2018 - Satellites over Seals: Queen Maud Land Seal Count - Area 3 - POI


Oh no, Doug! I think you may have caught what @cageycat said I have, “Advanced Magnified Antarctica GIS-Rorschach-Blot-Thought"! :rofl: Nah! It’s exactly what you said it is. :wink: :roll_eyes:


I thought about that post as I (of course) was posting this one… I actually told Terri first the other day, but wanted to find time to prep it for here… I still believe it to be a seal eater, in the act of pouncing… but with eyes like mine it isn’t getting much… but the very existence of such a thing explains the lack of seals in the Antarctic… did you check out the scale, that is the real scale… that ‘puppy’ is hundreds of feet across, no idea how long…

Wait! You might have something there… You might be contagious… I’m heading for some bed rest.


@Mel_Nod I maintain that Nodders need a new campaign that is not B&W snow and rocks! Plenty to tag in Indonesia. Heck, give us tire heaps in Asia. Let’s tag debris piles in North or South Carolina. Just no_snow!


Black tires + white clouds = black and white. :thinking: An interesting “tires” campaign would be tagging tires that still have a lot of tread on them, bald tires, highway tread, mud & snow tread, etc… Nah… that would just as “tiring” on the eyes as tagging those little black blots on white snow. :upside_down_face:


Did someone throw @cageycat into the water? Oh she looks so cold and wet! :scream_cat: (zoom +1)


Either a dancing wolf or a stylised dragon

(or …
… it could just be a whole heap of :penguin::penguin::penguin:):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah oh… I think I may have a problem counting those if the are what you say they are. :worried:


I think so! Can’t really :eyes: past the :penguin::penguin::poop::poop: to tell…


Looks like a wrench to me image :thinking:


An angry-looking duck


Probably got into a squabble with the penguins over it’s fishing rights or something :wink: :rofl:


Well, I think there’s a snow lizard heading over to settle that disagreement.

Just as long as they don’t wake up this sleeping giant. :open_mouth::shushing_face:


And just to show that I still have my twisted humor, here’s a herd of “dashes” as they migrate to a warmer area. :crazy_face:

And here’s a “Pig on a Pedestal.”

I think this alien robot is lost. It seems to be scratching its head. :confused:


I came across the same research station as from my previous posts (last one post #37). This one looks nice in color, although it’s from the 8th of November, 2004.


You know when you’ve been playing in the snow too long when you post something like this - a blizzard in East Antarctica.


Who knew this is how the cliff faces fall off? They’re being slowing chipped away by this snowy white alien being with a large black hammer! Now we know! He even stepped out of the shadows to wave at the satellite as it passed overhead. :laughing:


We all know how sneaky these seals can be. I caught one hiding under some snow. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another creature very good at camouflage in Antarctica is the “snowbird.” Notice the “eyes” on its tail (top) and the dark spots that blend in well with the rocks strewn about in the snow as it forages for food. (Its head is at the bottom.)


After playing with the girls for just a short time, that was enough to get me to see lots of things in the rocks and snow.
Top Lt. to Rt.: Kitten looking over a frog’s right shoulder; white kitten. Below the white kitten - in a row - is a white marmoset (small monkey) tossing a snowball in front of it, a bird, a camel, a bird and a black cat (@cageycat ?). Moving right is a robot head with its mouth open. Down and in the middle is a horse looking at the robot head. Along the right side is a white mouse. Plenty of others if you care to look and have a vivid imagination. LOL! This is zoomed in to +3.


With all the Antarctica campaigns we’ve done, maybe we should have a snow emoji added to the above pull down menu. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Even the emoji is sticking its tongue out!


Here’s a research scientist bringing Halloween supplies to the station. (Note the jack o’lantern in her right hand. She’s also wearing goggles, has brown hair, and has 2 kitties in front of her, although they’re NOT black cats. I suppose they could always dye them for Halloween.) (zoom +2)

Edit: I forgot to mention the Halloween witch riding her broom (above and to in front of scientist. There’s also a monkey near the witch’s hat - looks like Curious George from the animation films. :smiley: