2018 November - Paradise California wildfire


20,000 acres burned in the “Campfire” ** fire that is destroying Paradise, CA.

Another fire closed the major highway above LA

** named for nearby Camp Fire Creek, and Camp Fire Road.



@Mel_Nod PLEASE? Let us help.

More than 150,000 acres burned. Homes, businesses gone.

Paradise, CA
Malibu, CA
Thousand Oaks, CA that lost 12 people in a shooting last week.

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Cagey… you’re doing the same thing others have done before… and to whom you’ve explained why sometimes we don’t get these much desired campaigns. :pensive:


I know, Jim. Wishful thinking, I know. :frowning:


It’s so awful. :sob:


I saw a CNN news clip this morning, of a grandad who lost his wife and 2 grandchildren…haven’t the heart to post it. This is what brings it home, the complete and utter devastation - of lives :cry:
Buildings can be rebuilt…you can’t rebuild the lives lost in it.



I saw where a man grabbed a 90+ year old woman, threw her into his garbage truck and thereby saved her life. Sad how some perished in their vehicles trying to escape. An awful way to go. :anguished: And there are still over 200 people missing/unaccounted for. I fear the death toll will go up very high from these fires.



This has now risen again and the area is spanning farther from Paradise.


From Terri’s post, I looked up the photographer associated with some of the imagery and here is the link found on his twitter account:


Why do they call it ‘Camp Fire’ :thinking:


Most fires are named for the Geographic closest to the point of origin… in this case, that holds true…

The fire first started on or near Camp Creek Road… found west of 70 near Cresta California. Google Maps will show the location of the road… and has a mark I assume is the official origin… Both are N.E. of Paradise, CA.
Hope that helps… there are several sites that answer that question along with most of the videos etc.

Edit: Reviewing this thread, I see that @cageycat has that in the OP… as well…



Under evacuation info, click on structures MAP. Takes awhile to load.

Is this something we could help with? It looks like structures have been marked by people on the ground. We could mark places that are hard to get to…the red outline shows how much more needs to be done!


I guess this means “no” for Nodders.


Takes a bit to get to pictures

Images are in gigabytes. Unless you’ve got a super computer, I’d avoid clicking these. They save to your PC.


Thanks @Kateg. (Still on my phone no laptop… very limiting) So very sad the forceful fire that went through Paradise. :cry:


Ah ok, thank you Doug, dozy me never twigged. I hear the words “camp fire” and assume; I probably have read/heard the answer and my head has just gotten stuck on my original thought :roll_eyes:

And here am I always telling my children to never assume :roll_eyes: should take my own advice occasionally :blush:



@Mel_Nod, I am confused. If they are making the data open (free?) why can’t we tag it?