2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


We’re still in the 50’s; after a long hot summer, mild autumn, it’s seems we’re having a mild start to winter too. Ideal for me to be getting out and about for a bit of exercise each day :grin:


I got my heat at 69F cos it’s so cold. Sent my fur winter coat out for a brushing and only got my summer fur coat on. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


The heat here is set to 73 because the 3 girls are playing on the floor. With the 20-30 mph winds and even stronger gusts, every time the dog wants to go out, what a cold breeze comes across the floors. It’s dropped down to 50F/10C. One good thing about the rain and wind is that the leaves are falling from the trees so fast even they look like golden rain! :laughing: So far today (11:00 AM) we’ve received another 1.02"/25.9 mm of rain. Supposed to end in about an hour… and then the winds get even stronger. :grimacing: The small brook at the bottom of the hill is just cresting the top of its banks. I can see the white water is up about 12-16"/~30-40 cm up on the tree trunks. It seems to be holding its own for now. Just looking outside, I see the wind has started its own pile of leaves (more like a high ridge) beneath the maple tree out front at my son’s house. I bet my front lawn is all gold instead of green. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Tonight it’s supposed to go down to 38F/3C.


Shhhush with that foul-weather talk!

We already beat you, though. 69 is going right out my windows, brrrr!


Yeah! The rain ended at 11:15 AM with a total rainfall of 1.03"/26 mm. The overcast layer of clouds moved out and now it’s just the lower layer of clouds - which is allowing the sun to shine every once in a while. It had dropped down to 49F/9.5C just before noon, but now it’s up to 53.5F/12C. Looks like it will get a little warmer by late afternoon. The winds have died down some which is good - less tree limbs to have to pick up.
After the rain ended and before the winds came up, I zapped 6 mosquitoes in the breezeway. :grimacing: These little buggers are still out and about. We need a good snow cover and some good old freezing temperatures to rid us of these gals and ticks. Yeah… they’re still out and about! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Oh… and the brook has started to go back down. Another good thing.


Minus 6c wc right now going down for the night. Looks like Monday we will have high winds 50 km and blowing snow… hopefully cleared roads by the time I return from the north on Tuesday!


:snowflake::cloud_with_rain: mix while I’m travelling and then tomorrow 3-7 cm snow.
Winter has arrived . At least it is November… some areas in Alberta have had snow since September!!! Makes for a very long winter.
Minus 7 C.


The last time I looked, we were forecast for that type of weather for tuesday wednesday… but still mostly mixed cloud and sun and generally not too cold.

Now to the whether part… can I get the NEW ‘used’ car into shape for winter… got some things working and still working on others… one headlight was out and it looked like a burnt out halogen bulb… put a new one in, and it still didn’t work… sigh… but did some research and find that this model vehicle has individual fuses for each high and low bulb… so 4 bulbs 4 separate fuses… so maybe that is it… but other than that things are going good… mostly dirt and sitting for a while… I’ll get it if the weather holds mild… and most of the stuff works… other than that it is running without the daily beatings the other one required… have fun.


I think my wife and I are going to be in the market for another vehicle also. I was hoping this car would make it through the winter and we’d get something nice come spring, but now there seems to be a little something here and a little something there that goes each week - like the driver’s window goes down but doesn’t always come back up right away. Uh oh! Heat shield started rattling - and drives us nuts. And of course, last winter when I plowed through the snowbank across the apron of our driveway - not realizing the town plow had plowed ice across it from a water main break at the corner - I ripped off the bottom trim beneath both rear doors. :open_mouth: :laughing: And just within the past couple of days the trunk seal started leaking. Oh well… probably shouldn’t have waited.

Currently at 2 AM we’re down to 34F/1C. The clouds had started moving back in last night so that ruined my chances of seeing any meteors tonight. Rain should start shortly after I get up in about 5 hours. (I’ll be awake for about another hour.) BP is 30.48 and falling; 77% humidity.

Edit: I just went outside at 2:15 AM - first since going out at 1 AM. The clouds moved out for a while and there’s plenty of stars! Didn’t see any meteors, but the peak tomorrow night - which I’ll miss due to rain clouds. The neighbor’s rooster decided it was time to wake everyone up. That darned thing is crowing every 20 seconds! :unamused: It’s a good thing it’s not spring or summer and everyone’s windows are open.


After 12 hours of constant light rain/drizzle, we received a total (thus far) of 0.30"/7.6 mm of rain. Still have a half an hour before they say it will end. :roll_eyes: Currently 46.6F/8C, BP 30.17" (down from 30.42" this morning), and 89% humidity (down from 96% this evening). Weather status: “Showers in the vicinity.” :laughing: You think? :laughing:

Edit: Now they say rain will end at 11:15 PM. I bet you a catnip tea they change it again or it does end at 10:45 PM like first reported. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Edit 2: At 11:07 PM they changed the “rain ending” time to 12:15 AM now. :laughing: I knew it!
Edit 3: At 12:15 AM they changed the “rain ending” time to 12:45 AM! Sooner or later they’ll match up a time with the actual end of the rain. :rofl:
Edit 4: At 12::35 the rain actually ended, but now they’re saying showers will continue throughout the night. :laughing:


Minus 22 C wc this morning. Winter has arrived… after freezing rain and then 10-20 cm of snow in most areas! Shovels have been going non stop!

The snow that has hit the province is moving to the east… it is prob pushing those rain showers ahead… hopes yours remain rain not snow!!


Just -1C this morning…may get to 3C by afternoon, rest of week just moving up and down… -single digit at night, low +single digit during day… Should get a few flurries this morning if they aren’t over already, and more overnight later this evening… mostly cloudy the remainder of week… so far… Had my first night drive last evening in the new van… miss the one headlight… still working on that. Need to shop for wiper blades today… those are too hard I think… one is starting to split… but that isn’t weather, but a reminder if you haven’t done so already… I have topped up the washer tank… and still checking all my lights not just the headlights… but I’m not doing it in the wet snow and rain… My old home in Elkford got some snow, and the local radio says the highways are covered in the Elk Valley all the way to Alberta border and beyond as well… snow… hmm
@TerriB hope you have yours under control…
Just remember it will all be over soon… Maybe May or June…:rofl:
Just waiting for ours…:sunglasses:


60s now and 30mph winds until it gets cold by 5pm.


Terri can always hope for a January thaw - maybe nice weather for a week or two, but then it’s back to below freezing temps. :roll_eyes:


Boy, you must be roasting! :smile_cat: :smirk_cat: We finally got up to 50F/10C at 12:20 PM. Still raining… had a short break for a little over an hour some time between 2 and 5 AM. We had 0.33"/8 mm of rain yesterday and so far today we’ve received 0.31"/7.9 mm. They say the rain should end around 4:15 PM, but we’ve all heard that before. :roll_eyes:


Jim… I was talking about the early thaw…:rofl: This is Canada… and Saskatchewan to boot.

I will likely get a January thaw…over here…


I was trying to be “nice” to Terri. :wink:


While outside on my porch and seeing it’s now “only” mostly cloudy, I was thinking about an observation I had that I told my wife about. I said that, to me, it seemed like fall and winter are slowly arriving later than they did, and that spring was getting very short - some years only a week or two - with summer arriving earlier and earlier and lasting later each year. It looks like we’ve gone from 4 seasons to 3 (or 2-1/2 if you count the shortened autumn as well). Spring seems to be so short it’s almost non-existent anymore. We get the March winds in February as well. The seasons all seem to be so screwed up it makes one think more about them and what this could mean in the long run. :thinking:

At 11:25 PM the current temp is 50F/10C, mostly calm - the rains ended but there is an occasional very brief shower (mostly drizzle) - BP is 29.75" with 90% humidity. Total rainfall for today was 0.35"/8.9 mm.
Tomorrow is supposed to be mostly sunny with a high of 58F/14. Winds will be 10-15 mph/16-24 kph. Too wet to mulch any leaves. :roll_eyes: :grinning: :wink:


This morning we woke to - 3C and about 12mm of snow on the ground… should get up to + 3C amid mixed flurries and sun… more in a day or so and more on the Weekend… if you believe them…

My old area in the Elk Valley is making good progress on filling the Ski Hills at Fernie…

Need to get some breakfast… had my coffee… and goofing around with emails etc.


Thanks… I got caught in the snowdrifts up north and had to stay another day. Roads wed were still ice covered, blown over and packed in areas. Core temp today -12 C but WC -21 C… winter has definitely arrived! Snow tires, command start, heavy mitts, boots, parkas, winter gear in car - check … at least had these up north. Temps start to warm up sometime on the weekend… by that I mean still minus 12… but nightsnot as cold.