2018 - Satellites over Seals: Queen Maud Land Seal Count - Area 3 - POI


@Rosemary, Or you can use the “Insert Link” button (4th from the left), and paste the link onto the first line of the popup window. While it’s not necessary, you can add a description to what the link if for (which text will replace the text of the link itself - but not the link). Unless you encounter a problem using the “Insert Link” button like a few others have, I’d use that instead. It beats trying to remember what to put in front of the link. :smiley:


Thank you for you guidance, I enjoy the seal campaign and was delighted to see what appeared to possibly be a health group.

The Antarctic group at Victoria University in Wellington (New Zealand) are looking at the Antarctic ice sheet and when I thought of the landscape covered in the seal campaign, I suggested to them that maybe Tomnod imagery could be of use in their research. I am not sure if they will follow it up but the website address was passed on to them and the suggestion was made. The idea being that the ice sheet might be compared over the years with older imagery as I understand is the case with the seal campaign. Just a thought…

Their web address is https://www.victoria.ac.nz/antarctic if Tomnod might be interested.


Here’s a :dog:'s head. (zoom +3)

And a snowman’s head. (zoom +2)


I think I’ve found out who’s been making all of the above “ice/snow sculptures”! I found old man winter (wearing dark glasses) using his biting cold breath to carve out a “rubber ducky”. And there’s a face to the left of the duck, one to the right and a small partial face (top of head and eyes) above the duck’s bill. Now we know! :laughing: (I think all of this snow is getting to me. :woozy_face:)


That second one looks like a medieval jouster Jim image


Unless of course, they’re penguins just arriving at the party…notice that line of them just below heading towards them :thinking:


This is a great suggestion. A campaign on the disappearing ice in Antarctica utilizing the satellite images would certainly confirm the results of climate change.


Since I haven’t found anything much of interest - okay, I did find some things but haven’t posted them as yet - I thought I post this and ask a question of @Mel_Nod. (I think I’m in one of my “nutty” moods. :crazy_face:)
Here is the bottom of a map that had been cut. Okay, Melissa, do you get cramps in your fingers making all of those little jagged cuts? :rofl: :grin: Just asking… :roll_eyes:

Edit: Being in a nutty mood tonight, I found just the thing to end the summer and the beginning of autumn.
“There’s a stink bug on my nose! Get it off!” :laughing:


Sword Fish image


Or a hummingbird? :smiley:


A hummingbird with frog’s legs? Nooo, it’s a frog showing its tongue in its mouth. It’s going to use its tongue to pluck those purple glowing ‘bugs’ off the ice.


There’s a lot going in this screen shot. When I first got a glimpse of it I saw a penguin looking smugly back over his left shoulder. Then I realized, “Hey! This isn’t a “real” penguin!” It’s a fake… something to blow off us nodders and anyone else scanning the satellite photos of Antarctica. I zoomed in to +1 and saw a robot standing in an opening holding a ray gun (rifle-type) in it’s right hand. Even robots advanced such as this get human-like as it seems to be leaning against the wall and has one leg crossed as it stands guard. Above this is another robot - a defensive machine with two ray gun turrets pointing out across the ice. Tried to hide that next to a “snow slug” (lower left of armed robot). Follow that large black cylinder shaped object (a hover board?) and you’ll see several canisters lying on the snow in front of yet another opening. Down at the bottom left is a ATM for the aliens, shaped like an ice cream cone. Now that takes imagination! :rofl: It’s okay… I’m alright! :crazy_face:

Here’s a close-up of the upper part of the screen shot.


Think @cageycat is gonna have to start rationing your catnip Jim :wink:


I’d almost hate to think what I’d see if I saw the northern lights! :crazy_face: :rofl:
Maybe something like this mischievous being? (Sorry, but I didn’t have time to rotate the photo so it was horizontal.)

And yes, they are watching you! :open_mouth: :wink: (zoom +3)


I’m starting to get brain freeze here. I just came across an old black & white photo of a woman (circa 1950s?) sitting on the dark ice. There’s the head of a white bird to her right. Immediately below her is the faint head of a monkey, and at the bottom is another monkey hunched over and looking up over its left shoulder. :roll_eyes:
I think I’ll spend more time on H. Maria to warm up a little. :grin:


@Mel_Nod Please give Nodders a new campaign. @Jim7 is showing
“Magnified Antarctica GIS-Rorschach-Blot-Thought”. (That’s a real condition!)
The ONLY cure is to substitute a completely different map location!! Hurry! Before he goes into “Advanced Magnified Antarctica GIS-Rorschach-Blot-Thought”.

I will prepare salmon cakes and more catnip tea, but I doubt those will help ameliorate the condition. Hurry! Help!

Note: “Magnified Antarctica GIS-Rorschach-Blot-Thought” can be contagious via sharing B&W images.

joking :wink: We do need some new campaigns though.


Careful, Cagey! There’s a (B&W) snow snail watching you! :grin:


I can’t believe you missed the waving hand on this map.

Must be too much catnip and not enough protein. Hurry up with those salmon cakes, Cagey.


Oh, that’s just her dress. :laughing: While I did notice the “X” on her lap, I did indeed miss the “hand.”
Maybe I should get some vanilla ice cream? Looks like snow… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@TerriB had been trying to coax me to blow my eyes completely by helping me recognize which blurry dots on my screen were likely seals, which were penguins, which were rocks… even sent me a largely grey tile that was much easier on my eyes and had some samples… much appreciated… and my eyesight held out for a while…

It was during a pause, and I thought to see what was nearby by panning then zooming in to examine…
I decided to try to the left side of the one she sent rather than down and right as I did first time…
I saw some big features there, and zoomed in happily on one then to the other… which I’ve captured here… I admit to being surprised that this was familiar for some reason… then realized it was probably either a sealeater…(similar to an anteater ) bursting out of a hidden tunnel you can see behind it… or a close relative of Disney’s Stitch ( Experiment 626) up to mischief… I was convinced at first it was just an interesting ice feature, but after looking at the shadows carefully, it seems to actually be airborne as in a pounce… as Will Shatner says…"weird or what?)

https://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2408/map/25ldxay3r is the tile.