2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


Sorry Terri but it’s all gone again :unamused:
We’re back to typical British weather for the next week
and going steadily down hill from there on 'til spring :roll_eyes:


Thanks for trying!
We are forecast for double digits possible this weekend…wahoo!


Rained all day from 7:40 AM right until 8:54 PM tonight with a total accumulation of 1.01"/25.7 mm. The high for today reached 72.5F/22.5C (for 30 minutes). Currently at 9:13 PM it 63.8F/17.7C, 100% Humidity, BP 29.59".
The BP did drop down to 29.56 an hour ago from a high of 29.86" before slowly starting to rise again. Dew point is 62F/16C which should be reached before 11 PM. Then the fog should start forming. Current humidity is 100% - up from a low of 86%.

The small brook actually stayed within its banks, probably because the heavy rains didn’t last for more than 40 minutes and there were periods of light rain between them. It’s high, but never overflowed. We were on a flash flood advisory this morning and a flash flood watch this afternoon and evening, but it’s been withdrawn now.

Our forecast has changed - as usual. Tomorrow will be partly cloudy, the next day rain, then (yeah!) partly cloudy to mostly sunny for 5 whole days! (Unless they change the forecast again. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) The temperatures - both daytime and nighttime are going to be “seasonal” - finally. One night we will get down to 39F/3.9C (sorry @TerriB). That’s the lowest for us for at least a week.

The cooler temperatures have caused a few more trees to change their leaf color (colour :wink:), but most are still all green. The Japanese red maple doesn’t know what to do as half is a fiery red and half is a green as can be! :confused: Between the rain and the wind, a lot of leaves have fallen, but the majority are green with a lot of leaf rust around the edges. It’s going to be hard to find some decent leaves to wax for the girls.


There is no doubt…but keep the “good weather” as long as you can! We miss it :frowning_face:


Dropping from 87F this morning… to 40sF tonight. Furnace on. ACs off. Fans off. Flannel sheet on. Blankets on.

Get ready, Jim… It’s coming!!!


Here’s what I’m looking at for the next 9 days. Note the nighttime temps - seasonal. Guess our Indian Summer is over. We’ll probably have to mow the lawns one last time before we’re back to mulching leaves once they’ve all come down. Should be a nice mix of green and brown to make a decent mulch for next spring. My pile of grass clippings has gone down quite a lot and I’ve turned it only a few times. It should be better once I get some mulched leaves mixed in before the snow flies.
Note: I had to take 2 screen shots of the forecast as my weather app (browser) only shows 8 days and I have to click on an arrow to show the 9th & 10th day, but lose the first two days. Then I cropped and combined the two. Also, the winds were mild with light gusts most of the day… sometimes nearly calm. But a short while ago they started picking up.


Lots of rain coming your way…and your temps are slowly slowly slowly…dropping. :roll_eyes:

Minus 4 C (24 F)…ah not as cold as it has been…maybe their forecast of double digits by Monday will come true. High today 6 C (42 f) looks like the winds will pick up today and there is a possibility of rain later this morning and then snow by evening.

EDIT: 1 C (33 F) and rain is slightly changing to sleet…as it gets colder during the evening this will change to snow…Will be a winter morning!


Chattering teeth… It’s getting cold here!

:footprints: :footprints: :cat: mefeets is coooolD brrrrrrrr tippy toes!


Currently it is -10 C WC…remember Windchill…(14 F). The rain must have stopped during the night and no snow on the ground??? The model I saw earlier we were on the south edge of the snow cloud and areas north of me like Meadow Lake, Prince Albert, Nipawin…were going to get the most snow. The winds were 60 k until well after midnight.

We didn’t get snow :astonished:

High today 0 C (32 F)


Sunny with blue skies and a few fluffy white clouds here. The readout in my car just now was saying 21.5°C (71°F) - that is very unusual for October. It didn’t even drop below 14°C/57°F overnight…


I am so jealous…I am hoping the meteorologists predictions of mid October to mid November warm temperatures comes true!!


You’re disappointed then? :laughing:


how do we believe those meteorologists? :thinking::roll_eyes::confused:

:unamused:I should have known not to speak out yet…:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: are falling…not heavy but winds are too.

EDIT: WC -8 C (17 F) not exactly 0 C they forecast…brrrr.


:rofl: Isn’t that how it always happens? :rofl:

We did get the rain they said we were going to get. By the time I got up this morning, it was still raining (started around 4:30 AM). As the morning wore on, the rain tapered off to a drizzle before ending around 10 AM. Then it was periods of sun and clouds with an occasional rain shower (no :cloud_with_snow:). Overnight temperature was 41.7F/5.3C. Currently at 3:45 PM it has gone up to 54.1F/12.3C with a mild breeze blowing, 63% humidity and BP of 29.87". Tonight’s overnight temperature will drop to 38F/3C. (I’ve got to get the window air conditioners out down at my house within the next couple of days. :roll_eyes:


Oh oh…fall temperatures showing up. :fallen_leaf:


No wonder poor @Cagey Cat is freezing her tippy toes! It went from 83F to 54F and now 44F heading for 40F later tonight. Totally ridiculous. They said we were going to have a crazy winter,


Yes indeed! And I although she did send me some warm (albeit wet) weather, my friends up north are sending me cooler - a lot cooler - weather. We have our first frost warning for tonight. It’s only going down to 39F/3.9C, but in some areas it does get several degrees colder. It’s kind of like the “hollow” just over the hill. While we get rain in the winter with above freezing temps, they get snow and it’s below freezing. And the hollow is only about 5-6 miles/8-9 km away. And at the same time at the Albany International Airport - about 20 miles/32 km north - they’ll have rain and be even warmer.
Poor @cageycat, her fur must be standing on end! :hushed:


Our coldest morning yet - 13 C WC (8 f) core temp - 8 C (17 F). Although our day temp will only get to 3 C (37 F) it is suppose to be sunny all day and Monday we are suppose to be in the double digits during the day!!! :sunny: Lets hope the meteorologists got it right!


One AC covered.
One AC out.
One AC still in window–don’t ask! lol

kitchen window and bathroom window covered

didn’t get above 60 today
40s at night


Was down at the house this afternoon for a few hours. Looked at two AC units - still in windows. :grin: Took care of Angel, vacuumed entire downstairs and 2 bedrooms and hallway upstairs. Mowed 2/3rds of my lawn, took a coffee break, looked at the AC units and decided “tomorrow.” :rofl: (My back was hurting too badly for me to do it myself.) Fed the birds and squirrels. (One squirrel with a black “mustache” around his snout left me a gift of fairly fresh butternut in front of my kitchen door. I tossed it out beneath the pine tree where one of them will get it. Took a shower, looked at the AC units again… planning on taking one out and leaving the biggest one for when I get some help… decided “NOT!” and went back up to my son’s house. Only had about 2-1/2 hours to play with the girls before they had to have baths and bed. School tomorrow for two of them.

And to stay on topic, we had a nice mostly sunny day with a mild breeze. The high was 58F/14C. Although I thought I’d finish the lawn (front lawns left) tomorrow, looking at the forecast they are calling for showers starting early in the morning and lasting most of the day - about 0.20"/5 mm. No biggie… the front isn’t at all bad. The back and one side is where the grass seems to grow 2x-3x faster than anywhere else. Actually left most of the side hill along the dead end street.
I think after this rain we’re supposed to have about 5 good mostly/partly sunny days. Every night is going down to anywhere from the mid-30s to low 40s(F)/1.6C-5.5C. Highs are “seasonal” (in the 50sF/13C.
1:30 AM and going to bed 30-60 minutes sooner than usual. :sleeping: