2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


I don’t think it does, but you get a shock when you see the price and discover that SELF propulsion is when YOU have to push it yourself…:rofl::white_check_mark:


Ours seems to have started, but just flurries so far… -4 to 4 C today… but more on the books for now on…
Jim seems to be the cold spot for a while…


We reached 16F/-8 today. It’s cooled off a little, currently 14F/-10C, clear with a 5-10 mph/8-16 kph breeze. Low tonight of 6 or 7F/-14C, clear - good for meteor watching but too cold for me and besides, clear nights only seem to occur when there are no meteor showers. Have a full belly and filled both my “hollow” legs. Yeah… I ate a lot. Why is it dinner plates never seem to be large enough to hold all the food one is going to eat? I had to refill 3 times! :thinking: :laughing: Almost didn’t leave enough room for dessert! :astonished: (But I managed. :wink:) I think I’m going to lie down for a short while to warm up. It was so cold the car didn’t want to seem to shift from 2nd into 3rd. Kept on rising 2000 RMPs and not shifting. Guess I should have let it warm up some. Oh well, by the time I pulled into my driveway, it now wanted to shift. :roll_eyes: All the windows are still frozen save for the rear driver’s side. Tomorrow morning I bring out the de-ice spray with me. See you in a couple of hours. :sleeping:


Nah Doug, the SELF propulsion comes when Jim sees the price and runs run :laughing:

Anyway, we’re missing all the snow but getting lots of showers with a bit of sunshine peaking through…oh, and a bit of frost night before last.

All snow welcome from anyone who wants to off-load a bit of theirs, just no earlier than Christmas Eve would be appreciated :blush:


Now look who’s getting picky. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Don’t panic! Just use Christmas Eve 2017 and claim a delayed shipment due to circumstances beyond your control… ie. Summer (Spring and Fall too)… those peat fires and other east coast US storms messed up shipping schedules… Right? @EmeraldEyes may also be right on the Self propulsion view… or it may be ALL of the above…

In a more general topic sense… when I went to bed last night we were looking like getting a major dump… Huge Flakes were piling up quickly… thought I might have to dig out this morning… but… only about 13mm / half inch of snow and it seems to be getting ready to melt… and become packed into ice on the roads etc.

Might be more coming along later… or not

Edit… I’m willing to bet Jim would rather have this snow wolf. (SW SB-1050)


Bitter cold yesterday in teens.
Bitter cold last night in teens.
Bitter cold today but supposed to be in 30s.

My paws… cold.
My belly…cold
My nose…colder.
My ears…colder!.



