2018 - Satellites over Seals: Queen Maud Land Seal Count - Area 3 - POI


7 up? Sprite? Heineken…


My first thought was 7-Up, but I didn’t think everyone would know what I was talking about so I left it as a “green bottle.”


LOL, just for once, it sounds like we call it the same thing over here! Before I saw your most recent post, I saw the “green bottle” and instantly thought of 7-Up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whaddaya talking about? That’s a 1960s coke bottle!



Nah! This is TOO green! Upper-10 was another lemon-lime soda that came in a green bottle as well. (Just didn’t want to let on how ‘young’ I am. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Remember Royal Crown cola and Hire Root Beer, Birch Beer (soda), and Cream soda? Sarsaparilla was long gone before my time, but I did find a deep, royal blue bottle in the Hudson River clay that came from a father-son bottling company with two locations in upper NY - Chestertown and Watertown - that was marked “Sarsaparilla”. That bottle was from 1865. (A collector did some research for me about 35 years ago.)


Happy Halloween!

And here’s a feather head character.


Good morning.
This looks like seals but I reckon it is not … thoughts?


Hi Rosemary, looking at the screenshot I’m tempted to say no seals. Do you have a link to the map? Sometimes it’s easier to determine/guess if you can zoom in and around the area…

If you can paste a link, Tomnod’s forum software likes to play games - it’s best to put a character (a space, a dot or something) in front of the link, that way it will look like a “proper” hyperlink.



I was having difficulty posting the link for some reason, better luck this time?


That works! It just looks a bit strange… :wink: (That’s the game that the forum software likes to play… puts it in a strange link box…)




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Having just zoomed in a couple of steps to +2, I think there ARE seals there - lots of them in a group, plus a few more scattered over to the right!

I’m going to save that map, I haven’t seen that one yet! :smiley:


Either seals or a pile of ice and shadows…Thanks Helen… I’ve marked them as seals just in case…


And a few tiles over to the right…




Don’t tag those, Rosemary! Those are penguins… :penguin::penguin: not seals!

You can usually tell the penguins from the huge dark stain of :poop: on the ice!

These are more than likely seals
(no :poop:, just a gathering of individual dots around a crack in the ice)

These are most likely penguins
Larger numbers of dots in a small area, usually accompanied by a large area of stained ice…


Thanks Helen, yes I know they are penguins, just intrigued with all the wildlife in the one area. It has been a while since there are so many.


Glad to hear it! :smiley:
I had to say something though, just in case you had decided to tag them all! (Not looking at anyone in particular @Jim7:eyes::penguin::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I’m just fascinated with the whole area… the variety of landscapes, and the wildlife that can be seen from satellites. Always happy to actually find some seals though (haven’t seen any for a long while, the map I’ve just finished was large and didn’t have many seals at all) so thank you for the original link! It’s now in my bookmarks waiting for me to finish the current map.


:roll_eyes: :unamused: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: I had to cut my reply off suddenly - had to help grandma with washing the little one’s hair.
Anyway… So far I counted 6,000,083 seals. It’s hard when I get maps without any, and then I get side tracked having to count seals as well. :grimacing: :rofl: I have the awfullest feeling I haven’t even made a dent on the penguins! :woozy_face: :dizzy_face: I really wouldn’t be so hard counting the penguins if it were not for their :poop: Sometimes they tend to “blend in” and I’m afraid I may be missing a few… hundred. :fearful: :wink: :rofl:


Hi @Rosemary

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I fixed all the ones I found in your posts. :smiley:

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Thanks for doing the seal campaign! :sunny:

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