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We woke to -9C this morning… and a projected high of 1… but getting sunnier… maybe more flurries tonight… and colder… again… and so on… but forecast on Weather Network doesn’t jive with what the Global TV is forecasting for most of southern BC interior other than cold… problem is spot forecasts rather than area forecasts… those sort of lump in the high country as well and we are the big valley area… within sight of the high country… managed to get the magnetic heater off the Jimmy, now trying to see if it is still working and if it is, hope to get it onto the Montana… and get back to the lights… the new bulb wasn’t… and I hope that the wiring is good… last I looked it was up to -7 but the sun is up and breaking through now… but I might stall the headlight for another day, since I have to drive today… and I found the old gas cap and salvaged my locking one… now crossing fingers it will fit… and be compatible with the montana…


I spent the gorgeous day - periods of sun-clouds with a little breeze - mulching leaves for an hour, showered, got a haircut in the village, mulched more leaves for 3 more hours, and had to rest. Sitting there on the porch I looked at the trees. Why does it look like there are just as many leaves on the trees as before some dropped? They are LOADED! Glad I did at least get the front yard and one side yard done, out by the street and the driveway. Now I can see where the driveway ends and the lawn begins in the back.

Our high today was a balmy 51.3F/10.7C. Not bad! Rain tomorrow afternoon again. :unamused: Still have a couple of rain gutters to clean out… the hardest ones to get to of course! They’ll have to wait until the rain is done… whenever. Now to start doing some housework. I’ve been here by myself (and Angel :smile_cat:) since Saturday evening. My how things start getting behind… like vacuuming, dusting, dishes, etc. I love to cook… it’s just the cleanup I hate. :laughing: Haven’t forgotten to comb the cat out… did that every night before turning in. Seems like if I miss doing it, she buries her nails in my arms, cheeks or forehead and tries to pull me off the couch or the bed. Hey! My skin only stretches so far! :open_mouth: :wink:
Overnight low is supposed to be 32F/0C and a high of 46F/7C tomorrow (with rain).
Back to helping the wife babysit tomorrow. :roll_eyes:


Minus 28 CWC (-18 F) this morning…yup winter is here! Snow expected later today. And forecaster says it will warm up by Sunday to mid teens!!!


We got snow. :frowning: It stuck. Not much, but enough to cover grass, roads, and cars.

J had that guy re-plastic the kitchen window a few weeks ago, but yesterday, I saw it was ripped off the center window. And of course, snow had to come now! Ever try to put plastic on the inside of a bay window without marring the wood with double-stick tape? sigh Ready to put up an old blanket and be done with it. Where is that old blankie…


A half an hour ago my wife told me people from near Buffalo, across the finger lakes region (central NY) and up by Lake Champlain were getting snow. It hasn’t started raining here yet, but it is overcast with a slight movement of air. Overnight low was 31F/-0.5. Currently at 1 PM it’s a “balmy” 40F/4C. Supposed to rain this afternoon and overnight as well. I noticed a lot more leaves have fallen off the trees. Thought about counting those that fell as I smoked a cigarette, but figured it would be lost cause - like counting penguins. :rofl:

Edit: 6 hours later and I’ve been watching the freezing rain and snow approaching - while we were getting just rain. As I watched the leading edge of this wintry weather approach, as it got to within 4 miles of me - just on the other side of the hill - it changed to all rain! :open_mouth: Then as the system passed me by and got to the other side of the Hudson Valley, it turned back into snow. What gives? I’ve been waiting for the white stuff and someone turned off the switch until it passed by! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Currently at 7:21 PM we’ve received 0.36"/9 mm of rain. BP is at 30.00" with a 92% humidity. Still raining and is supposed to through the night. But on the bright side, I won’t be able to mulch leaves tomorrow. :smiley:

Edit: 04:15 AM: Looks like the rain is over, but now we have an active wind advisory from 12 noon until 10 PM tonight. Winds of 15-25 mph/24-40 kph with gusts up to 50 mph/80 kph. That should take some leaves off the trees. :wink: Total rainfall since it started yesterday noon is 0.56"/14 mm. At least it was a nice gentle, soaking rain for a change. We’re only supposed to get rain on one day out of the next nine - and that has to be on my wife’s birthday. :roll_eyes: Other than that, it’s sunny to mostly sunny days ahead… no snow! :open_mouth: Humidity is currently at 94% and the BP is 29.78".
Edit: 04:30 AM: Forgot to add the current temp. It’s 42F/5.7C. Actually feels pretty nice, not chilly and damp like the other night.


Wha-hoo…it has warmed up to -18 C WC (-4 F) That’s ten degrees warmer than yesterday! High today -6 C (21 F) …balmy! Snowing and blowing last night. Calmer winds this morning but we are forecast for snow again!


We are having warner days…currently -18 C WC (-4 F) and looking forward to plus 4C (39 F) on wed!!!


Today was a nice autumn day - plenty of sun from mid-morning on, not too breezy. The high was 45F/7C. Tonight it goes down below freezing - at 8:20 PM it was down to 32F/0C already. Tomorrow brings a mostly sunny day with a high of 49F/9C. Rain moves in Tuesday morning and should clear out by noon. Colder temperatures are finally moving in and they’re calling for 1"-3"/25-76 mm of snow on Thursday into Friday AM (another <1"/<25 mm), then it’s rain showers to finish the morning off. Overnight temps for the rest of this week will range from 21-29F/-6C to -2C. Haven’t checked to see what the wind chill will be. I believe tomorrow’s high is supposed to be the high for the week. I’ve noticed the heat kicked on 3 times instead of twice in the past hour. Winter is finally making it here. Come on snow! :heart_eyes: :laughing:


We are still colder but… not the deep freeze yet …minus 18 C Wc this morning. By tomorrow 1 above and wed 5 above… it is going to feel like spring!!!


Last night the temperature went down to 28F/-2C around midnight. At a personal weather station about 2 miles/3.2 km south of me it went down to 24F/-4C. A few thin clouds moved in the temperature remained the same, fluctuating about 1F/<.5C. Sitting outside - looking for meteors - I could hear the leaves dropping off the trees and hitting those already on the ground. It was actually a little noisy! I think it would have been hard to hear if a deer, fox or whatever was approaching. I didn’t see any meteors, but I really didn’t stay outside for very long each time I was out.


:grin::+1: LoL. Made me think… what sound Does that make??


Think of a small animal, or even a deer taking just a step… stopping to listen, then another step on dried leaves or small twigs. If you’ve ever heard an animal approaching but couldn’t see it, then you’d know what I mean. You can also hear skunks, red fox and cats as they forage through the leaves. Kind of like that. When a lot of dried leaves fall at once it is rather “noisy” as compared to when they’re not falling. Of course, when they hit the chain link fence it’s a little louder. Guess I have “good ears!” I may not always hear when my wife talks to me, but alone I hear a lot! :wink: :rofl:

And so @Cagey doesn’t scratch me, to stay on topic, our high was 47.7F/8.7C, mostly sunny with just a slight breeze… enough to make some leaves fall, but not enough to blow them away. :unamused: I just spent over 3 hours mulching and adding to my compost pile by the carriage house. It’s now over a car length long and chest high and almost a car length in depth. And that’s just one of two piles. The other is at the opposite corner of the property. And there’s still a lot of leaves on the trees yet. :roll_eyes:


At 2:00 AM as I watch the radar, I can see snow/sleet/freezing rain approaching… and it’s like it’s up against a brick wall just a couple of miles to my west/southwest! Huh? As the clouds approach within a “stone’s throw”, it’s nothing but rain from that “wall” on over to me! This is not right! I want some of that white stuff! (I really want to toss a snowball at my wife for her birthday. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah! :innocent: Maybe it will make it over me while I’m sleeping, which is where I’m heading right now.

Edit 2:09 AM: We’ve received 0.09"/2 mm of rain so far. BP is 30.23" with 79% humidity. Temp is currently 40.1F/4.5C and very slowly dropping.


All the time while out taking photos. If in my car, windows down. And of course walking, stop and listen!

A balmy -5 C - 10 WC already! High of plus 1 C


10:30 AM and still raining… +2C/36F, BP 29.68", 91% Humidity and just a slight breeze. So far 0.69"/17.5 mm of rain. THey say it’s supposed to end around 12:45 PM and remain cloudy/overcast until around 7 PM, then mostly cloudy for the remainder of the night.


It’s been a while since I posted a weather update - looks like an unseasonably warm dry week ahead, getting colder in about a week’s time…


@TerriB and @Doug4 are sending @cageycat and me their cold, and we’ll be passing it on to you. Sorry for the week delay. :wink: :rofl:


C-c-c-ooooo-l-l-d-d-d here. I’d like to skip the end of the year and start over in Spring.


Just hope we don’t pay for it come the new year :roll_eyes:
Think the weather is holding off 'til I can get my flower beds put to bed for the winter 'cos it’s taking me a little longer this year to tidy up but at least it gets me out and excercising my leg :grin:


Looks like we’re finally going to get some snow starting Thursday evening and overnight. Then it’s supposed to change into a “wintry mix” of snow, sleet and freezing rain before it turns back into - you guessed it - all rain by 11 AM Friday morning. It would be nice to be able to see that white stuff hang around for more than a few hours.:frowning_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It’ll make for a messy morning commute for those not lucky enough to be retired. :upside_down_face:

Edit: 12:25 AM: I just finished installing the flashing around the drain pipe and tucked into the underground pipe. Of course the motion light at the driveway didn’t come on, but I did have a good flashlight with me. Wouldn’t you know that as soon as I finished and started walking back to the porch steps, the motion light came on. :unamused: I decided to reheat my cup of coffee I had just made when I remembered about the downspout needing attention. I brought it outside and sat down. Then it started sprinkling. Ah! I made it! It’s still just sprinkling, so I’ll give the weather forecasters the benefit of doubt because they did say it would start around 12:45 AM. :laughing: Temperature has remained the same for the past several hours. :thinking: WIll be going to bed early - for me - as my wife wants me up to our son’s house to help her get the girls off to school. And she wants me there before 7:00 AM! Heaven forbid! :rofl:

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