2018 - Satellites over Seals: Queen Maud Land Seal Count - Area 3 - POI


I found a female face peering up out of the ice. She looks a little sad (and cartoonist). (zoom +2)


Ooh I love that pic…off to get myself a few for my collection…though I have a feeling I may already have a load after the poly stage of the campaign but hay, you can never have too many pretty pics here. :grin:


This entire map is one of the “green ones”…


Terri, I’m gonna blame you for putting such temptation in my way. I’ve been so good concentrating on tagging up to now…fighting the addiction for my collection of Antarctica beauty and then you had to go and post an emerald island and start me off again :smirk:

and a few more iceburgs have been added to collection :grin: :kissing_heart:


Anybody missed their train image :wink:


ok I will take that…those green ones fascinate me also!


In the back of my mind - wwwaaayyy back :roll_eyes: - I feel like I’ve seen that face before. Then I got thinking about that Halloween cartoon movie that came out some years ago. The main character was “Jack” (with a jack-o-lantern for a head). This may have been his girlfriend. The movie was about some characters from Halloween kidnapping Santa Claus so Christmas wouldn’t come and Halloween could go on forever - or somewhere along those lines. I admit… I watched it with my granddaughter(s). Number 2 may not have been born yet or she was too young to watch TV.
Edit: I remember the name! “The Nightmare Before Christmas”! It was driving me nuts! Of course I could have called this friend of mine and he could have rattled off who played what character, the date of the movie, how much money it made, and even the songs (and by whom) in it. But that would have been too much. I still don’t know how (or why) he remembers all that movie trivia, but he does.


I think I may have found the “Loch Ness Monster”… with a flying squirrel just by the side…


Very similar to the pic you’ve posted here, Jim!
2018 July to Dec - CageyCat Lounge
More of Cagey’s writing perhaps? (A bit neater though…)


She probably was on her first cup of catnip tea doing this one. :smirk_cat:


When we did a campaign in California, I had found the drain plug for the San Pablo Bay - it was in the northern end of the bay. Here’s the drain plug for the seas of East Antarctica. You would think they would these a little better. :wink: :laughing:


@TerriB , What kind of bird is this? An Antarctic plover? :neutral_face:


Anyone with Facebook…

Pups practicing for Seal Pageant.


My last find tonight as I’m going to bed 3 hours early. :tired_face:
A frightened little boy’s face. (zoom +2)

One last one… Why does this remind me of Jimmy Durante? :laughing:


Always thinking about food… scramble the letters from the order they’re in and you have “PIE”! :yum:


Just in time for the Halloween season. Okay, it’s a little bit early, but here’s a ghostly apparition with just one eyeball! :open_mouth: (zoom +2)


Anyone for a nice relaxing holiday at Snow Beach, East Antarctica? You can enjoy the sun, wind (plenty of wind), and count seals and penguins. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks. Nasty Seals stole my inflatable raft.


@cageycat, Are this two of your neighbors? The big white cat at the top of the rock may have seen who took your raft, but the little one with just its eyes and nose poking through the snow may be too young to say anything. :smiley_cat:


This reminded me of a dinosaur fossil - with a pretty baby blue eye (like mine). :smiley: (zoom +1)


I found a seal - sleeping! :laughing:

Someone left a green bottle on the ice. Must really want their drink cold! :wink: