2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


Now our weather is really messed up. We’re under a winter weather advisory: Rain beginning at 7 PM. From 1AM until 7 AM, Rain mixing with snow. 1"-3" of rain expected. 1"-6" of snow, with the greater amount in higher elevations (read: I get ~1" :unamused:). Here’s where it’s messed up: It started raining at 3 PM - 4 hours earlier than forecast. And looking at the weather radar, the snow and freezing rain is just a few miles/~6 km to my northwest and a larger front about 15 miles/24 km to my southwest - all heading at me. I think (I hope, I hope, I hope) we may get more snow! :smiley:
We’ve already received 0.02"/0.5 mm of rain. Currently 40F/4C and dropping slowly. 80% Humidity and BP of 30.04". And to think I was just about to go outside and cut up two long tree limbs that broke off the middle of a tree the other day. Guess that will have to wait now. Oh drat! :wink: :laughing:

Edit: 7 hours later (1035 PM): We’ve received 0.12"/3 mm of rain and 0.3"/7.6 mm of snow so far - since around 4 PM. The only problem is that the snow melted as soon as it hit the ground at my location. It’s still snowing lightly and has been for hours, mixed with a light rain for the better part. The only thing I can see of the snow is a light coating at the bottom of my windshield and rear window. Otherwise… nothing new on the ground. And of what was on the ground is melting. Current temp is 34F/1C, calm, BP 30.0", 95% humidity, cloudy/overcast, snow shower.
On the brighter side, the rain is supposed to change to all snow by midnight. We’ll see… we’ll see… :unamused:


Oh Oh …we did send you “our” weather!!!

Minus 2 right now, no winds, we will get a little snow later this evening.


Well that storm was a bust! Rain: 0.06"/1.5 mm; Snow: 0.8"/20 mm. That’s it! Everything came down so slow. More of a bother than anything.
Currently at 10 AM it’s 36F/2C, 92% humidity and BP of 29.9". High today of 38F/3C. Chilly and very damp. Winds are calm.
More rain expected tomorrow PM - Turkey day!


:scream: Eek, what an expensive waste of money that’s gonna be for people :frowning_face:


We have fog again this morning…-4 C (24F)… Going to 2 C today! At least for the next week we will be in these warmer temps :sunglasses:


We’re going to have a high today of 39F/4C, but overnight it’s going down to 11F/-11C. Looks like rain around 2 PM this afternoon. Tried to sweep some leaves off my porch steps but they were frozen to the steps. Will have to make an attempt this afternoon. Currently cloudy with a few very small breaks in the cloud cover, 33F/0.5C.
Nearly all of our snow has melted away, save for snow banks and that which is in the shadows.
I made three big “snowballs” of different sizes at my son’s house, stuck a carrot and some stones in the smallest one to make a “face.” On the other two I pushed two stones into each. When my oldest granddaughter asked me what that was for, I said to her, “Do you remember your jewelry box with Anna and Elsa and how they each have a part of Olaf (snowman)? And how as it plays “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” they move from side-to-side “building” and taking apart Olaf?” She said, “Yes.” Then I said, “Anna and Elsa left without putting Olaf back together outside.” She just looked at me, smirked, and walked away. I guess she wasn’t impressed with Grandpa’s wit. :worried: :laughing: (Actually, I couldn’t pick up them up to stack them as they were too wet and heavy. :laughing:)


I think some of it may have gone slightly astray - we had snow last night! :scream::snowflake:
Not much, mind you, but enough to just make everything white… oh, and cause chaos and mayhem on the roads as most people down here don’t seem to know how to drive in snow/ice, and try to drive “normally”! It never works…:roll_eyes:


OOPS…That must have been @Jim7 blew it your way!!! :smiley::rofl::smiley:


Gonna be 10F tonight through the morning hours after dawn.


Yes you did, @TerriB! This afternoon we had a snow shower - lasted for an entire hour. Still only ended up with 0.01 of snow. It didn’t have time to accumulate due to the 15-25 mph/24-40 kph wind and up to 40 mph/64 kph gusts this afternoon. Scattered snow showers around the area until 8 PM, but the radar still shows a lot of little pockets scattered all over the place. Currently at 7:50 PM it’s down to 25.7F/-3.5C with a 20-30 mph/32-48 kph wind that makes it feel like 18.7F/-7C. Supposed to go down to 10F/-12C. Wind chill shouldn’t be as bad as the winds die down (hopefully), but it will be a “crisp” night. It’s partly cloudy at the moment and should end up mostly clear overnight.
Tomorrow’s high will be 21F/-6C and tomorrow night it drops down to 7F/-14C. Another “crisp” night. Now where’s all that white stuff? :confused:

