2018 - Satellites over Seals: Queen Maud Land Seal Count - Area 3 - POI


Me thinks ole Cagey’s been spiking her catnip tea a wee bit. Wait a minute, I just looked at those eyes again. Make that a whole lot! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Here’s an Antarctic sphinx wearing sunglasses. Okay, so it’s a little snow covered. :neutral_face:


A happy face in the snow.


Hey, that’s the marshmallow guy from Ghostbusters!!!




Looks like he has a little whipped cream on his head. :slightly_smiling_face: This is zoomed in to +2, but a zero it still stood out.


I came across this and the “eyes and eye lashes” reminded me of an actress from some years ago (I’m being “politically correct” by not saying how many :wink:). After looking at it for some time, I can’t decide if it is Laura Ingram (sp?), Katharine Hepburn, or Joan Crawford. Any help? I’m leaning toward Laura (she had black hair).
Oh, and disregard the pudgy face at the lower right. :slightly_smiling_face:
Edit: Now I’m beginning to go with Katharine Hepburn. :neutral_face:


You know you’ve been looking at too much snow when you see a seal with a human face… and a corncob pipe sticking out from the left side of its mouth… and has a salamander as a front flipper. :crazy_face: @NatalieK, now do you see how we nodders relieve a little pent up wackiness? When we start seeing all kinds of things in the snow, it’s time to hit the forum! :laughing:


Bird! Bird! blackbird! See its beak!? Here little birdie…


You mean that grackle holding its beak straight up in the air like when they have a “show of strength” with other male grackles? I noticed that, but didn’t want to tell everything I “saw.” People may come to the conclusion that this nodder should be in ice shackles for an undetermined length of time. :fearful: I you only saw all the other “good stuff” all around this (in the nearby tiles) you’d be committed to the Tomnod Tavern for quite some time… if you admitted to it. :worried: :rofl:


Has anyone found Sponge Bob yet? :grimacing:


Not Sponge Bob, but I just came across Cupid leaning over to pick up her bow. A demon is sitting in a chair to her right and has an apple sitting on his head. There’s another demon that wanted no part of this and is flying away - directly over Cupid’s head. Isn’t it amazing the things hiding in Antarctica? :crazy_face: (This is zoomed in to +2)


After that nice screen shot of a cute little blonde hair Cupid, I now move to something less cute. A wolf in sheep’s clothing reading a book (open) as he looks over and down to his right at a beast. (Looks like the beast is all head and face - with tentacles like a catfish.) And this is with 91% of the moon illuminated! Imagine what I can find during a full moon. :crazy_face: :laughing: (Again… zoomed in to +2.)

You know… I’ve seen that beast’s face before (the one on the right). Just can’t place it at the moment. Maybe in a cartoon I watched with my grandson many years ago? :thinking:
Edit: I just realized that the beast on the right is in the next tile over, 25kgxmy6n.


Here’s the abominable snowman looking out from the deep snow. But look out! Behind you! That giant snow iguana just popped up and is watching you! :laughing: (zoom +2)

Now to find another research station to keep my sanity. :roll_eyes:


Joan Crawford was my first thought; definitely Joan crawford…never heard of Laura Ingram :confused:


No but we did come across Squidward at some point in the earlier campaigns. It’s here somewhere in the forum but a long way down now :smirk:


Does this qualify as Sponge Bob? He’s on the rocks on the right, and there’s his little toy airplane flying back to him from the far left. :slightly_smiling_face:

And here’s a man sitting in a chair/basket high on the back of a beast as it leans into the wind. (zoom +3; top left corner of tile)


Yea! I’ve saved my sanity! I’ve found another research station! :laughing: It covers the following tiles and I’ve zoomed out to -1:

Edit: I found the same station on a different map (different date). Looks like they had to do a lot of snow plowing. :smiley: The stations covers this tile and a couple on each direction - sometimes 2 in one direction.

And here’s what looks like a face on a building.

Edit: Here’s the same station on yet another date. And they got more snow.


And before I go to bed, I have to post one more find on the nutty side. A cartoon character with a long pointy nose. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
:rofl: :crazy_face: :shushing_face:


I’m thinking this is the moss/fungi we talked about in one of the other seal campaigns. (either that or color added to this map).


Nice emerald green. I wonder if this is what Ireland looked like at the end of the mini ice age. :thinking: