2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


A whopping minus 9 C (15 F) …our norm this time of year is 13 C (55 F) so we have been well below that for over three weeks now. Frozen sleet off and on yesterday. Some areas, an hour or so away, had major highways “not recommended for travel” due to snow.
Especially on a holiday weekend, I would imagine the snow plow crew was minimal and had a hard time keeping up to this type of snowfall. Most people travelled yesterday to get back to work or school today.


You’re not going to like this, but summer is trying to return here in upstate New York. Once the overcast clouds moved off - which have been here for two days and nights - the sun has been shining and it’s already 68F/20C at 1023 AM. Today’s high - as well as tomorrow’s - is supposed to be 80F/26C. There’s a mild breeze blowing. The humidity is at 87% and the BP is 30.29". A warm and humid “summer” day!


I’m so so so jealous. The temp actually went down further to - 11 C …Vancouver is having mid teens, Toronto upper teens, Halifax mid teens…and frozen Alberta and Saskatchewan…I need to move soon.

They say…I may not believe them yet…that mid October to mid November is suppose to be nice…does that mean above 0 C ???


I hope so! But as a negative effect of this 80F/26C weather, the stink bugs are back in full force - more than before! :unamused: Yellow jackets are making themselves pests as they make a last mad dash for extra food for the winter. Still waiting on the lady bugs/beetles. Only saw one this morning - or was that yesterday morning? :confused: :smile:


Haven’t found anyone that says we have these bugs.


You are lucky - for now. They’ll probably migrate north as the north warms up - just like the deer ticks in Maine are doing. In 10 years they went from just the southern part to now nearly half the state. And the number of cases of Lyme Disease has skyrocketed from 67 to well over 2,000 per year in the past 10 years.

On a brighter note, I saw 2 ladybugs today! :laughing:
Currently at 2:45 PM the temperature has already reached 85.1F/29.5C and still climbing! Had to turn the central air on an hour ago. Humidity has gone down to 66% and the BP is 30.20" with no snow in the forecast! :frowning_face:


We’ve been mid to high 80s all week. Saturday should drop to the 60s. Remove the ACs? or not?


I almost removed 2 window units down at my house the other day, thought twice about it and decided I’ll take them out when I take down the hummingbird feeders at the end of the month. Glad I did - and so is Angel. :smile_cat:


Yeah, fur coats make the difference, paws down!


Better than the furnace!


Minus 8 C (17 F)
Sunny today
High of 3 C (37 F)


22C (72F) here :grin: Think we’re having a bit of an Indian summer today…then rain for the next 3:unamused:


Could you send some this way :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


Oh you poor freezing girl! We’re :sweat: here! It’s only 1:38 PM and we’re already at 85.8F/29.9C! A mild breeze is blowing with gusts to 7 mph/11 kph, sunny with a few clouds. But if it will make you feel less envious, we are supposed to get our sunny parade rained on tomorrow with thunderstorms from 5 AM through 5 PM. Then we get 1 nice day, 1 rainy day, 1 nice day, 1 rainy day… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I had to look them up. The images that came up were very similar to what I’ve always known as shield bugs, we’ve had a few in the garden this year.
Never heard them called stink bugs before though…

EDIT: To keep on topic…
This is our weather for the next few days…
@TerriB I can try to send you some of the higher temperatures (unusual for October) but I think you’ll get a lot of rain as well. Don’t want any snow in return though, I’ll be seeing plenty of that soon enough!


Are you sure? I’m willing to trade :rofl::smiley:


For now…ok … I will quit whining…just need some summer/or autumn to come back!


Definitely no snow! :snowflake::snowflake: I’d prefer to trade some of this…

Apparently spotted on the horizon as far south as Yorkshire yesterday evening… didn’t make it down as far as us, shame as the skies were perfectly clear!


Nice! I have been plagued by clouds…tonight will be clear…I’m hoping!


Minus 11 C (12 F) this morning…very frosty…Bundled up as windshilelds and side windwos will require scraping.

(I see the other end of Canada will have remnants of Hurricane Michael in the form of rain. Some areas will see snow move into Quebec and New Brunswick from the East).