2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


Sorry Jim, you don’t get rid of me that easily this time! The wi-fi signal in the hotel is fairly good, so I’ll be checking in on everyone quite regularly… :eyes::telescope:

I’m sure it’ll come back to you in due course, Jim!

The promised rain didn’t happen today, although they did manage to get the temperatures about right. Actual was around 9°C/48°F, windchill took a few degrees off that.

The outlook for the next week…
Oh joy, more rain!


Now you’re getting just like @cageycat and @Mel_Nod. Sneaky… :wink:

Think of how well the spring flowers will grow. :rofl:


I’ll take that as a compliment! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We haven’t even got to winter yet! I still have chrysanthemums, sweet peas and nasturtiums flowering in the garden at the moment. The poor flowers are mightily confused by the weather/temperatures we’ve been having - it’s only in the last few days that the temperature has dropped at all…


Our coral bells have had ice skates on them for about 2 weeks now. Last I looked they had switched over to galoshes and raincoats. Toad lilies are in hiding as are most of the “domesticated” flowers. There were a few wildflowers out the last time I was mulching leaves (last week or was that 2 weeks ago :thinking:). Accidentally ran over and mulched a few - oops! :roll_eyes:

At 5:50 PM we’ve gone from a high of 42F/7C down to 40F/4C. These darned clouds are holding all this horrible heat in! :laughing: The snow is melting! Aaarrrgh! :open_mouth:

I just had a great idea! I’m going to drill a hole in the wooden handle of a flat shovel. After routing it into a rectangle, I will install a toggle switch. Then when I’m using it to cut through frozen snow/ice, if someone asks what the switch is for, I can tell them, “that’s how I start it!” :rofl: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: See? I don’t do crazy things… anymore… at least not that often… I think… :innocent: :grimacing: :roll_eyes:


:laughing: I thought I was going to read that you ended up wearing some of the paint as well…stripped off from pressure washing the walls :rofl:


Yes, we’ve still got cyclamen, Dianthus, wild Marigolds, Japanese Anemone and of course Hydrangea. We would have had the Roses but my hubby decided to cut the last of them and put them in a vase before the frost got to them.

We’re currrently at 4C (40F) steadly climbing back into double figures, as high as 12C (53C) by the end of the week :open_mouth: Guess we won’t be having snow any time soon :smirk:


You’re on my weather forecast. However, we’re just south of the bad weather going across from Chicago to Michigan and stretching down into Ohio and Pennsylvania. That supposedly brought 30+mph winds and the blizzard conditions canceled flights out of many airports yesterday, affecting flights nationwide.

Let us know if you get any of it, Jim…


-8 C -14 WC (6F) snow showers expected throughout the week. Night temps staying just under- 10 C (14 F) so not that cold for us. I see Jim got out fog…we had four days of heavy fog earlier. Makes for nice hoar frost on the trees!


Actually, we’ve been on a “Dense Fog Warning” this morning - until 10 AM. Last night the clouds seemed to have lost their grip and slid down to the ground. The air was quite still. Now if we could borrow some of that wind, that should blow this fog out nicely. Thank you. :smile:


Still just going back and forth across the freezing point here… mostly nice and little snow.

A week or so back I mentioned that despite that Murphy was going to show up on the night I go out to a Christmas function… with Lynne…

Well, they started by adding snow to the forecast for the weekend coming up… and I said to @TerriB that I was still waiting for Murphy to show… Today is Monday and they have now forecast snow for Wednesday after noon and evening… however with a massive severe weather system coming ashore on the coast today… NOW I’m waiting for O’toole to show up his with his cheery comments on Murphy… oh well, it still doesn’t sound too bad for Wednesday… YET! Only concern is not having had a chance to drive the new van on ice yet… last was last spring in the Jimmy… sigh… Glad I’m not in a fog like @Jim7 is… I want to try and watch that Mars show today… the landing that is… at least we don’t need clear skies for that…


Shaul posted the Mars landing for us under Tess and other space news!
Will be a good test drive in the van if it is just a little bit of snow versus a blizzard!

I just heard on our news that some areas south (Nebraska) are in a blizzard! Hope that does not move your way Jim!
Currently -7 C -15 WC (19 F) which is great for us! They have taken the snow showers out of our forecast…so highs of -1 to -4 C for this week !! Yeah!!! They are forecasting December will be colder.


Nah, it hadn’t been painted that long, maybe a year or so, and the paint I used is “tough as old boots”!

I think there’s one rose still flowering out in the front garden, the rest have been pruned back in preparation for the oncoming winter… if it ever arrives!

