2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


I just checked the weather radar. The snow front is less than 2 miles/3.2 km away. Good thing I double-checked the condition of my car battery - a lot of short hops without the energy used to start the engine being replaced. It was down to 60%! Popped on the charger and now it’s back up to 100%. Also topped off the windshield washer fluid. All other fluids checked out okay. Whew!
My wife called to see if I was coming up to my son’s house to spend the night. I guess they decided to closed the school for tomorrow already. Huh! I think she’s afraid I’m going to stick her alone with 3 little girls who love to chase one another around the house - screaming! :grimacing: :rofl: I told her I’d be getting up very early - enough to at least shovel across the apron of the driveway so I don’t have to plow through the bank the snowplow will leave. Besides… I want to “test drive” my new shovel! :laughing: I’ve already peeled off all the paper labels they stuck on it and wiped it down with WD-40. Can’t have any snow sticking to it. :wink:

5:52 PM: According to the radar, the snow clouds have completely covered the hamlet where I am, although nothing is falling - yet. Time to get some dinner. I’m ready for that white stuff! :wink:
Almost forgot… temp is currently 30F/-1C, BP 30.33" and air is still calm. An updated forecast has lowered our snowfall to 5"-8"/127-203 mm instead of the 7"-11"/178-279 mm originally forecast. Bummer!

Edit: 6:00 PM: I just looked out the window… it’s snowing! My car is all white already! Cool! :grinning:

Edit: 7:10 PM: With just 0.6"/15 mm of snow on the road, a young guy - on his way to work - came down the hill, started to slid as he braked for the S-curve, slid into the intersection of the dead end street, crossed the street and hit my chain link fence and the stop sign. He took out two fence posts, knocked the fence from the upper rail and bent the sign post. The “bump” and metallic scraping noise is what drew my attention away from nodding. :laughing: He told me he didn’t get his snow tires on yet. (I don’t think he owns any personally, but I could be wrong. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

I gave him a few pointers on how to make it up the hill - 2nd gear instead of “Drive”. Suggested he take the next left, drive around the block and he’ll end up at the top of the hill - bypassing the section of the hill that has a “cold spot” where everything always freezes. I used to do this back when I was called out to plow the roads. I also suggested he get his snow tires on ASAP. It may be a long winter! I’m not worried about my fence as I want to replace it next year anyway and install a gate where there is none presently. Besides, this poor fence has been hit at least 4 times since it was put up. I really only did it to collect the leaves so they wouldn’t bury the entrance to our front door. :grimacing:


You have officially arrived …Welcome to Winter!!!


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Yippee!!! :laughing:

Edit: At 11:59 PM (15 Nov) we’ve received 4.1"/104 mm of snow. Currently it’s a mix of snow/sleet. Shoveled my apron (3 cars wide) and front walk across the apron and about 15’/4.5 m of my driveway (2-1/2 cars wide). That took 1-1/2 hours when there was just 3"/76 mm on the ground - and after the town plow made 2 passes by which piled snow down the front walk. :unamused: But, it has to go somewhere… I know!
Plan on getting up around 6:30 AM to clean off the car, do more shoveling and still be up to my son’s house by 9:30 AM (or earlier if possible). Wouldn’t want my wife to think she’s stuck babysitting 3 little girls alone. :grinning: Snow supposed to end by late morning… maybe closer to 12 noon. We’ll have to see. Good night! :sleeping:


Air quality in the SF Bay is so bad they have closed all schools and universities for Friday. It is even worse near the fire at AQI 431. We’re at 243. The air is hazy inside the house. It looks like when you burn something in the kitchen, except it is everywhere. We have stinging eyes and throat. Levels in urban China are in the 180s right now for comparison.


Ouch! That’s very bad! :worried:


I teleworked today and had the house sealed. It was so eerie, and quiet today. The sounds you don’t notice until they are gone are lawn mowers, cars, kids screaming and birds. Utter silence.


That’s good. No traveling means no outside. Hope you can get the air in the house cleaned up a lot. Stay healthy!


Thanks! It’s down to 239 now. The smoke is being funneled into the bay and a high pressure system is sitting on top. The local weather person said it will improve from very hazardous on Friday to poor on the weekend. On Thanksgiving Day we are supposed to have a storm through northern California that will dump rain on the fires and snow in the Sierra Mountains.
That will truly be a day for Thanks Giving!


That it will! I’ll pray that the rain is not a hard rain that will cause mud slides. You don’t need something like that on top of this.

Mod Edit: Added the word not.

Thanks @cageycat . I know I was tired from shoveling, but didn’t realize it was affecting my hand/mind coordination. :roll_eyes: :grinning:


Congratulations on the new snowfall… you have me beat this year… best we have had was about 1" / 25mm but melted away finally… however it is piling up around us… the mountain pass up at Rogers Pass is getting heavy snow already… but normal for up there… I was eating out with Lynne this afternoon and watching a local hill drifting in and out of some heavy cloud… started out dark coloured and then started accumulating large white patches… not sure, but that usually takes a fair accumulation… then the light went away… and that is far from the highest ‘hill’ around… but not really a mountain in our terms…

Cranbrook gets a range of snow types, from fluffy to wet slop and it all turns to compacted snow and ice quickly… (read that as, as soon as it is stepped or driven on)… so I have an ergonomic… sized to me… they vary a lot, but you probably have that figured out after the first one… Last winter I added a scoop / slider, but not too wide…2 foot or so is fine… I use that for the bulk moving now… wish I had got my own much earlier… but I usually used one belonging to whoever I was shoveling for… and the last is a long handled, steel, square shovel patterned like a grain scoop… I use that to break up the stuff they plow into the intersections and driveway entrances… then use the scoop and or the square to move out of the way…

In the van / old Jimmy vehicles I keep a husk broom, another long handle steel, D shaped shovel… and a strong back, steel rake… about 12Inches or so… I think that is the best tool for freeing stuck vehicles… when they get high centered… and I just realized that the one I just bought is prone to that, so the rake is going in soon… will get in between the frame and ground but requires a warm mat to kneel on… slides in sideways with the teeth down… use like a sideways hoe and then pull the snow Ice out… alternate with some shovel work to reach the sides and end of the vehicle to use the rake… works great.

I liked the story about the young guy… big problem with automatics is that they allow down shifting in all gears except the lowest, unlike standard… drive up in the gear that will make it without shifting down… automatics tend to get partway up, slow down a bit and then usually at the most icy part suddenly shift down breaking thes tires loose… and your climb is over… I’m surprised that they don’t teach people that you can get off the hill by turning around often… and driving down… everybody just hast to keep going up, polishing the hill even more and digging holes… even if you can’t turn, you can usually push the front around by hand easily, just not up…

Have fun and take it easy… one shovel guy to another…


With the condition of that kid’s summer tires, I don’t think he would have been able to stop going down hill. That’s how he hit my fence and stop sign - an ironic way to stop, isn’t it? :laughing: He did suggest trying to go down the hill, but I told him if he couldn’t stop at the intersection, he’d end up sailing down the steepest part of the hill and end up just a few hundred feet short of the river. He looked down the street and I could see he was going to agree with that assessment. Besides, if he did go down and could stop at the intersection, no matter way he went from there, the he’d still have hills… and my street (hill) is always the safest and easiest one to climb. A tractor-trailer wiped out a laid rock wall on the curve on the next street over (and over the hill). Had the state highway down to one lane for over an hour while they got the trailer pulled away from the rock wall and ditch. I think the one police officer (new guy) sort of forgot to put his winter jacket on. Watched him directing traffic in a light jacket. Huh? :confused:

I was just thinking about my fence. This should give me the excuse to put up a new, but lower, fence - one the deer can easily jump over. :laughing: It only has to be high enough to catch the leaves before they blow into my front yard and against the front door/walkway. Okay… I’ve got to get to bed. Goodnight!


My old Jimmy had balding tires with 4wd… they were worn winter tires mostly… the best ones were while here in Cranbrook over the last 4 years… there is a road up by the health centre… not a long road but a fair hill… I had driven up it to take Lynne to an appointment there, but it was snowing at the time… no problem going up, but without any serious thought about it, I turned onto that street down bound… no traffic visible, but a stop at the bottom… and a 4 lane road after that at right angles… Thought better about it a bit late, once the front wheels were over the break point it was too late… brakes locked the wheels on the ice under the snow… and we were in a slide… but nice snowbanks on the sides… not frozen solid… so I had on the fly shift into 4wd, for nothing it seems but also turned the car 90 degrees to the right… something I do often… and put the nose into the snowbank a bit which kept us from accelerating a bit…but ready to bury in the bank if we needed to.
I had Lynne trying to watch up the hill for traffic… there is a traffic light at the top that was RED and stopping most from coming down the hill from the left after the stop… then I noticed that the stop sign pole was about level with my driver side door. And coming on strong… didn’t worry about the door, but didn’t want to take out the stop sign either, they were going to need it til the hill was plowed and sanded or closed for the day.
We were getting close to the sign, so I was already pointing the right way for after the non stop… hoped that anyone coming down after the light turned green would see us sliding sideways but I tried locking up and shifting to reverse and backed out of the snowbank letting the sign go by… then relocking the wheels and shifting into drive 2… still in 4wd came into the traffic lane sideways and slowly and immediately headed down the second hill… I just spent more time typing than it took to do… but it just says that even the best make mistakes, it’s how you work with what you have… and if you take time to get the feel of the vehicle and snow… just in case it’s your turn for a mistake… I’m waiting to do that with the mini van… front wheel drive only… but a fairly new set of winter ‘studless’ tires… I have to look again… might even be some of what we were talking about… or a copy… Time will tell I guess… but I bet my skills are slowing down… but… at least I know them…


Oh that is terrible! In this type of fire, does wearing those N95 masks help? Not sure if that is the right number, I just remember them telling people in the Okanagan area when the fires were burning all summer, that this is something that stops the smoke particles. I hope you get that rain that is forecast so it will clear the smoke.

Currently -25 C WC (-13 F) …here’s the dip in the temps we expected…Wish it wouldn’t come in overnight but slide in over a week! We could acclimatize better!!! High today -12 C (10 F) …what a week of varying temperatures…melting to the deep freeze!


Just got my car cleaned off and enough of the driveway shoveled to get out. At 9:15 AM we received 6.5"/165 mm of snow, but for an hour or two during the wee hours the snow was mixed with sleet and a few times, freezing rain. Made for a thin crust beneath the newer snow. It’s still coming down and my gray car is white again. Will have to brush it off before heading out to babysit. Snow is supposed to end around 11:15 AM, but they keep on changing the end time. (Started out at 12:00 noon and slowly gets pushed ahead.)
When I get home this evening, it’ll be a few hours of shoveling. I miss my snow blower. :slightly_frowning_face:


I use N95 masks because I have allergy to dust. They only help a little for that, and I still get sick because dust gets in the eyes (mucous membranes).

I’d try a rebreather mask (those have the round charcoal filters on each side of the face and a hard frame around the nose and facial features), plus goggles.

Problem is putting up with wearing any type of mask.


We have a cool morning, gray and damp… in fact we just had a flurry… 1C heading all the way up to 2C but cooler tonight down to -8C… other than the overnight much like @Jim7, and the snow we were expecting seems to have gone East… I see a lot moving south on the east side of the Rockies all the way past Colorado…
I was looking at Albany weather… they have had a winter storm advisory posted… with good size dumps in many areas… much like our high country areas get… Good luck with that Jim… but the radar looks clear for a while…
It will change likely, there seems to be a fast moving snow mass moving down from N Dakota towards Ohio, but that might turn away… otherwise it might also cause trouble there… or south western Ontario if it moves north… Hope @cageycat misses much of it…


Our grand total for this past storm was 6.6"/167 mm of snow and 0.08"/2 mm of sleet/freezing rain.
While they were still forecasting the snow would end at 11:15 AM, it actually ended around 9:30 AM. We did get a few flurries afterward, but that would just be considered a “trace” amount, nothing to add to the total.

