2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


Minus 8 C (17 F) …a light wind…hoping for a sunny day…still in the single digits until Tuesday then back into double digits for the rest of the week.

As we head towards Halloween, our weather usually turns colder, and it is always a possibility we will have had our first snowstorm. Many years we have had a snowstorm “on Halloween”. :jack_o_lantern::ghost:


Minus 8 C (17 F) and heading to 13 C (55 F)…sunny all day and hopefully the winds will settle down.


Almost the same here! At 12:30 PM 52.7F/11.5C, mostly sunny but very breezy. 65% Humidity, BP 29.95" and dropping. Rain expected around 5:45 PM. :frowning_face:


Was 0C this morning but now heading up to forecast 15C by afternoon. calm or light breeze by then.
Supposed to stay like this other than some chance of showers by the weekend then clear again next week.

Of course I had to catch Lynnes early season flu bug… but nothing like last years big bug… I’m already feeling a bit better…


Hopefully better soon!

We had the same day temps! Beautiful and sunny. A little wind later in the day.


Same weather here today. :thinking: Overnight low was 42.8F/6C, daytime high of 59F/15C and it’s going down to 42F/6C once again overnight. Today started out overcast and very windy. By 11 AM the sun began peaking through and by 12 noon it was mostly sunny. Then the clouds returned. By 4:20 PM it was suddenly cloudy and overcast. Three minutes it began to rain. It was funny though, because around 4:40 PM the sun found a hole in the clouds - enough to make a rainbow to our northeast… although it was faint through the rain still coming down. My oldest granddaughter got to see it. Rain finally ended at 6:45 PM. It was cloudy and breezy from that point on until 6:54 when it started raining again. Finally ended at 7:25 PM. Total accumulation was only 0.02"/0.5 mm. Like the sun, after dark the moon found a small hole in the clouds and shone brightly - if only for a couple of minutes. It will start clearing soon.
Tomorrow’s high is only supposed to be 48F/9C and overnight tomorrow night it is to go down to 36F/2C.
I did hear there will be a “tug-of-war” between a high pressure system and a low pressure system which will determine if we get a nor’easter in a few days. Will be watching.


He stole my weather report! :-D~~


Who? Me(ow)? Here’s my outlook for the next few days.

Notice how the wind direction is going to be all over the place? Changing directions day by day! Crazy! :crazy_face:


You stole that, too, just a few days behind ours.

I think winter is finally upon us. Still need plastic on windows. Ugh.


Now, now… I just “borrowed” it for a few days. I’m hoping for another “Indian summer”! … Not! :smile: Autumn is here and with these chilly nights, maybe the leaves will finally all turn and drop. Still holding off on even attempting to mulch any for the compost pile. There’s 100s of times more still on the trees than on the ground. I hate doing something more than once - if I don’t have to.

The temperature has held steady at 48F/8.9C for the past 1-1/2 hours. Air is still calm and it’s cloudy. Humidity is currently 82% and BP is 29.95". Not too bad sitting outside. :slightly_smiling_face:


Our morning minus temps remain … currently - 4 C (24 F) .
16 C (60 F) forecast! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

WHAT A GREAT DAY…beautiful beautiful beautiful…cannot ask for a better October 24th!!!


Another glorious day on the way 12 C (53 F). Sunny :sunny:sunny :sunglasses: sunny :heart_eyes:



Another b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l day planned…11 C (51 F)…hard to believe it is October 26th.
Tomorrow we see some rain, during our football game (Saskatchewan Roughriders), and by Halloween will be in the single digits again. :thinking: this could continue into November…wouldn’t that be great. That map I posted"what we can expect for winter" says our area is in the “much above average”…hopeful! :smiley:

OOPS they changed our Sat morning forecast…the temps will drop and the rain will move in sooner than expected = freezing rain. Not a good scenario.


This morning is sunny with a current (9:10 AM) temperature of 36F/2C. Overnight was 31F/-0.6C. We forecast for a nor’easter to begin this evening and lasting into Saturday. Lots of rain, rain mixed with snow, and in higher elevations snow. Most of the trees are still have most - if not all - of their leaves on them. Only a few have dropped theirs. We’re hoping we don’t get a repeat of an October snow storm we had years ago that downed so many trees and power lines (and poles) that our town was declared a state of emergency. Power was out for nearly a month in most of the town. Ugh! Even with the strong winds and gusts yesterday, very few leaves were falling off the trees. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

I checked out that weather map you mentioned above also. Told my wife according to that we’re in for a mild and slightly warmer winter. One year they said we were in for a warm wet winter and we had more heavy snow storms with blizzard-like conditions it wasn’t funny. Go figure! Maybe they were just localized events, Who knows… We just take it as it comes. :wink:


This must be a first this fall for your area?
We have had one of those early snow storms, wet heavy snow, power lines down, roads closed, …not fun. Hope that is not what you get!

Yes, I wish the weather map comes true, but not always the case. Much above average for us, means not enough moisture for farmers…so it is always a trade off.


Yes it will be. All we’ve received so far was rain, rain and more rain - and wind. :roll_eyes:


Currently 3 C (37 F) at least no freezing rain in this area. We will see showers off and on this morning and then the sun and wind return with highs today of 11 C (51 f) on October 27…we will take that!


Overnight low was 38.3F/3.5C. The rains came early this morning and lasted until 5 PM when it turned to a drizzle for 45 minutes. Total rainfall was 1.04"/26.4 mm - almost twice as much as they forecast for us (0.58"/14.7 mm). While looking at the weather radar, I was dismayed to see from the western half of the town on westward - in a 100-mile wide strip - they got snow… and a little ice/freezing rain. Maybe for the better as very few leaves have fallen the past few days - even with the wind blowing. The trees are insisting they hang onto their leaves. Most are still green. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Our high for the daylight hours was 41.8F/5.4C, but currently at 10:00 PM it’s at 42.3F/5.8C. No rain at the moment but they are calling for continuing showers tonight and overnight.
Tomorrow: No rain but cloudy with a mild breeze. Should give me time to clean up the property a little before having to make a run to city.
Rain again for Monday. :roll_eyes:


oh oh…we actually have had none even though it was forecast. Some areas just north of us received snow last night and today…it was 13 C here. It is currently 5 C (41 F). I hope nothing changes during the night!