2018 Sept to Dec - Keep all your Random Thoughts right here!


That would be something my wife would try. She’s the one with the sweet tooth - for candy. I’ll stick to my ice cream, thank you. :wink:


My thoughts exactly, esp if real butter.


That would be my take on it!! Yuck!


Is there any other way to make it…yum!!

EDIT: With Saskatoon Berry Syrup on top!




I bet that is real healthy for you too! :anguished: :laughing:




It already looks like something that would normally come out the other end :laughing::laughing::laughing::rofl:


Heart attack food :fearful:

I like my butter too…just not that much :grimacing:


Here’s some of the new fair food that was at the PNE Pacific National Ex in Vancouver, BC, which ended on the long weekend


I’d probably try a little of everything they have to offer. More than likely I’d be paying for it by the time I got home… if I made it that far. :nauseated_face: :laughing:


I’m not sure I could try them…although I think everyone makes their own version of Watermelon ice cream in slices of watermelon!


Went on a roller coaster ride today more hair raising than Oblivion or any other theme park ride shock the AA had to tow my car to the garage :scream:

I was hitched up to the back of the call out van by a ridged tow bar and was told to steer! Stay aligned dead centre, right behind the van! Otherwise you’ll wreck your car! :fearful:
“OK” :flushed:
And off we went…down a long windy narrow country lane…with traffic coming the other way…and then took a left turn and then another left turn into a bus turnaround and then back out again taking a right and right again back the other way.
By the time we reached the garage I was feeling just a tad :woozy_face:
And maybe even a little :nauseated_face:
I’ve never been so relieved to get off a roller-coaster ride phew2 Certainly not one I care to repeat any time soon :sweat_smile:


Did you get to go faster than you know what? :rofl:


Those tow trucks usually “boot it”.


My dishwasher backed up. After I bucketed out the high water, “youtube” and I completely took the inside apart, however, it still wouldn’t finish draining. Repair guy today. I think it is the hose that is plugged :roll_eyes:

That “youtube” and I have put an element in my dryer and a seal on my washer this year!!!


My son has used “How-to” videos on YouTube many times in the past year or so. Saved me a lot of work. :rofl:


Oh and I put an element in my oven…even the dishwasher repair guy commented on how I got it apart and he had to think about how to put it back together…but he sees many models through his work…I just had to work with one!!! Works perfect now…it was the hose…short repair call…which is good.


You know, I was seriously kicking myself a year ago when I watched the repair guy change the element in my oven…why oh why didn’t I look it up on youtube :sob: It was sooo simple :angry: