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Sauce?? in a wine glass?


Come on now,… Cat’s will drink from a bowl.


Depends on how thin you make I suppose…remember the Egg Nog :smirk: :laughing:




haha not me! I don’t know her!!


DrunkCat2 Hey Cagey, how was the Egg Nog, did you ever get to try it :wink:


I slurped ypur whet-eber we was tailing a bout.

Oh yeah, Brandy.





By the way, no. Egg-slurpie did not sound appetizing.


Oh dear HungoverCat :laughing:


The camera person is making mew ill.


I think the cat either thinks it’s a dog or she dropped something and is trying to save it. :laughing:

Don’t you just hate it when people do that? Hard to keep from :face_vomiting:.


A Toilet-Dog? Yeah, I’d barf on it, too. LOLOL


As Canada has already gone through this process, it is becoming the “crunch time for Sears” in the states.


Over here, it’s currently all about HMV going into liquidation and closing its stores :worried:


Yes here too! All of ours have been closed for several years, and I believe this is the final part of the chapter for them.


Spruce Grove s an area with a population of 35K


My cat tried this once and luckily it was water in the wine glass. I tried to get a picture, but by the time I had found the camera and got back, she had regally waltzed off to nap.


This is why I’m so freaking glad to be retired. Makes my ulcer kick.