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Given the circumstances in many warm holiday destinations - Hawaii, Mexico, some caribbean areas - to name a few - as many here start one/two week vacations from November until April until our winter has passed…

Where is your recommended holiday destination for winter of 2018-2019?

2018 June to August - Keep all your Random Thoughts right here!

Somewhere with lots of snow! :rofl:

Edit: @cageycat, Sorry about having to move these. Not only did I lose track of Friday, I must have lost track of what month is was. :grimacing:


Yeah I know where that place is…:frowning_face:…somewhere warmer!!! I want to get away from the cold :rofl:


My favourite island in the mid-Atlantic, of course :palm_tree::desert_island:… Madeira!:sunglasses::relaxed:


Looks beautiful there!


I have to start getting out of the house a little more often… well… make that at least once. :grimacing:


Too many storms have changed things on the Caribbean islands, Hawaii, and the stress in Mexico in some areas…need a new place to go during those cold winter days.


If you go to Antarctica, you could always count seals as you take their pictures. :wink:


And take my winter parka and warm boots!!!


Random winter question:

I take at least two university classes through the winter. I am also taking a Night Photography class, plus I have several smaller jaunts planned for photo shoots. A few short workshops - weekend or two week segments and I swim.

What Winter classes / sports keep you busy and get you through the cold months?


Ok guys, my daughter’s just told this is a “thing” in America and Canada … Deep Fried Butter!!!..please tell me this is soooo not true :open_mouth: :flushed: :nauseated_face:


Not here…never heard of it!!..deep fried pickles …yes!


Oh well, thank goodness for that, deep fried pickles are fine but deep fried butter…on a stick. It started in Canada in 2010 apparently :sweat_smile: It’s even in Scotland I believe; well, no surprise there really, they deep Mars Bars so I guess it’s not so far fetched for them :wink::laughing:

I just googled it and they look absolutely revolting :nauseated_face:


That sounds crazy, but I do saute French Toast in lots and lots of real butter. (Heck, I always saute bacon as well - but not in butter :wink:) The French Toast taste… buttery. :laughing: This thing with deep fried butter has to be awful messy when trying to eat it - unless the melted butter is absorbed into whatever coating they use to fry it in. I had never heard of it before this.


If you go to Antarctica, I believe Dr @Michelle4 is about to head out there to count penguins! (I seem to remember that on her Twitter feed recently…)


Take 1 stick of butter. Deep fry it. Eat.

Ick! sick! I saw it on TV, but never tried it. Who would?? yick! yuck!


Em, have you ever TRIED a deep-fried Mars Bar? :yum: I thought they sounded awful until I tried one…


That’s going to be lots of fun… hold still will ya? No! Don’t go over there! I haven’t counted those yet! Ewwwh! What’s that brown stuff I stepped on? :laughing:


I love butter, but definitely NOT that much! I would think that much would go right through you. :open_mouth: