2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


Only the apron of my driveway is asphalt - about 18’ long by 25’ wide (5.5 m long by 7.6 m wide). The rest is stone. My main concern is the front walk that people (especially the children and old folks like me) use. Don’t need anyone slipping and falling.


The worse back injury in this type of weather.
I had a tumble on the back steps that had ice on it under the snow…only three steps…but bruises still healing!


It is -12 C (10 F) and we will get some snow today. This week we will head into some days with Plus 2 and others near -8 C All in all - great weather compared to -30 C last week.


That’s enough to make you steps and porch floor make a popping sound when you take steps. Actually that’s enough to make them pop on their own. I hear ours do the same at -23C/-19F, maybe even a bit warmer than that? I could sit out back and hear people’s houses making all sorts of noises on cold winter nights. It is nice to hear the occasional owl’s hooting breaking up the “noise.”

Last night it did not get as cold as they said it would. Supposed to go down to 25F/-3.9, but the clouds didn’t move out like they said. It stayed cloudy to overcast all night. The low was 32F/0C. At 9 AM it’s shot all the way up to 34F/1C. :grinning: It’s still cloudy to overcast, but once in a while there is enough filtered sun making it through to cast faint shadows for a minute or two, then they’re gone.

We’re supposed to start getting snow this afternoon around 4 PM, and by midnight it will transition to light rain. The rain sit to end by 6 AM with a chance of showers again between 9 and 10 AM. The high today is expected to be 35F/1.7C, but I think it’s going to get a bit warmer than that - we’re at 34.5F/1.4C at 9:05 AM already. More snow showers on Tuesday morning. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good, helps to keep it a little warmer! But not so great for Meteor watching…:roll_eyes:
You will get to try out that shovel more on Tuesday!


I know… I know… I was outside looking up at 1 AM and all I saw were the cloud’s butts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Went to bed disappointed - again.


I have had cloudy nights each time there is a meteor shower…not meant to be this year!


I hereby declare all meteor showers cancelled for the remainder of the year and to double up next year! :laughing:


Jim, if it’s any consolation, we had perfect crystal clear skies last night… unfortunately for me, my nervous system decided for some obscure reason that last night was “migraine” night! :exploding_head::nauseated_face: So I too missed the meteors, just not for the usual reason…:pill::pill:


I suppose I’ll just have to be satisfied with seeing 2 or 3 meteor showers (or part of them) per year. At least I still remember watching one years ago where they were shooting across the sky every few seconds. That was awesome! It would be nice to see a shower like that again though. Still hoping… :neutral_face:


Well, there’s still one more good shower to go this year…
Maybe not one every few seconds, but a good chance of one every minute or so. :star::comet:


I have that one marked on my calendar already! :wink: Actually, I have them all marked on my perpetual calendar and ticked them off so they’ll appear every year. All I have to do each January is to make any changes when their beginning, peak, and end dates change. I just wish the weather would be a little more accommodating. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for the update. I still had it marked as ~50 per hour - that must have been last year’s frequency. This is one meteor shower that I usually spend hours outside watching - save for ducking back in for more coffee. When I’m finally heading off to sleep I usually hear my wife ask, “Pull another all nighter?” :tired_face: :roll_eyes:


I do the same! Providing the skies stay clear, that is… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::night_with_stars::night_with_stars:

And just to keep vaguely “on-topic”, it looks like it’s getting a bit colder for us, with a couple of days of rain in the week’s forecast. Typical, I’ve just had the car washed…:roll_eyes:


Hey! They’re taking my snow away! :astonished: We were supposed to get snow starting at 4:15 PM, then they pushed it back to 5:30 PM, then to 6:15 PM, and then to 6:45 PM! Now it appears the snow is getting pushed north away from me as it approaches. Oh no! I was sitting here waiting to count the flakes as they began to fall! :laughing: As usual, looks like we just get rain again! No snow until Monday night into Tuesday. Here’s our “new” forecast… I liked the “old” one better. Isn’t it funny how when the sun will be out on Wednesday and Thursday the high is going to be below freezing? :confused:


Oh no…I hope you feel better today!

Me too!

Winds up…snow falling -10 C -18 WC.


Thanks Terri, much better now. Headache finally went away after a lot of :pill: and :zzz:, then some more :pill:. I might even try to nip outside a bit later on, it’s clear again at the moment, and I might just get to see a Leonid or two (I know the peak of the shower is over but they almost always spill over into the following night).
Checking out the cloud forecast, most of the UK looks clear at the moment, but a large cloudbank is on its way from mainland Europe!


Good to hear! Snowing here so I cannot see anything but snowflakes :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:


Glad you can see the snowflakes, we’ve had a snow shower for the past 30 minutes and not one flake ever made it to the ground! They’re evaporating in the air! Aaarrrgh! :grimacing:

Edit: After 90 minutes of snow/snow showers, I can finally see some fine light snow falling past the street light. Now if it can only make it all the way to the ground, that would be nice. :unamused:
The Albany International Airport - 20+ miles to the north - received 0.2"/5 mm of snow. :neutral_face:


It was lovely a clear up here of Manchester just an hour ago, now I look out and it’s clouds drifting in :disappointed: Temps dropping to 7/8 C this week with rain…nothing worth reporting really :smile:


Currently minus 22 C WC but warming up this week. Most days will be between 0 and -5 C …warm compared to earlier!