2018 Oct 1 through Nov 30th - Weather Reporting


Hopefully it’ll warm up a bit as it crosses the Atlantic then?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’ve almost finished packing away my “cold” suitcase ready for another trip early next year…


Cagey, you’re sounding more like a tortoise than a cat! :turtle::cat2: They hibernate all winter - sometimes I think they’ve got the right idea!


BEAUTIFUL day! Nov. 14 and plus 4 C…can it get any better😎!!! Snow showers tomorrow and then temps dip some to mid teens …still great temps for us this time of year… last year we were in the deep freeze all the way to Christmas!! @Jim7 we had to move that weather somewhere … snow has been the norm here for weeks now!!!


Hi @Helen

I think I’m just tired from fixing webpages. Such a big job. My ‘owner’ doesn’t pay me enough in catnip or treats. She’s a big meanie. LOL

Ooops, I didn’t see the thread. So… Yesterday was cold. Today was cold, tonight colder. Snow and sleet tomorrow. Very “colder”.expected.


Overnight we got a little “taste” of what’s coming Thursday night and into Friday morning - 0.3"/7 mm of granular snow. Most of it melted by 9 AM save for some on the leaves and grass in shaded areas.
Today’s high was 32F/0C and at 11:45 PM it’s down to 25F/-3C… expected to go down to 18F/-7C.
As for the snow Thursday night into Friday morning, forecast is for 7"-11"! Looks like I better get the snow shovels, scrapers and brushes out. Yippee! :rofl: :roll_eyes: (My wife thinks I’m nuts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
Here’s was we’re looking at for the next several days:

Oh… yesterday we received 0.72"/18 mm of rain.


I like sending snow your way. :wink: Did you see the CA winds are blowing fire smoke all the way to the Canada–>to Great Lakes jet stream, where it will get pushed into New England states? Stay in this week if you’ve got lung problems.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: :hugs: cat-hug


Strange it is -1 C feels like -1 C (no wind is very very unusual for us).
Snow showers today but suppose to be warm until tomorrow then a dip in temps.


Had an overnight low of 24F/-4C. Winds are calm with the ever so slightest movement of air. The “calm before the storm” as the old saying goes. At 9:35 AM it shot all the way up to 25F/-3.9C and holding. :grinning: The high is supposed to make it to 33F/0.5C. A few snow showers expected to start around 4 PM with increasing frequency as we get closer to workers’ daily commute home from work. By 6 PM it will be snowing steadily, sometimes mixing with sleet and freezing rain - a “wintry mix” as they say. Currently BP is 30.58" and 53% humidity. At 9:45 AM the temperature has made it up to 26F/-3C, then started to drop slightly. :confused:
I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to get my shovels and other necessary things out and have them at the ready. Sort of forgot to do that the other day. :roll_eyes: But going to bed early last night - shortly after midnight - I did manage to finally get more than 3 to 4 hours of sleep… I slept for almost 9 hours! Guess I was a little worn down. Darned grandchildren! :rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We have seen several of these days…makes for terrible driving when it gets cooler before supper and it is slippery!


It never seems to fail - as people are getting out of work and heading home, the mixed stuff comes down making the roads nasty… and of course it’s always before the trucks are out clearing the roads. :grimacing:
Currently at 11:25 AM it’s made it up to 28.8F/-1.8C, still mostly calm and overcast. Just realized my favorite snow shovel - the ergonomic “back-saver” - was never replaced. Now I have to run up to the village and see if they have another. These are nearly twice the cost of those “back killers”, but I can shovel for 6-8 hours with the other and my back isn’t killing me at the end. Looks like I have about 5-1/4 hours to get another. Better get going in case I have to run into the next town to buy one - about 16 miles/25 km each way. :unamused:


That’s important!!! Shovelling is a back killer to begin with…anything that can help!


:grimacing: The price of the shovel went up since I bought it two years ago. I just paid $28US ($30 with sales tax). I mentioned to the store clerk that the company who makes these shovels should sell replacement heads for them. The handles don’t break as they’re ribbed aluminum and are very strong. I’m going to check out the company website and bring up this suggestion - if they don’t already sell the heads. If they do, I’m buying one to replace the worn out one. :wink:
They just pushed back the arrival time from 4:45 PM to 6:15 PM. Most people should be home from work by then… which is good! :grinning:


@Jim7 keeps stealing my weather reports!

It’s 33F, winter mix, sleet, 99% humidity. Okay, so it’s gonna snow at Jim’s tonight. :wink:


Have you tried the HEFT shovel handle you attach to a regular snow shovel?


No, but I’m not in need of a handle, just the shovel head. I no longer own any of the “old fashioned” back breaker shovels. :wink: But I will check the HEFT handles out as I know a few neighbors that still use the old style shovels - and complain about back aches. :grinning:


Apparently you can attach it to any handle you lift with - pitchfork, shovel etc. I haven’t tried it but many say it works great!


All evening, all night and into the morning. Yea! BIG :grin: The first thing I’m going to ask my granddaughters is, “Do you wanna build a snowman?” :laughing:


Now there’s something I do have… a couple of shovel heads (not snow) that I’ve been meaning to buy new handles for. :thinking:


Heading to -12 C (now that I am back into my account on my computer rather than phone I can add the temp in F) (10.4 F) and snow showers will be off and on throughout the weekend.