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Remember my neighbor I spoke about (post #172) above? I saw him arriving home a short while ago. Just as he got out of his pickup truck I called over to him, “I just got the word that Christmas is canceled from now on! Someone told Santa that you were good and he died laughing!” My neighbor laughed and nearly shut his hand in the truck door. :laughing: Then he asked me if I stay up all night coming up with this stuff. I told him I have some help. :wink:


We do try Jim :grin: Wish him a White Christmas…and if he runs out of White he can always drink the Red :wink:
Happy Christmas :blush:


He’s strictly a beer drinker. :grinning:

Here’s a random thought. I was listening to NPR (National Public Radio, WAMC 90.3 FM, Albany, NY) and they had a repeat broadcast of a show on earlier today. of which I caught part of. I was about Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. So me being me, I just had to do a search and read up about it - the 1957 show made for television. I ended up reading stuff from many different websites, but the first one was on Wikipedia.
Cinderella, history of R&H’s productions of
One thing I had already known was that Cinderella’s real name was “Ella” and she “earned” the cinder part from being covered in cinders (ashes) from cleaning the fireplaces in her stepmother’s home. There’s a bit of trivia. :smiley:


This actually is in the 2015 version of Cinderella. That was the first time I had heard it.
Slightly different storyline, but the bad stepmother and stepsisters same! Angelica Houston is the stepmother!


The RCMP have taken down several organizations across the globe related to gift card scams and the CRA (taxation department)!


Yesterday afternoon we were at one of my brothers’ home for a family get together for the holidays. My 5- and 6-year old granddaughters went with my wife and I since my son had to work and our DIL stayed at home - the little one was a bit under the weather. The girls were both at the piano playing - the 5-yr old playing the high notes and the 6-yr old had the low notes. I walked over and started singing “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” and the 5-yr old said, “Grandpa! Quiet! We’re having a duel!” I asked, “Do you mean a duet?” She replied, “No, a duel! We want to see who plays better!” :confused: :laughing:


My sister Mary Lou makes it for me every year for New Year’s Eve. OMG, it is soooo gooood. It tastes like a rich thick cream with a bit of froth and cinnamon. She makes hers from scratch, bless the dear girl. I could drink the entire punch bowl by myself. The commercially available stuff is OK but not near like homemade. That stuff is more like a thin cream pudding. If you can make it yourself it is the bomb.


I believe she puts brandy in her eggnog. 4 cups and you really just want to sit there and watch the rest of the bunch walk by.


But cinders (clunkers) and ashes aren’t the same (what do the online sources know? lol). Clunkers result from impurities in coal so the coal does not burn evenly, resulting in a cinder / clunker. Either one still COULD burn a little, but it isn’t much worth it to leave them in the fire.

Cat who used to have to rake out the clunkers from our coal furnace.




Sounds more like Brandy Sauce, we use on our Christmas pudding…it’s the only way you’d get me to consume booze :yum: :laughing: Which reminds me, do any of you know if Brandy goes off after its been opened?:thinking: I had a small bottle of cheap Brandy left over from last Christmas, my hubby didn’t care for the taste of it and wondered if it had gone off, so I ditched it and bought another. Didn’t want to risk making anyone ill over the Brandy sauce. :grimacing:

Funny how times change; when I was growing up there was always some kind of alcohol in the house at Christmas, whiskey, brandy, rum, Tia Maria, wine, ok it might not all go over the holiday but I never remember us worrying about the stuff expiring; it would eventually get used up :dizzy_face:


Delicious! The store bought is okay i a pinch…but homemade is just a delicious treat!


I don’t know about brandy, but my late MIL used to make homemade Kahlua. She used to fret about the cost of the vanilla beans. My MIL passed 13 years ago and we still have a bottle (opened). I think that bottle was made around 2000 and came up from Florida with her. I’ll have to check and see if this stuff is still any good. Anyone care to test it? I’m not! I’d let my wife try it, but she doesn’t drink anymore. :laughing: It always made excellent White Russians in addition to the best-tasting Kahlua and milk drinks.

Now off to some distillery websites to see about your brandy and how well it keeps - or not.


A December 27, 1918 (no, that’s correct year) advertisement for a local - but long shuttered - pharmacy in Ravena, New York read as follows: “Calder Pharmacy wishes you all a bright and prosperous New Year. We also wish ourselves shorter hours, so until further notice our store will close at 8 p.m. except Saturdays. Sundays open from 3 to 9 p.m.” Isn’t that a nice way of letting people know you’re cutting business hours? I thought that was cute as well as clever.


I did actually think to check on the net myself…after I’d asked the question :laughing:
And even those changes could take a couple of years, so it was safe…but it was too late anyway ‘cos I’d ditched it and bought another…shoulda’ checked the net first :roll_eyes:

The stuff had been stored correctly…in the drinks cabinet all year; I think the only reason my hubby questioned it is that it was a cheap brandy which just didn’t taste great anyway. But I’m not spending good money on an expensive brandy that’s only ever going to be used in a sauce once a year! :smirk:


But think of how much better your sauce will taste. :laughing:



It tasted good regardless :grin:


Hiccup :wine_glass: Hiccup

I think I need nother taste,


Cagey’s been hitting the sauce… :smile:


That’s probably my Brandy :smirk: