2018 - Northern Lights


Still sitting in the 2 and 3’s, which is unlike we will see them. Way north of me, about 6 hours, they have been taking photographs of the northern lights in the last week.



Here’s Dre Erwins blog from Pinehouse Lake …which is the location I mentioned in my last post:


A brilliant article, thanks Terri! From what I’ve read there I’ve been doing it just about right… now all I need is the Aurora to come out and play when I’m in the correct location! :rofl:


I’m sure this is “your time” and you will get brilliant photos!!! I copied this article for future use.


I’m going to print it for reference! I will have little to no internet signal where I’m going…


So we can talk about you while you’re away? :rofl: Oh wait a minute. You’ll still see everything when you get back. Oh well… :zipper_mouth_face:


LOL, no chance, Jim! There will be the odd time when I’ll be able to get online - I need to be able to check the aurora forecasts for the evenings!


Oh man! :grin: :roll_eyes:


It is getting much closer to my area:



If I lived where you do, just as the “lights” reached me the clouds would move in and obscure the sky. (And Mother Nature would say, “Gotcha again, Jim!” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Happened a few weeks ago…seemed like it was clear less than 40 km from me…but not over my head!



The closest we have been so far. I hope the skies are clear later tonight.