… and some good photographic opportunities! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ooh, they’ve “promised” us a day of sun (or more likely “No Rain”!), still into double figures though…


You are so right Helen. Those frosty leaves and branches are perfect for photos!


It almost makes me want it to get colder!


Back when I was working, we had a freezing rain that came down in a drizzle to a mist. Up in Alcove, NY, there is a very narrow but deep ravine with vertical sides dropping down about 60’/18. This ravine takes the overflow from the Alcove Reservoir. There is a narrow concrete bridge that carries County Route 111 across the ravine. On this particular morning we decided to stop and get some coffee to go from the little store at the intersection of CR111 and a town road. As I got out of my truck I happened to notice all the trees at the top of the banks were dressed in ice. There were small ice cycles hanging from the branches as well. I took a walk over to the bridge and was completely mesmerized by the sight! All the way down everything had a light, dainty but beautiful coating that sparkled brilliantly. Everything looked like a scene from another planet. It was awe inspiring, breath taking and just surreal! That is one sight I wish I could again. I even went down to my house, grabbed my camera and drove back up there. But by that time the sun had melted most of it and it just didn’t look quite the same - just some ice still coating the rocks at the bottom. Best sight I’ve ever witnessed! I pray you and/or @TerriB can catch a chance to photograph something like that. You’ll be the envy of your peers! :smiley:

That would be nice for me… still raining… raining… raining… :roll_eyes:
Edit: By 9:30 PM we’ve received 0.41"/10 mm of rain so far. Still raining and is to rain right through all of tomorrow morning. What gets me is that there is a cold front that stalled in the hill towns of the western side of town. They’re getting snow! Arrrgh! All along the river valley is rain and then there’s snow in the higher elevations to both sides. :unamused: Current temperature is up to 40F/4C, 90% humidity and BP is 20.52". Our overnight low tonight is supposed to be 36F/2C and tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 42F/5.5C.
They’re still saying no sun for us until Thursday.


Most areas were hit with freezing rain last night and then harsh winds that blew that fresh snow across the roads = SLICK ROADS! Many many accidents this morning, the list of “Travel Not Recommended” highways is long! Several accidents already reported during the morning commute. Hopefully people drive carefully.

Currently -6 C -13 WC (8F) there is a possibility of further freezing rain mid afternoon, so I won’t be on the back roads today…


We’re wet with a chilly dampness in the air… still rain/snow mix coming down. Currently 35.6F/2C. Since the rain started yesterday, up to 9:50 AM this morning we’ve received 0.91"/23 mm of rain. Since the snow started - finally - we’ve only got 1.1"/28 mm… and it’s not sticking (of course). Roads and such have a dull gloss to them. They’re saying this is supposed to end around 1:15 PM. More rain/snow showers again late tonight continuing into tomorrow morning.


Got about 2cm last night… and it’s warming up… just 0C right now… but… we are expecting that big storm to get here in a few hours… whether it will bring snow or rain or both… it is now forecast to be here right through the weekend… little sun at all, but still wavering around 0 plus or minus a degree or so… Yay! O’toole…

I might go out to feel out the handling and braking in a bit… before it melts. and before the big one arrives… it is already getting into the West Kootenay near Nelson BC, but I forget the exact timing of the radar image… about 3 or 4pm seems feasible… I’m still asleep… @TerriB I’ll make sure to stay on this side of the Rockies… wouldn’t want to skid off the road…:rofl: @Jim7 I’m sure with your history you will cope… but both of you watch for the odd balls… I remember well the Defensive Driving Instructor… “always drive as if the other guy is out to get you… it’s not paranoia…he IS out to get you”


Lol ! :slightly_smiling_face:


:rofl: Doug, you just brought back a memory of when I was 16 and took my 6-hour classroom instruction to get my learner’s permit (for driving). We took turns sitting in a mock up of a driver’s seat complete with steering wheel, gas and brake pedals. There was a video screen in front of you. You were “driving” down the road when suddenly a person steps out from in front of a parked car - directly in front of you. You had to go from the gas to the brake pedal - and you reaction time was clocked. When it was my turn, I never took my foot off the gas. Of course I hit the pedestrian. When the instructor looked at me with a weird look, I simply said, “no one should ever step out into traffic without looking.” Everyone laughed. I was allowed to “retake” this episode, but this time I did stop. :laughing:

We’re having a break from the rain/snow mix at the moment… actually about 45 minutes so far. Now they say this will stop around 12:15 PM. Temperature has risen a little to 38.5F/3.6C.