Cagey, I think @Doug4 and @TerriB both did some blowing and sent their cold down to us. I’ve only looked at tonight’s, tomorrow’s and tomorrow night’s forecast… almost afraid to check out the 10-day forecast. :rofl:

Edit: I should have known… one of those scattered snow squalls is sitting right over me! It’s snowing like crazy and the road and everything else is snow white - pun intended. What made me go outside was a very loud “bang!” I figured someone came down the street and hit a parked car. When I got out onto the porch, a vehicle was traveling up the street and stopped directly across my house. A buck (deer) was running down the street and crossed the street at the corner, then ran up into the woodlot across from my house. It was still at a dead run when I noticed some headlights from up around the curve shining on a house at an odd angle. Must have tried to avoid the deer, skid and slammed into a parked car. Hit pretty hard too! Almost as loud as a gun shot (shotgun). I wonder if that was “Spike” - the male deer from up by my son’s house that was a “spike horn” his first season, then a 3-pointer the second, and this year is an 8-pointer (or more?).
Now they’re saying the snow should end about 8:45 PM - 30 minutes from now. But the band extends from the Hudson River valley northwest to the finger lakes. Bet you some cookies and ice cream they change the end time for the snow. :wink:
Edit: As soon as I hit “Reply” I checked the weather again. I was right… now they say the snow will end around 9:15 PM. Sorry no one was quick enough to take my wager. Guess I’ll have to eat the ice cream myself (and save the cookies for the grandchildren). :laughing:


Gonna warm and rain by Saturday. :cloud_with_rain:


Yup! Same here… rain Sat. & Sunday. Tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be sunny & clear, but the high tomorrow is only going to be 20F/-6.7C and on Friday 29F/-1.7C. The lows will be 7F/-13.9C Thursday night into Friday morning and warming up to an overnight low (Fri-Sat) of 19F/-7C. Believe it or not, most of the oak trees still have from 33% to 45% of their leaves yet. Of course there’s a few maples - especially the Norway Maple - that also seem to be holding onto their leaves. This cold snap should help a lot. I really only want to mulch leaves once more for this year.


That’s OKAY, I suspect that @TerriB and I will be getting a resupply any day both cold and some snow… will get right on the back order as soon as we get our stock…

@Jim7 Thanks for reminding me… My Ice Cream supply got topped up last night… forgot that… mmmmm


Right now I’m having a bowl of Cream and Coffee Fudge. It’s good, but I think I prefer the Cherry Vanilla or… well… dozens of other flavors (flavours) I usually get. I hope you stocked up well, Doug. You don’t want to run out if you get snowed in. :wink: :laughing:


I’m now satisfied, having had a large bowl of Neopolitan… I’m known to be indecisive and somewhat apathetic… proof of the latter is that the mix of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate covers most bases, I don’t care much what type of ice cream I’m eating… as long as there is lots…

Hoping to see some snow, it feels like it is around somewhere, but only saw a forecast with a few flurries / showers around 0C… / 32 F… during the days… cooler at night… but I’m positively sure that since I have to go out NEXT Wednesday to a dinner event… it will dump on us… Murphy again!


:rofl: Last night for dessert we finished up the ice cream cake from my wife’s birthday. Of course that just quite wasn’t enough, so when I got home I had to hit the freezer and get my “fix.” :rofl:
At 1:30 AM it’s down to 16F/-8C and now - after the winds died down for a couple of hours - there’s a mild breeze with some fairly strong gusts. That makes it feel cold. Not too bad without the breeze. I can hear some trees make “popping” noises every once in a while. They don’t like bending in the breeze when it’s this chilly. :roll_eyes:

Just as long as we have a white Christmas. The girls are looking forward to it - almost as much as I am. :laughing:


(Called a Snow Wolf)




There is no doubt…we have great weather now but we know our "real winter’ (mine-35 C ) will be just around the corner. We are just fortunate to have this great weather this time of year!

Currently 1 C -4 WC (33 F) Certainly not our usual November 22nd weather!
Hopefully we are without fog today.


Does it have an electric starter? You mean it’s not self-propelled? :thinking: :rofl:

This morning it dipped down to 10F/-12C, but with the wind chill it felt like 3F/-16C. Currently mostly sunny with winds at 15-25 mph/24-40 kph, 54% humidity and a BP of 30.44". Temperature at 10:10 AM is 14F/-10C, but feels like 7F/-14C.
More leaves are dropping/blowing off the trees. Either most of the birds are still hunkered down to keep warm or they’re waiting to see if they can spot me broadcasting more seed for their brunch. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The squirrels didn’t show up until after I went outside with my coffee. (It sure got cold rather quickly.) :smiley: