2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


We had another cloudy/overcast night and all morning. At 12:06 PM the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down! It rained for an hour before it stopped at 1:05 PM, leaving us with 0.28"/7mm of rain. It’s breezy with light gust and is currently 60F/15.6C. They say the high today is supposed to reach 70F/21C, but I highly doubt that unless some warm air mass gets shipped to us by FedEx same day delivery. :laughing:

2018 August 1 through Sept 30th - Weather Reporting

Sorry the only thing I could ship is “cloudy gloomy snowy” :unamused:


That would be okay I guess. The girls have been watching Christmas videos by Dave and Ava (kids videos on YouTube). For that matter, they’ve also been watching some Easter time videos as well.But they did watch one for Halloween! So a little snow wouldn’t be that bad, as long as it’s not heavy, wet stuff. (You are taking orders, aren’t you? :grinning:


If this keeps moving east you may get your wish!!!


Arrgh! It’s raining again! At 2:10 PM it started coming down. From the looks of the weather radar, this should pass within 30-40 minutes, then we get a half an hour or so break, then lots and lots of rain/thunderstorms! We’re getting wet and it’s not :sweat:. :neutral_face:


The offer still stands to send our cold weather…currently -4 C (24.8F) … by Fedex!!!

We have a chance of snow today but the weather radar (below) shows the huge snow clouds moving into southern saskatchewan. Calgary area got hammered yesterday (I put a photo in the Snow category)



The weather forecasters were off by 15 minutes again. LOL! They said the thunderstorms and rain would be over by 12:15 AM, but they cleared out by 12:00 AM sharp! Not that I’m complaining. :wink:
The total rainfall we received yesterday was 1.45"/37mm. Still cloudy today, but there’s a lot of strong filtered sun, 86% humidity and the BP is 30.06", The high today is expected to soar all the way up to 67F/19C! :grin:
More and more leaves are turning their autumn colors - finally. But with the rain and wind, many leaves have already fallen off some trees. Looks like it may be a colorful, but faded display this year. :neutral_face:


I slept in this morning… stayed up watching the news… and the snow outside the window piling up.
This morning there were several inches but it stopped… and is now thankfully melting away… however the radio says that starting only a few km to the east, they have a heavy snow warning all the way to Alberta border… and beyond as one transits the Crowsnest Pass… basically if you don’t have to, don’t go there… guess it’s fall…
I can see that last night convinced the deciduous trees to start shedding leaves… green leaves in a lot of cases… making the streets even more slippery. Have a nice October…


or skipped to “winter”…


I’ve seen spring last only about 1-1/2 to 2 weeks here, then it jumped right into summer. Didn’t mind though. Hate the mud! :wink:


This afternoon it is sunny with occasional dark clouds and snow…then sunny again??? You can see on the highways where truckers have dropped those big chunks of snow coming into town from the south…must be going through lots on the highways!

EDIT: Next morning - currently is -7 C (19 F) …brrr…The day doesn’t look too bad…going to 4 C. Zx as we head towards Canada’s Thanksgiving Weekend…it is going to get to a “uplifting” 9 C (48 F) and hopefully the snow will stay away until Monday, although most will be travelling home that day.

What the heck double digit weather in the east???..ok…look like the cold we have been experiencing is moving into their area this weekend…https://weather.gc.ca/canada_e.html


Barimetric pressure is dropping so quickly in Ontario and Quebec they are going to have a “weather bomb”…which will probably affect your weather @Jim7


It will affect my area first before pushing east. Then again, with the crazy Canadian fronts and Great Lakes, it could all change within hours.


Our BP just dropped from 30.07" down to 29.89" - and it was fast! Looking at the weather radar there is a band of thunderstorms heading this way (no way it’s going to miss us). Should be here between 45 minutes to an hour and a half. I’m thinking I agree with the 45 minutes as it has already reached the far western edge of this county. They forecast 0.39"/~10mm of rain for us. We’ll see how close they come. :neutral_face: Current humidity is at 72% and it’s 71.6F/22C. Our high was supposed to be 75F/23.8C, but we’re not going to make it that high. Temperature should drop rapidly once the storm cell gets here.
Today the sun was shining with not too many clouds. As the morning wore on the clouds increased. It went from a very slight to mild breeze to very breezy and many gusts to 10 mph/16 kph. Now the winds have picked up and the sun is starting to get scarce. Still a lot of strong filtered sun though - enough to cast decent shadows. Anyway, everything is “battened down.” :neutral_face: Waiting… waiting… waiting…
As I’m writing this, I just checked the weather again before posting. The storm is now only about 15 to 20 minutes away. BP just jumped up to 29.89" and the humidity went up to 73%. The temperature has dropped down to 70F/21C.
The Japanese Red Maple in the SE corner of the property is getting redder and redder, but the wind is blowing many leaves from it every so often. Maybe I should take 5 minutes to run out and pick up some of the red leaves for the girls before they get wet. :thinking: :laughing:


It’s been here, here! Bad rolling storms.

Sorry I didn’t get the topic switched before Oct 1.


Arriving… At 1:50 PM it began sprinkling fine drops. By 2 PM the drops were the size of a dime to a nickel - SPLAT! It was funny how the wind died right down to nothing just as it started to sprinkle, then began to pick up some once the drops got bigger. At 2:04 a steady light rain began to fall, but looking at the weather radar, the heavy rains are nearly here. This is supposed to end around 7 PM.
Remember the back & forth weather I spoke about on several occasions? It’s back! We get a few nice days, then rain again, then a couple of nice days, and then rain again. This should knock off a lot of leaves. It’s almost a shame to see all these green leaves dropping before they’ve had a chance to turn colors. But maybe it’s for the better as I have a sneaky suspicion @TerriB or @Doug4 is going to send some of that white stuff they’ve been hoarding down this way. :rofl:

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Thanks, Cagey. Slap my wrists. I promise to get Terri’s call sign correct from now on. Heck! I may even reread my posts before hitting “Reply”! :wink:


Minus 7 C (19 F) this morning. Sunny this morning, cloudy this afternoon. Thanksgiving weekend is here…let the feast begin!!! :turkey::potato::sweet_potato::carrot::pie::pie::pie:


This seems to be our “favourite” morning temperature this week…-7 C (19 F). High today will be in the double digits. I am travelling north today…hopefully the sun stays out and this is a great day to be in nature! :evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree::deer::bird::rabbit2::eagle:


Minus 3 C (26 F) with a chance of snow today.and tomorrow. Up north it was much cooler although same temp…ponds, sloughs, even some of the lakes are starting to ice over. We saw geese walking on ice. Lots of animals and birds on the move.