Now that would be fun to play with! :smiley: I saw a video and some photos of a much, much larger machine whose work end was just as tall as the cab on this one. Now that would be awesome to play with! :laughing:
One thing I see with the above photo is that there doesn’t seem to be very much snow on the road. Looks like it’s flat terrain with wind-blown (and packed tight like a snow drift). We had one driver one time was plowing snow at such a high rate of speed - and a LOT of snow too - that as a farmer opened the door to his barn and started to step out, the snow hit him and knocked him backwards and landed on his tush! The driver’s uncle was the highway superintendent at the time, but he still got one heck of a scolding! (And everyone could hear the super laughing out loud after the driver left the office.) :laughing: Oh, the barn was only about 13-15 yards/11.9-13.7 metres from the road. This guy even took out a second floor window on a house during that same storm!
I sort of miss the old 1945 Oshkosh Snowfighter we had. It was constant 4-wheel drive, 4-speed transmission and a 3-speed axle. Axle and transmission both manual shifting with long stick shifts. This thing had brass piano hinges holding the doors on, leather straps to keep the doors from opening too far, and an overstuffed bench seat. The inside of the doors were a combination of wood and metal. The exhaust stack came up through the engine compartment, slightly off-center toward the passenger side. We had “balloon” tires on it with tire chains. We had two plows for the front, a V-plow and a one-way plow. It also had a wing plow. When this thing went up again a snow drift that was just as high as the hood it slowed down a little, but you could watch flame shooting up from the stack about 2-3 feet/.6-.9 metres high! The truck would “walk” right through it almost waddling from side to side as one side would grab and pull, then the other, etc… The only drawback with the balloon tires was that on dry pavement, going over 30 mph/48 kph it would bounce or bob up and down - similar to the road grader when traveling fast… kind of like riding a horse. I’ve ridden horses, but this was a lot softer of a bounce. :laughing: Oh yeah… it had 3 steps to reach the floor board. Now that was one great snowplow! We also had a 1977 Oshkosh that had a “slush box” transmission. You could shift into different “sets” of gears of which they would shift automatically themselves. I had 4-wheel drive which was shifted into by air pressure. Just had to flip a lever in the cab and “bing” - 4-wheel drive. The only problem was that traveling down a long steep hill with a load on, the transmission would suddenly up-shift to the next set of higher gears! You had to constantly hold the lever with one hand and still use the foot brakes. I never liked that vehicle. This too had several steps to climb up to reach the cab. What used to get the driver of that vehicle angry was when he couldn’t make a hill - one of worst 4 we had in town. They’d call me and I went up the hill past him and gave him the thumbs up (that a good sign in this country) as I drove by on the way down. And all I had was a 1976 Ford dump truck with a “limited slip” rear end - and new tires. I told my boss that I didn’t need tires chains for the deep snow if I had new tires, so he did get me 6 new tires. They even used me and my truck for snow removal. I would pull the snow bank on one side of the street out to the middle while the road grader did the same on the other side of the street. We both had the trailing edges of our plows just inside the bucket of a Cat 966-C front end loader and the 3 of us would traveling down the street until we’d get to the end of a block. There a 2nd front end loader would load the snow onto waiting trucks to be taken away. When we finished a block, I’d back down the center of the street and spread rock salt, then head up to the next block and repeated the operation again. That was fun. (I’m easily entertained as you can see. :laughing:)
My plow (a 4-way) also had a rubber blade on it so I would chip the manhole covers and whack the water main shut offs that often stuck up a little over the pavement and/or sidewalks. They’re used at the airports. They work pretty well, except when there is ice on the road. The rubber would ride over the ice because it was 2"/50 mm thick. It just couldn’t cut through and separate the ice from the pavement. That was the only drawback. It was also a lot quieter than the high-carbon steel blades.

Now to get back to the subject of this topic (sorry @cageycat), we had a beautiful sunny and clear day starting out at 6F/-14C at sunrise. Our high for the day was 26.6F/-3C and there was a steady mild breeze.
A few wispy high-altitude clouds (mixed with some contrails) began showing up around 3:30 PM.
Currently at 8:52 PM it’s 25F/-3.8C (it’s been dropped about 2 degrees F and then going back up - like a yoyo since around 6:30 PM). Winds are mostly calm. Humidity is way down at 35% and the BP is 30.33".
Some of the high-altitude clouds were turning orange at sunset. Currently partly cloudy. We are supposed to have a repeat of today, just a little warmer with an overnight low of 17F/-8C and a high tomorrow of 41F/5C.
Rain moves in tomorrow night. :unamused:

Edit: After posting, I looked at my post. I think I got a wee bit long-winded with this one. :wink: :rofl:


I just assumed you needed a lot of hot air :sunglasses:

In regards to the image… I read that as being an airport rig for clearing the runways etc. and the background in the image supports that… just what I saw in it… that one is from another Snow Wolf and is just one of many snow removal products… found that while researching the one Cagey sent you… I believe the original is called a wovel… short for wheeled shovel…

Thankfully we escaped last night… the huge flakes coming down at 11 and piling up fast were mostly gone in the later morning… no shoveling, no woveling either… drat. but the water did go away via my gutter cleaning… aha.


Hot air would do nicely if it were coming up through the floor boards of my porch when sitting outside. :wink:

My snow is slowly evaporating - not melting. Okay, technically it has to melt before evaporating, but there’s no water flowing. The wind “sucked up” the water as the sun warmed up the surface.

At 11:45 PM it’s mostly clear, cold (as @cageycat would say), mostly calm to a slight breeze (variable as the weather service calls it), cold :wink:, humidity is at 40%, BP is 30.28", cold, 23F/-5C :wink: :smiley:.
Supposed to go down to 19F/-7C - 2 degrees F warmer than an earlier forecast. Still… that fairly cold. I hear my furnace turn on 4x/hour instead of 3x/hour.

As for my gutters - especially those around the porch - I’ll have to clean a few more leaves from them… and peanut shells, butternut casings and whatever else the bluejays and squirrels are leaving up there! :unamused:


When you gonna install those grate thingies in your gutters that keep out the junk?


I used to have them, but the stems of the leaves catch in the openings and just hold the leaves there. I end up with a “pile” of leaves across my roof at and above the gutters. Been there, done that, didn’t work. My son has these long square foam sponges that go into the gutters to keep leaves out. At first they seemed to work, but we soon realized that the maple seeds still build up in the gutters. And when there’s a torrential downpour, they actually restrict the flow of the water through the gutters, causing an overflow the length of the gutter. The rain water just can’t flow through fast enough. So, whatever they make to “cure” one problem usually leads to another problem. Kind of like those long poles with the “hook” on the end that you attach to your garden hose (hose pipe for @EmeraldEyes, @Helen) to “flush” the leaves from the gutters. The problem with this “fix” is that you end up wearing the dirty water and decaying debris… and worse of all, now the entire wall of your house is spattered with all that black decaying debris. I really don’t feel like pressure washing my house every time I clean out the gutters. :unamused: My daughter bought me one of those things… used it 5 minutes and it’s been sitting in my basement ever since. Let’s see… :thinking: 25 years already - or more?


Coldest morning we have had in a while…-16 C WC (3 F). We will have a week of day time temps hovering near -5 C . Still great weather for November. I travelled most of yesterday, beautiful day for photos, lots of deer.

EDIT: It has been lightly snowing all day…no wind…just fluffy flakes coming down.


That’s exactly what happened earlier this year when I decided to pressure wash the guttering and the polycarbonate roof of our patio.

Yup, and it’s worse when the walls are (originally) rendered and painted white! :scream::roll_eyes: I then had to clean the walls off as well… and ended up wearing even more of it as the pressure washer kicked it back at me! (with wind assist :wind_face:)

It can snow any time it likes after 8am on Christmas Eve… before then and there’s a chance my plane won’t take off! :flight_departure::desert_island:

Meanwhile, back on topic…
Lots of rain in our forecast, but it looks like it’s warming back up again into double digit temperatures!


I think this is The Best Off-Topic Humorous Post of 2018. @Helen just edged out @Jim7 for the coveted Tomnod Blowfishies Award aptly called, “The Best Off-Topic Humorous Post of 2018”.

:blowfish: :trophy: :blowfish:


Today was about 45F. Heatwave!

This :cat: has problems with heat, dust allergies, closed spaces, etc. So… when I couldn’t breathe today, the front door flew open to the cold enclosed porch, the small sash window went up, the thermostat went down to 60F, and this cat stood at the open back door in the freezing kitchen until the Baby Benryl kicked in and the rooms cooled off! Whew.

I’m much better now, in case anyone wonders. I was that close to removing my winter coat, but then, I woulda been … well, not a nicely dressed cat.


Helen’s bailing out on us again! And she’s not even made mention as to whether she bringing @cageycat along for the warmth. :astonished:


Finally! I was beginning to think I was stuck with that coveted trophy! :rofl:

In walked Santa? :rofl:

We managed to reach 40.1F/4.5C for a whole 30 seconds today. In less than a minute when it reached this high, it immediately began it’s slow retreat to cooler temperatures. Overnight low last night was 19F/-7C. This morning was mostly calm and mostly sunny. By 3 PM the clouds began moving in and by 5 PM it was overcast. Rain is supposed to start in about 45 minutes (at 9:15 PM). We’re now on a flood watch from 10 PM through tomorrow afternoon due to rain which will be heavy at times, and the fact that the warming temperatures and rain will melt snow, thus adding to the runoff. Additionally, leaves and snow may be blocking catch basins and culvert pipes which can add to isolated flooding. Glad I’m staying at home tomorrow. I just got back with a restock of ice cream and some munchies. :yum:


-14 WC (6 F)this morning. Hopefully the sun comes out and warms i up a little. Snow showers off and on for the next few days.


We don’t get to see the sun until Thursday - 4 days from now! Snow showers? All we have in our forecast for the next week is rain - save for a 30% chance of a snow shower on Wed. morning.
Last night we received 0.16"/4 mm of rain before midnight. Then it started coming down hard. From midnight until it ended a little before 6 AM, we received another 0.36"/9 mm. Melted a whole lot of snow! Then the fog moved in making it a little damp and chilly to sit outside with my morning coffee. :roll_eyes: Even after I could make out the water in the river, I still couldn’t see the trees on the island until after 11 AM. At 12:45 I can finally make out the sky line of the island. Winds are calm and current temperature has risen to 40.8F/4.9C.
They lifted the flood watch this morning. No problems with blockages in the streams and rivers (Hudson and Mohawk). Now everything is not white! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: