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A few goldfish…




Hey! There’s @cageycat’s ball of yarn on the bottom of that sign! :smirk_cat:



I was looking through some excerpts from an old local newspaper that was joined with another old local paper. The date was September 20, 1918. There was a piece about “An old-fashioned poverty social” that took place in the basement of a rural church. The thing that caught my eye was them telling the people to show up in their everyday “togs” and have a great time. I also got a smile about the “heavy fine of one penny” that would be charged if someone showed up wearing jewelry, fancy combs, collars, cuffs, neckties, etc. A much heavier fine will be imposed for silks, fancy dresses and broadcloths. A fine luncheon, including apple pie, will be served for 25 cents.

School taxes back then was at a rate of US$1.39 on US$100 valuation.

They also wrote about a naval dirigible balloon that passed eastward of the town about 6 o’clock that Wednesday and was reported to have landed in Greylock, Massachusetts. The dirigible had left Akron, Ohio at 4 o’clock that morning with 3 army officers for an Atlantic port, buy lost their course in the clouds and fog.

And for @cageycat, check this telephone number out!
“Ravena: A telephone has been installed into the home of F.E. Bleezarde since he purchased the fire insurance business of H.W. Pond, for accommodations of his clients. The number is 104 F 3.”

Excerpts from a second old local newspaper dated September 1882 contained:

  • Midnight brawls and Sunday drunks occur too frequently for the respectability of the village.
  • The barge Durant, which left this place yesterday, carried over 1,000 crates of plums, besides other packages of fruit and a large invoice of hay.
  • It is stated that Van Allen Whitbeck intends soon to erect a number of cottages at Coeymans Junction for sale and rent.
  • Palmer Brandow has sold between seven and eight hundred head of young cattle with the last six weeks.

And here is the best one of all:

“At this season of the year politicians get out their speeches, oil them up to shoot off at pumpkin shows.” :rofl: How true! :rofl:


I recently came across this photo in my gramma’s boxes…It was taken at the 8th Annual Convention of the Farmers Union of Alberta, Edmonton, Dec 10-14, 1956 MacDonald Hotel

How life has changed…


During the summer a missing plane was found at the bottom of a northern lake in Saskatchewan. This plane went missing in 1959…



We have been following this from our side of the world:


This upcoming weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada. October 8th. We celebrate Thanksgiving at this time of the year as a way of thanks for the harvest that is complete. Traditionally Thanksgiving dinner is about Turkey, dressing, cranberries, potatoes and gravy, garden vegetables, freshly made rolls, and definitely pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Traditionally Canada’s Thanksgiving is time spent with family and is not related to a historical event or new events such as “black friday” shopping. It is just about giving thanks.


Same food as here. Of course in many families there’s a lot of additional foods as well - like sweet potato praline or candied yams. :yum: to both! As always, I’ll be the first to sit down for dinner (after the kids of course) and the last one to leave the table. Got to fill my hollow legs! :laughing:


I’m not sure if this is the same but I make orange sweet potatoes in the oven. :yum: Thanksgiving meal is one of my favorites…probably because my bday is close and we always seemed to celebrate the two together.


So you get a turkey for your birthday? :laughing:




While working on H. Maria, I was adjusting the pitch of my laptop monitor to get a better view when my wife asked me what I was doing. At the moment there was a tile that had some clouds on it. So I told my wife I was trying to look under the clouds to see if there were damaged buildings below them. At first she didn’t say anything and started to walk away. Then she stopped, turned and gave me a slight slap on the side of my head and laughing, called me an “a__hole.” No sense of humor… :wink: :grinning:


@TerriB You keep on keeping on… remember that old saying…
" It is hard to soar with the Eagles, when you are surrounded by Turkeys"

Or another one…

“Never insult a man until you have walked a mile in his mocassins… After that, you have a mile head start, AND you have his shoes… go to it.”

@Jim7 What do you expect! If you ask for something, you sort of expect to get it…don’t you?

I need sleep. my ‘early night’ is almost to the point of last night which ended at 2am…


Hey! I wear moccasins! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah, yeah… I know. Just ask @Helen and @EmeraldEyes. They’re both still giving it to me every so often about counting :penguin:s. :roll_eyes:


Lol … at least “turkey dinner” this weekend !!