2018 Rescue of boys soccer team from Thai cave system


Let’s hope they don’t need the “instant cave” approach…at any point…but things could change very very quickly.


This is a good image of their operation to get the boys out:

Conflicting reports whether “4” or “6” have been rescued. Several news outlets reporting they are stopping operations for at least 10 hours as oxygen levels in the cave have depleted.


This site says 4 have made it out safely (others say as many as six but that is unconfirmed)…this has a good explanation of the timeline.


"4 things we learned from the Thai governor’s press conference
From the transcript of Chiang Rai Gov. Narongsak Osotthanakorn’s press conference moments ago, we learned:

The operation went quickly: “The operation today went quicker than when we rehearsed, 10 minutes quicker.”

We don’t know the rescued boys’ names, but they’re safe: “We haven’t confirmed the identity of the four boys and the rest, where they are now … Four of them have been safely in doctor’s hands at Prachanukroh Hospital.”

The rescue teams: “We have 13 divers in the rescue team with an extra five Navy SEALs. There are 90 staff for the whole operation. Fifty are foreign staff divers, 40 Thai.”

The kids wore face masks: The “method to get them out, all the boys are wearing full face mask and the rescue divers carried them out through the passage in the cave complex.”"


This is going to be the longest 10 hours …



From what I gather there are 4 out and the rescue recommences at 0200 BST. The way I was reading the live updates from the Guardian and elsewhere, I think some reporters were losing track of where things were at; details from sources on the ground but outside of the action, weren’t necessarily up to date and therefore mixed up timelines and happenings being misinterpreted.

It must have been very late evening when they finished up for the night; everyone’s tired and those divers would certainly need food and rest in order to continue safely and successfully. Equipment needed replacing, air tanks needed replenishing and so forth.


Yes the 10 hrs had to do with replenishing oxygen along the exit route, resting and the heavy downpours. It is about 5:30 am in that area … I think…I am hopeful sometime during daylight hours they will resume.

I also just heard reported that all parts need to remain stable - water going back into cave now due to downpours, oxygen levels in the cave, health of boys, etc and could be four days before all are out.


It gets to the point when you just have to switch off from the conflicting reports, there’s so many of them, and just take the good news as and when it comes and :pray::pray::pray: in the meantime :slight_smile:


Exactly … another point …there is a large portion of the passage they are out of the water, but requires them to scale rock up and down the other side. See map above. I’m sure this adds significant time to the exit timeframe.


One point I see is not included above in the map/drawing… it is 3.2 km (almost 2 miles) through the passage. A lot longer than I thought.

EDIT: 6 hours to go in, 5 hours to come out… :open_mouth:


This gives an idea of the dark conditions the divers are working in


Aw, so the coach was one of the 4 rescued yesterday, because he was so weakened. He’d given up all the food and water he had to the children :pray:


Yahoo !!!


I woke up this morning to that news headline… and they are now resting and reprepping the cave again. Then back at it… I’m wondering about the scheduling…

Last night the news said that the plan was to do groups of 3, but they brought out 4… That part is fine… they either had a need to, or things were going smoothly enough that they were able to do so. Question is, can they do 5 and be done on the next shift… Perhaps the SEALs medical team intends or could bring out one…
they all need to come out even the SEALS. Looking at the time intervals mentioned, Usually a second group of two lagging behind the first two says a bit about how quickly the can cross the ‘tight’ spot… and how the process is going.
They MIGHT be running a shuttle through that area and then handing over to others to bring them up while they go back for another two once the passage is clear…

Oh well, the results are excellent so far and we can wait for the report… Be Back again tonight/tomorrow for episode 3. Mystery is there as well since some say the coach came out with Group 1 and others are saying he is still with the kids… Normal confusion around big events compounded by media story ‘padding’.


They did say in one article they have 18 Navy Seal divers that are doing the “buddy system” with the boys and they have many more situated in the area they need to use climbing gear etc. and throughout the passage.

I agree Doug…how wonderful for their families and an “honour guard” to the diver that died.


One article says the boys are wearing multiple wetsuits to keep them warm…given their state of health and the cold this would help. And of course the system they have set up for the “dive portion” I believe is the safest way to get them through. Now there are 4 boys and the coach left to rescue when they resume operations.


I’m just praying they bring out the remain 5 tomorrow :pray:


good explanation of how they are getting over that one rock peak. They have to take their tanks off, get out of the water, and climb over, then get back into the water…