I did get another section of my driveway shoveled, then I cleaned off the car. Looking at the piles of snow around the car, I shook my head, got in and drove up to my son’s house. Had to be there by 10 AM. At my son’s house I fired up his snow blower and did his driveway until I got within 15’/4.5 m of the street. The snow down there was too loaded with water to use the machine. As I pushed into it the snow was turning to slush and clogging the chute. After clearing it 5 times, I gave up and got out the shovel. (Am I a gluten for punishment or what?) Of course anywhere a vehicle drove over the snow it had turned to slush and then refroze - sticking to the asphalt. Had to get the flat steel shovel to break that loose.

My 5- and 6-year granddaughters wanted me to play with them in the snow - so I did… twice! When they went in the first time I did some more shoveling. As soon as I went inside and made a cup of coffee they wanted to go back out. That’s when I found out when they went in, Grandma made them hot chocolate. Now they’re ready to go back out. I had them wait until I finished my coffee. Later on when they went inside for good, the 1-year old wanted to go “bye-bye” and see the “bus” (school bus). She insisted so much that we got her dressed and I took her for a walk around the corner to the school bus stop… and then to the next street over. On the way back, as we approached the bus stop, her father was just coming down the street. Of course I jumped at the chance for a ride back to his house. The little one stood in front of her father and “drove” home, turning on the windshield wipers, then the windshield washer, high beams, played with the volume on the radio, adjusted the temperature (heat), turned the fan on high, and tried to set the cruise control. She had a lot of fun… just wasn’t watching where she was going. Reminds me of a SIL that did that years ago - looking into the rear view mirror while putting eye makeup on. My wife said her sister almost took out a utility pole - on her side! :open_mouth:

When my son got home from work he was surprised to see the driveway was cleared, the walks were cleared and the front porch cleared off. I did not do the deck! Oh my aching back! :open_mouth: I told him I still have to finish my driveway so I wasn’t going to stay and have dinner with them. He said he’d plow my driveways with his 4-wheeler and so he did. To be honest, I am hurting so bad I was just going to say, “forget it… I’m letting the snow stay.” But I’m glad it is plowed. Had to remind him not to plow my compost pile over the bank like he did last year. :frowning_face: Anyway, I was too sore to eat, so I sat there and talked with my granddaughters. After dinner we played for an hour until it was time for the little one’s bath. Gave them all a big hug and kiss and home I headed. Angel (:smiley_cat:) must be sleeping as she hasn’t come out to see me. I think I’m going to head over to the sofa and lie down for a short while. I think I really overdid it with that heavy slushy snow.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice sunny day with a high of 44F/6C, so I want to make sure the apron is cleared of as much left over snow (from plowing) as possible. I would be nice to have a bare, ice-free apron. It looked like my neighbor came down with his snow blower and did my front walk after he did his own. With a little touch up that should bare up and be completely dry by tomorrow afternoon as well. And I’ll be back up babysitting for the afternoon and evening again.
I was going to check out the 10-day forecast, but I think I got a wee bit long-winded here, so I’m just coming to lie down. Later! :wink:


That slushy stuff can be tough on the back! That last snow storm, when I was up north 2 weeks ago, they got over 5 inches of snow…but it was the fluffy snow that is so much easier to shovel…besides that much at once, the graders come out, the bobcats, and most is cleared for you by the town.

Give your back a rest, it is only the start of winter!

Minus 19 C (-2 F) feels like -28 WC (-18 F) I think we actually hit the -30 C mark last night…coldest weather we have had this winter. Highs under - 10 most days this weekend, some more snow expected Sunday.

EDIT: We are colder than McMurdo Station , Antarctica…for now.



I laid down on the sofa to “rest” a bit at 8:30 PM last night and woke up at 6:08 AM this morning. I guess my back got rested. :laughing: Most sleep I’ve had in some time, so I guess I needed it.

This morning is a “melting” day - at 8:40 AM it’s 38F/3C, not much air movement and is still overcast. But the snow is melting. We’ve lost 1.6"/40 mm in snow depth already. Supposed to reach 45F/7C today, but remaining cloudy. Humidity is at 68%, BP 30.09".

Still have to finish clearing the front walk so that bares up nicely. Only have about 2 hours left to get things done before heading up to babysit. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That will help…as long as it doesn’t freeze over and become a skating rink on the driveway!!!