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I had a t-shirt with that slogan on it - I didn’t dare wear it at work, no matter how true it was! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sorry Jim, I’ll try to remember not to mention the :eyes::penguin::penguin: again… :innocent::smiling_imp:


That’s okay, Helen. I have broad shoulders. That’s where I put all those tally marks as I count them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A new way for “crooks” to work…


Between 3D printing (they made a camper here) and Lego…you can do anything:


A is for Angel AngelHalo



I just got the word… My “Angel” (Bella) will be put down in less than an hour. SHe’s been having breathing problems for a month and had an abscess on her side that would pop, heal over, pop, heal over… over and over. It would just not heal properly. I was sitting on the ground next to her a little while ago and she looked at me with sad eyes as she struggled to breathe. A tear rolled down from her right eye. I almost choked up right there. Her tongue looked a grayish white and she started foaming at the mouth. I wiped it from her lips. She tried to get up but could only creep on her belly. My wife called our DIL and was told to take Bella to the animal hospital (about 6 miles away). Because Bella couldn’t get up, I drove our car around the house and pool to where she lay. We slid a blanket under her, picked her up and put her on the back seat. As my wife started to drive around the house she rolled the window down and said Bella had just thrown up.
A short while later my DIL called - crying badly - and told me the vet told her Bella’s lungs are full of cancer. Oh God! :sob: She was trying to go to the house. I brought a dish of water out to her but she wouldn’t drink any. My poor little pumpkin - that’s what I’ve called her since she was 8 weeks old. My wife and raised her pretty much for her first two years as we did with Paycheck (their other golden retriever who got cancer throughout his entire chest cavity when he was but about 8 years old). He died on his birthday. The vet told my DIL he would try to keep Bella alive until she got there.
The girls get out of school in 45 minutes (2:45 PM) so I’ll be waking Brianna up from her nap and ready her for the walk to the school bus stop. I’m not sure how I’m going to tell the girls since every time I even think about Bella, I start to cry and choke up. At least the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day - if that means anything to Bella on her last day. :sob:




I am so sorry @Jim7…Such a heartbreak to lose a furry family member.


You will note that almost all of the women wore hats and the men wore suits. Hats were a big thing-my mother had about 30 hats and I had four. My cousin Betty had a well to do husband and they lived in Chicago… She had hats that were really expensive for that time at around $20.00 and more. I can remember Mom and the Aunts all being green with envy about those fancy hats. I can recall my Granddad and his cronies going out to work in the fields with the thrashing machine, wearing their suit vests and dress type pants.


I’m so sorry, Jim. So painful to go through.



@Jim7 How did the girls handle the news about bella? How is everyone doing today? :crying_cat_face:


So very sorry to hear the news at beautiful Bella. I love my furballs as you clearly do, and I totally lose it when they go. Hugs and prayers for you and all the family.


@Beverly1 It’s why I haven’t gotten any more kitties after my core group died. Miss them and all the other disabled or ill strays I rescued until they became too ill and died. All lived to old ages. O__ was over 20 years old.


As soon as they were given the news, Olivia (6 yrs old) ran through the house crying and screaming “Bella!, Here, Bella!.. Bella!” I finally got hold of her, picked her up and hugged her. I told her she was in “doggy heaven” with Penny and her big brother Paycheck. Eva - who turns 5 on the 15th - sat there crying and sobbing on her mother’s lap. It was so sad. Brianna was sitting in her high chair while my wife was feeding her and didn’t understand what was going on. The vet did send home two small squares of construction paper with Bella’s paw print on them and two small acrylic corked vials with a lock of Bella’s hair in each. Eva said she wanted to bring them to school with her to show her friends (classmates in kindergarten).

Each time I sit in the screen room (breezeway) and look over by the girls’ playhouse, I can see Bella lying on the grass looking from side to side with such a sad face trying to see if anyone is in there. And each time I get a tear in my eye. She probably knew she was near death and didn’t want to be alone. That’s when I went out to her, sat on the grass next to her and rubbed her throat and head - after I wiped the foam and hanging drool from her mouth. I talked to her in a slightly louder voice than normal as she was getting hard of hearing. I called her “Grandpa’s little pumpkin” and said I wished I could make her all better just like that. She just lay there looking up at me with several tears running out of her right eye. That choked me up. And the look in her eyes as my wife started to drive away across the back lawn is something I’ll never forget.

Solo, the male golden, had been licking the top of her head and giving her “kisses” for two days and nights before this. He probably knew she was dying and was trying to console her. Afterward, he didn’t “ask” to go outside very much to pee, poop or just check around the property as the two always did. (They were constantly in and out.) Actually, he never went outside after dark that night.

Now what to do with the dogs feeding station. There are three bowls that sit in a raised table. The water bowl is in the center. On the face of the table under each food bowl are the dog’s names. They learned which bowl was whose and only ate from that bowl - unless there was something extra good that was put in them. :wink: I find myself raising my leg up high each time I start to get up from the table because Bella was always lying on the floor next to my chair. I guess for some time there will be a lot of these little things that I’ll catch myself doing that I won’t have to do anymore - especially standing at the door after Solo comes in while waiting for "just a minute Bella. She always made everyone wait 30 to 60 seconds after Solo came in before she would come up to the door. She would even stand in the yard watching and waiting for you to walk away from the door or sit back down at the table before starting up onto the deck and giving a single “woof” to come in. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m going to miss playing fetch and “driveway” with Bella (description in a previous post I think).
Without going back to any previous post to double-check Bella’s age I posted, she was born in August, 2006. She was 12 years old. Her ashes will be kept next to Paycheck’s.


Bella was so loved! Remind the girls that it’s because they love her that they can cry so freely.

I saw a farm video on Facebook. A lady had a dog through her childhood. As the dog aged, the woman bought him a present, a puppy. The old dog taught the younger dog. Finally, the older dog died; the younger one got depressed. So the woman bought that dog a puppy. Maybe Solo needs a pup to start teaching, “how to look after the girls, and Grandpa Jim”.


That was the reason they got Bella - for Paycheck to have a companion and to teach. When Paycheck passed away, Bella was depressed so they rescued Solo from his life of hell. Watching Solo, all he seems to do it lie around and not going outside very often. It’s like he’s both depressed and bored. Not much fun patrolling the property keeping the squirrels and crows off the lawns by himself. The girls want to get another dog already - more for themselves than for Solo. :slightly_smiling_face: This morning when Olivia woke up and came downstairs she said to me, “Grandpa? I really miss Bella.” I said told her that I did too, and Solo really, really misses her to. Then she told me her and Eva had renamed the two goldfish and the catfish. The goldfish are Bella and Paycheck and the catfish is Penny. Their father kept trying to tell them to keep the names they first named them, but Olivia was very determined that these are their new names. I told my son to just let it go at that.


In memory…that is really sweet…


Oh Jim, I’m so sorry for your loss of poor Bella :sob: She’s been the main star of many a tale you’ve told on here over the years, I’m going to miss her :cry: