2018 - Plastic Waste and Recycling


They once gave their slips to an old lady who was not dressed very well (old, worn out clothing… mismatched… that sort of thing). I told them I didn’t think she had very much money and could probably use the couple of dollars they got for their bottle and can returns. I was really surprised when the youngest suggested giving their slips to the woman and her older sister agreed without hesitation. I was really impressed by their selfishness. Now if they can only act that way between themselves when it comes to sharing their toys. :laughing:


Huff! Toys are a whole different ballgame!

How bout this? Make a Community Toy Box. Buy a few 2nd hand toys. Those toys are “owned” by all 3 girls. List them in a notebook. Every Saturday, any girl can trade one of their toys for one in the community box. They can trade them back too, but only on a Saturday. :smiley: Might seem the only one who ‘learns’ is the notebook-- hahaha— as each toy is logged in.


Cagey, you should have heard the 6-yr old connive her 5-yr sister after the younger unwrapped her birthday gifts! :laughing: She was trying to work out “deals” with her younger sister by “offering” to let her play with some of her own dolls and toys in exchange for playing with her sister’s new toys. I sat there laughing! :rofl: When they are playing together, they always share and play with each other’s things - most of the time. I think this wheeling and dealing was only because of the “newness” of the toys. :laughing: But the best thing to watch is when I holler, “Brianna’s playing with Olivia’s Barbie Dreamhouse!” and Olivia will drop everything and come running! (For those who don’t know, Brianna is the 1-yr old. :smiley:)


Now that China will no longer take plastic recycling what happens:



I was impressed with the Swiss recycling program when I was there. They are a small country but have so many collection points, it is much easier to recycle. I did use the ones on the street, like mailboxes, as well as the grocery store recycling system.



I hope this is the teaching tool that starts an entire generation on a different path of recycling plastic.



We need this world wide.




I see that Pilot Pen has been making pens out of recycled plastic bottles for several years now - at least five years. I ourchased some, and they are refillable too. They’re called B2P (“Bottle 2 Pen”). The only thing with Pilot Pens - I have many in different color inks and point sizes - is that I haven’t found one store where they sell the refills. I purchase the pens and refills directly from the company. I believe Pilot Pen is a Japanese company. I love how they write.


Now here is a good idea…and to add rx lids also…brilliant :wink:


For years we’ve always removed all the labeling off Rx bottles and recycled them. Some I repurposed for saving some old coins, small screws, washers and nuts, etc. I’ve always done a lot of repairs requiring small screws of all types. It beats lugging a large parts bin with multiple drawers around. Of course I have all the screws, washers and nuts sorted by type and size.


Very good idea. I also use them for seeds…those I have collected from plants, Easy to label and store until the next planting. They are great coin holder in the car also!!!


Oh… I forgot about the seeds! We keep seeds in some as well. We toss in a packet of absorbent to remove any moisture. I try to include a small picture of the flowers on the bottles when I can. My wife thinks I nuts. :crazy_face:


I try to dry them first before storing. The absorbent pack is a good idea.
My best friend died of cancer 7 years ago, but her flower seeds grow in my garden every year, and will for years to come. Recycling at its best.


:grinning:One year I came across an old bottle of flower seeds that were about 7 years old. I had already finished seeding our flower gardens. Great! What to do with these… Oh well, I tossed the seeds across one section of a 3-tier semi-circular flower bed I built and didn’t nearly every one of those little buggers grow? They practically choked out all the other flowers - the ones we especially wanted. I had the thought that maybe only a few would actually grow. :laughing: Wrong! :laughing:


You try waiting 7 yrs to do your life’s purpose. LOL :sunflower: :white_flower: :sunflower: :white_flower: :rose: :wilted_flower:


Wouldn’t this be great if we all had one of these in our neighborhood:


NEAT! Especially if you could make nice stuff out of the recycled plastic. I have recycled for about 35 years. My son used to recycle cans from one of the local bars and he would make about $65.00 a month just from that. He was 10 at the time.