2018 - Satellites over Seals: Queen Maud Land Seal Count - Area 3 - POI


Here’s a sleeping baby all wrapped up in white swaddling clothes no less.


Here’s one that almost got by… a little white dog looks to be howling or at least looking up (to the left). Then I noticed something behind it to the right. The image of a man with a white beard. Maybe he’s holding the dog in his arms?


It’s so cold in Antarctica even the clouds have ice sickles! :laughing:


For those who have a passion for taking Rorschach tests, this is an ink blot smorgasbord! :crazy_face: The link is to the fuzzy character near the right corner (slightly above) who is peaking out from the edge - and wearing a floppy clown hat with a ball on the end. The map is not that large and as you complete the right side, you will (or should?) find lots of different things. (Nothing wrong with me… honest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I see…

a dog with huge chin
a dog with a smaller doggie friend
sniffing dog
tiny dog with black spots on eyes
Oh no, a boy’s face… ut oh.


You missed the antelope (nice spikes!), sea horse, about a dozen alien beings of all sorts of sizes and shapes, a frog (or two?), two dragons, a mosquito, sea serpent, :thinking:… there’s a lot more when you zoom in on them. One little gem may hold more surprises for you when you zoom in! :laughing: :crazy_face: :shushing_face:


When @Mel_Nod returns, she’ll bring back the little green bottle of tranquilizer pills. :wink:
It will be okay.

gems? eh, yeah, surrrrreee!


Darn it, It looks like someone’s been playing around in Paintshop Pro. :frowning_face:
And here I thought we were exploring actual satellite images of Antarctica tagging seals for research, when all the while we’re the ones being researched using Rorschach inkblot tests :unamused:
We’ve been suckered :roll_eyes: :rofl:


Can you imagine if penguins could fly? Judging by the trail of poop, I wouldn’t want a flock (colony) of these flying over my head! :open_mouth: Penguins started at bottom right and traveled to upper left. And what a trail they left!


Great find@Jim7. Wonder why they went so far from Ice crack?


I did notice that where they seemed to have started from, a little over to the right - between the two big ice bergs - was a cliff face collapse. That looks like it blocked their path between them. There is a very faint poop trail going to until it reaches the debris pile. Maybe they had to turn back and head in the other direction. Also, they may have surfaced from that short crack coming out of the shadows to the right. I’ll have to keep an eye out for where they may have come from and to where they’re heading. Currently doing a little multi-tasking: 2 Tomnod campaigns, Tomnod forum, checking email accounts, trying to catch up on local, regional, national and international news (political, environmental, labor unions - I can’t believe what the Teamsters brass is trying to do to its UPS members - and health issues). Also as part of my multi-tasking, I’m eating a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with caramel topping, whipped cream and cherries. (I’m finally getting to this last “task” about 2 hours late. :laughing:)
If I come with any possible explanations, I’ll edit this post.
Here’s what the “start” of the poop trail looks like in comparison to the cliff face collapse to the right.


Now here’s a pair of odd-looking fellows! (one humanoid face (white/on top), the other a bewildered (sea?) creature (grey/beneath the first).


Last one before retiring for the night. Here’s a cute little guy relaxing on the snow while he enjoys some sun. (zoom +2) NOTE: This is the same link as the photo above, but this character is below and to the right of the above 2 characters.)


Here’s someone who slept through a snow storm and is partially covered. :slightly_smiling_face: (zoom +2)


Moving along the top of this map I noticed a pattern in an ice berg that looked vaguely familiar. After I had moved on I realized it was that of a bird’s wing. So I completed some more tiles around this and found 2 birds upside down! :laughing: I’m heading off to bed so I won’t be rotating this screen shot until later today. But here they are - upside down. (zoomed out to -1)


I knew birds’ wings flapping has something to do with ice formation!


I decided to rotate this 180 degrees. Now they look like they’re struggling to climb up out of a snow bank. :laughing:


I thought they are singing at dawn.


I zoomed out, took another screenshot and rotated that. There appears to be a very large bird on the left of this. It’s this “wing” where I noticed the wing patterns. The three birds appear to be gazing up at a bright light in the clouds - sun at dawn? This would make a nice (but cruel) jigsaw puzzle for my wife. :grin: She can get a taste of eye strain from all that bright white. :dizzy_face: :wink:


I have come to despise rocks laying on a snow landscape. After searching just a few tiles one becomes overwhelmed by the futility of trying to parse whether it is a rock or a seal. I would wish that Dr. Michelle had decided to use a finer resolution so we don’t end up gibbering to ourselves so much.