aurora to come out and play when I’m in the correct location! :rofl:


I’m sure this is “your time” and you will get brilliant photos!!! I copied this article for future use.


I’m going to print it for reference! I will have little to no internet signal where I’m going…


So we can talk about you while you’re away? :rofl: Oh wait a minute. You’ll still see everything when you get back. Oh well… :zipper_mouth_face:


LOL, no chance, Jim! There will be the odd time when I’ll be able to get online - I need to be able to check the aurora forecasts for the evenings!


Oh man! :grin: :roll_eyes:


It is getting much closer to my area:



If I lived where you do, just as the “lights” reached me the clouds would move in and obscure the sky. (And Mother Nature would say, “Gotcha again, Jim!” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Happened a few weeks ago…seemed like it was clear less than 40 km from me…but not over my head!



The closest we have been so far. I hope the skies are clear later tonight.


:heart: Watch out :heart: @Helen :heart: is out with her :heart: liking. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Methinks she had Nodder-miss-itis e.g. she missed us! LOL!!

Welcome back!! :heart_eyes_cat:


I’m back! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: And I’ve run out of :heart::heart::heart: for today…
I missed you all - for most of my trip, I had no mobile phone signal, so no internet!

This is what I’ve been away hunting…

This was fairly early on in a really awesome display, photo is totally unprocessed (yet) except for a little straightening and cropping. It needs despeckling - I had to use a very high ISO (light sensitivity) as I was taking pictures from the back of a moving cruise liner!


Fabulous shot Helen!!


I couldn’t make out what the photo was of… thanks to that darned green swirly thing! :rofl: :wink:


Thanks Terri! That was just one of about 1500 I took that night, it got better and better. Some of the later shots are more spectacular, but very grainy, I was shooting at iso3200 for most of the night as it was the only way I could keep the shutter speed short enough. The cruise liner was moving about quite a bit…


LOL that green swirly thing kept getting in all of my night shots! It wouldn’t keep still… :wink: kept changing colour too, to keep my attention!


That must have been beautiful. I remember when my grandson and I watched them while sitting in my truck parked down at the river’s edge. It was just like someone was waving a wide, rainbow-colored ribbon from side to side in the breeze. All sorts of colors and they looked like they were coming right us. That lasted for about an hour before they faded away - back to the north. Nice!


I would be the same… taking as many as I can!!! Hard to adjust to constant motion…what a great trip!!!