2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


Yet another change in the forecast here for the next few days… starting later today and going through the weekend… we are now expecting some snow… previously it was said to be flurries… up to 1 cm per day…
NOW they are saying multiple cm each day… ha. Saturday is for 4 to 5 cm in the daytime… and so on.
I’m set up for it… hope to get shopping though… waiting for Lynne… she goes to an activity program to keep her feeling good and some exercise… I get enough work taking the ‘other’ shifts… ha. and my own things.


We were forecast for a mix of light rain/snow for today. We got it, but with the high of 38F/3C, everything melted as soon as it hit the ground. Ended up with 0.04"/1 mm of rain and 0.4"/10 mm of snow. Nothing to look at but wet everything and which made for a chilly, dismal day. At least there wasn’t any wind… or any breeze for that matter. Air was calm. Hoped to catch an hour nap, but the little one decided today was a “no nap day!” :roll_eyes:
Tonight will be down in the mid-20sF/-3 to -4C. I’ll have to see what the morning brings as to whether I take my grandson’s 500-watt stereo amplifier out of the trunk and the speakers from the rear deck. We never used it as we want to keep our hearing. :wink:

Edit: It’s now 10:50 PM and a light veil of fog has descended upon us. It started getting noticeable when I made my ice cream run up into the village around 8:20 PM, but it’s starting to get denser, but not too bad yet. Makes the air chilly. Currently 34.3F/1C and the air is still.


Currently -7 C -11 WC (12 F) and we are under a Dense Fog advisory again. Four days of fog. Travel on the highways must be terrible! We are forecast for snow showers this evening. Our humidity is 97%.

EDIT: December 1st


:thinking: The fog and clouds seemed to have moved out during the night. It did get down below freezing - 25.7F/-3.5C. This morning it’s partly cloudy Being an optimist (at least I try to be) I like to call that mostly sunny! :wink: The sun is shining it a beautiful deep blue sky and the clouds are brilliantly white. Winds are calm with an occasional touch of a gust… just enough to make some wind chimes add a little music to those listening. At 10:30 AM it’s currently 37.4F/3C, 75% humidity and a BP of 30.20". A beautiful morning for cleaning out the car. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

By 5 PM the clouds are to start returning in preparation for… you guessed it… rain again! From 9 PM to 10 PM rain showers, then from about 10 PM right through to 7 AM tomorrow morning it’s all rain. Then it’s rain showers all day until around 1 PM when thunderstorms come through. They should be done with by 4 PM, then showers until 6 PM. Clouds will start to move out again around 9 PM tomorrow night. (I’m glad there’s no meteor shower tonight… :neutral_face:)

One thing I have noticed is that most of the time when I check the forecast and start to report it here, by the time I’m ready to hit “Reply” or do hit it, the forecast has changed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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