2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


It started raining again here around 11 PM. This rain is coming right up from the south - as did the rain we received all day. Still thinking of how all that snow and mixed freezing rain/ice ran right up through the state and stayed just a few miles away to our western side of town.
I just looked at the weather radar and it’s showing large bands and/or “clumps” of rain clouds moving north from the coast. Guess I should have checked the hour-by-hour forecast to get an idea as to when this is supposed to end. Oh well… probably while I’m sleeping.


Currently -6 C (21 F) WC and surprised to find no rain/or snow had fallen. Just north of us about 2 hours they had 2 inches of snow on Friday. Cloudy today high of 10C (50 f). I will enjoy every good day we get until winter settles in.


We’ve been moving between 10C down to 1C or so… comfortable mostly… if the sun is out… we had rain the other night, and occasionally cloudy… but mostly looking the same until Wednesday when we might get some snow showers in the higher areas… the same rain showers we’ve been getting once in a while in the lower…
Hey! it’s fall in the warmer end of BC Interior… but you don’t need to wander far to find more winter like stuff.
You just know it will get worse as I get over This batch of flu… and it is going… should be fine by Wednesday…


Here’s hoping you feel better a lot sooner. :wink:
We had rain showers as we set off north to Albany. Several more showers in the city also. The sun did peak out a few times which bring the afternoon temperature up to 50F/10C. Not much of a breeze today. By 3:30 PM it’s back to being overcast - two low layers of clouds. More showers expected tonight and into tomorrow morning.
Looks like rain for Halloween. Poor kids are going to get wet and chilly. Did I mention that I eat what we don’t hand out? :rofl:


We are now forecast for flurries Thursday and Friday…Halloween looks cool but no rain or snow.


Monday currently 3 C (37 F) Slight chance of a shower, high of 7 C (44F).


We had a mixed bag of weather conditions here today. It didn’t know what it wanted to do. We had a steady light rain all night long last night. All morning it was overcast with a steady light rain with occasional drizzle and mostly calm. This afternoon started out with showers/drizzle with just a slight breeze. By 2 PM the rain ended and the sun started peaking out. Warmed us up to 52F/11C. Around 9 PM tonight the clouds increased and by 10 PM we’re back to light rain showers.
Looking at the weather radar, I’m watching snow (and a little freezing rain) moving sporadically across the state heading this way. As always, it gets to the western half of town and it changes to all rain. :roll_eyes: Maybe it’s for the best as I have some paperwork to do, bills to pay and in the morning some errands to run up in the village. Still can’t get over how the clouds seem to disappear just as they’re about to come over me! :confused:


That’s fortunate you don’t get the freezing rain. Some areas had snow this weekend but we are still clear. Suppose to be 9C today and Halloween, then turn cooler with rain/sleet mix Thursday and Friday. I’m sure by the next few weeks it will look like “winter” and we will be stuck in the snow for the next 4 months! Ugh…:unamused:


2C and a not so bad :jack_o_lantern: coming for the Kids! :ghost::pirate_flag::princess::woman_firefighter: should be around 8 C for the evening.


After an overnight temperature of 32F/0C, the sun has warmed us up to 53.6F/12C by 12:15 PM. Looks like a fairly mild evening for the little ones here. :smiley: Sunny with just a few clouds once in a while and a mild breeze with some light gusts.
The leaves that have turned are dropping like rain off the trees now. Still a lot of green leaves on most of the trees however. We’ll have to have several more cold nights for those to turn and drop off. :roll_eyes: My wife wanted me to suck up and mulch the leaves already on the ground, but I hate doing something more than once. I’ll wait until just about all of the have fallen. :smile:


Crappy weather for tonight. Rain, windy, cool . 65F now later 50ish. We have alot of green leaves left on trees as well. Weird fall this year for sure.


The sun just gave way to clouds - suddenly! It made it up to 57.2F/14C, but now it’s ever so slowly dropping. Winds came up with gusts to 10-20 mph/16-32 kph. BP is 29.88" and slowly dropping. Humidity is finally below 50%! It’s down to 49%! :rofl: Should be fairly decent for the kids this evening, but tomorrow the rain returns. :unamused:


Hoping the 7 C continues through the evening for the kids. No snow in the ground but cooler next couple of days… hope my new front door is completely installed tomorrow otherwise it will be chilly!!


Our high reached 60.1F/15.6C. And at 8:00 PM is was still 59.9F/15.5C with just a slight breeze blowing. Great weather for the little ones to be walking in. Odd how we didn’t get any young teenagers this year, but every year there are less and less “trick or treaters” showing up. When we first moved here back in '77, we were getting about 170 to 200 kids a year! This year we only had 12. :frowning_face: Guess all those little ones have grown up. :laughing: But the ones that did come this year were very polite, saying “thank you” - without their parents having to remind them. :wink: Some of the costumes were really great! Now… what to do with the left over candy… :thinking::yum: :laughing:


Minus 1 C this morning. Some great costumes last night…not as many kids as usual even with the good weather. Our “Harry Potter” pumpkin a hit! Cooler day today high of 4 C and a possibility of precipitation… looks like rain some areas, freezing rain sleet others and yet snow in other areas :snowflake:
Edit : I guess they meant “us” as an areas having rain, freezing rain sleet, snow … today we had it all. Thankfully new door fully installed, trimmed, etc and very warm!!!


Minus 9C wc this morning and we are heading into a week of day time temperatures at minus 14 C… snow forecast… winter is coming fast!


We had a warm night with an overnight temp of 50F/10C. Light rain showers started after 1:15 AM and continued until 10:35 this morning. A total of 0.2"/5 mm of rain fell. Now we have an active high wind warning for this afternoon extending into this evening. Winds of 25-30 mph/40-56 kph with gusts up to 60 mph.96.5 kph. Now that should remove a lot of leaves off the trees before we get any snow - hopefully. Currently the winds are calm… eerily still. The calm before the (wind) storm. :neutral_face: At 11 AM the temperature is 60F/15.5C and our high is expected to reach 69F/20.5C. If everything wasn’t so wet, I could have gotten some outside chores done. Makes for a nice excuse to stay indoors. :rofl:


Too freaking cold here today… 40s daytime.


62.4F/16/9C here today. No wind yet… still as calm as could be. Even the rain/drizzle stopped mid-morning. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I just rechecked that wind advisory and tomorrow’s forecast. After the rain stops tomorrow morning to mid-afternoon, that when the winds come in. Should help dry things a bit with up to 60 mph/96 kph gusts. :neutral_face:
Looks like a mild week ahead for us. But don’t worry… when winter comes, it’ll come with a great, sudden surprise. :slightly_smiling_face:

The maple tree in front of my son’s house is the most gorgeous golden yellow as is one across the road. Even at 4:45 PM in overcast skies, they look like they’re lit up with flood lights. Very bright yellow! Of course there’s a pile of them on the ground beneath the trees as well. :wink:


Since it started raining around 1:15 AM yesterday morning - and with the 9 hour break with no rain - we received a total of 1.16"/29.5 mm… and it’s still raining. It’s not supposed to end until around 12 noon. That’s when the winds come in at 20 mph/32 kph with up to 60 mph/96 kph gusts. Should take a lot of leaves from the trees. It’s getting hard to see green on my front lawn already! I wonder if I don’t do the leaves if my wife will get tired of seeing them and do them herself? :thinking: :rofl: Maybe I’ll tell her, "I’ll clear the leaves from the rain gutters and you can do the lawns… and along the fence on the dead end street side. She’ll most likely ask me if I want to eat or not. :grimacing: