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Jim, I’m so sorry to hear about Bella’s passing away. The love we have for our pets can make it so painful to lose them. I am crying for you now because I know how painful it must be. Bella knows she was dearly loved. She appreciated that you found her in the backyard and were able to comfort her.


Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts. Both of my granddaughters tell us a couple of times a day how much they miss Bella. Even the little one, Brianna, sees Solo and walks around the calling Bella - so she can sit on her back as she would lie there on the floor. She would try to bounce up and down as if she were riding a horse. I think she misses Bella for that right now, but she’s making it up with Solo.

As for Solo, he lies around all day and night, not asking to outside much during the day - even when my wife or I go out (at which time he was always at the door barking to come out with us. The last he goes out is in the evening just before dark. And he always went out practically every hour until I went to bed (at 2 AM). Tonight I’ve been outside at least 6 times and he hasn’t come to the door once. I think he’s in mourning also.

Yesterday (Sunday) we had a big birthday party for Eva (turns 5 on the 15th). We had to bring Solo down to my house because he does have a terrible habit of trying to take food away from any child - and stands there drooling and staring at adults’ food. Beside, he would have barked at and chased the ponies, sheep and goats that were brought for the children to pet and feed. He also would have given the hen and her chicks a good scare. But as my wife and i put him into the back of the car, he stopped for about 30 seconds smelling the back seat where Bella lay down on for her trip to the animal hospital. Even at our house he actually left Angel (our cat) alone and just lay on the kitchen floor facing the door until my wife went down to retrieve him a few hours later. Yeah, he’s definitely mourning Bella. :slightly_frowning_face:



My mom just lost her golden retriever, Rebus, this morning. Rebus (named after the detective) was only 9 and suddenly fell ill a week ago. Before that, there was no sign of anything wrong with her. The blood work showed acute lymphoma. I can’t believe it acted so fast. She ran in an agility competition just two weeks ago and placed a fast time. My mom said that goldens have been bred to have a high pain tolerance. She is in shock, but it is good it happened quickly. I think animals live only in the present and hopefully she felt good until the very last few days. This picture is from a couple years ago. Rebus is in the upper right playing tug-of-war with a blade of grass with her daughter Pippen, and her granddaughter, Yogi, is looking at the camera (Mom works with a breeder and has kept a puppy from Rebus’s litter: Pippen, and from Pippin’s litter: Yogi (after Berra).
They are such sweet, beautiful creatures :rainbow:image


Oh Kate, I’m so sorry for your and your mom’s loss. Our dog Penny also had acute lymphoma. And it does spread very, very fast! It began on her left rear leg with so much swelling that she began to limp. Then her left side started to bulge a little as her left front left started to swell. Her skin was getting so tight from the swelling that she was very very uncomfortable. The vet gave us some medicine that made the swelling go down - but only temporarily. With a week her whole left side was swelling up like a balloon again. Then it started making its way around her neck, down her right front leg and finally into her right rear leg. The poor thing couldn’t make any stairs and had to be picked up and carried. She had such a hard time getting up - once she could get down without falling over. When the blood tests came in the vet had me bring Penny in for another examination. When I came home without her and my wife asked where she was, I began to cry and told her she had to be put down.

Penny was a Corgi and she also didn’t let on she was in pain. The only sign her gave was when she’d limp.

After my wife came back without Bella - Solo watched her get in and leave in the car - I believe Solo knew she was gone. He hasn’t gone outside after dinner ever since. And once he eats his dinner, he hasn’t touched his water. He’ll drink and go outside for short spells during the day, but after dinner he just lies around. Guess this is his way of mourning her. Before my son and DIL rescued Solo, he was alone. For the present he’s alone again. We’re going to have our daughter bring her dog over here for visits, and when she’s at work, either my wife or I will fetch her for a visit.

Yes they are, and very mild tempered. My granddaughters tell my wife and I each morning and afternoon how much they miss Bella. They still ask if they can get another puppy “… so Solo has somebody to play with.” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I told them maybe, but not just right away. (My DIL is waiting for Bella’s ashes and Solo has to have a growth removed which is going to require a few hours of surgery. We’re supposed to find out this week when the operation is will be scheduled.)

It was nice to see 3 generations of goldens in your photo. You know who the “ham” is. Give your mom my sympathies. My heart is heavy with sadness right now.

One last thing. My DIL told me last night that they are conducting research in the UK with 3,000 goldens. They are trying to find out why more goldens get cancer in the USA than in the UK. The cancer rate is sky high here. I put the blame on all the herbicides and pesticides being spread all over and finding their way into the surface and ground water. Nothing stays where it’s sprayed. :slightly_frowning_face:


I am so sorry for your mom’s loss @Kateg.
We lost our only furry family member earlier this summer, and life is just not the same without him here :cry:



Hmmm… After coming down to my own home to take care of Angel (:smiley_cat:), I decided to spend the night. Feeling like listening to some music, I went through just a few of the songs I have on a thumb drive - just a few. By the time I was satisfied with my playlist, I realized it was 9 hours and 22 minutes long. Guess I’ll be staying up all night nodding. :crazy_face: Oh, but I feel a wee bit tired already. Let’s see how long I last. (I’m already on the 6th out of 184 songs.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Chernobyl solar


Kate and Mom, so sorry to hear about Rebus. :sob::hugs: A small mercy that it was fast, and she didn’t suffer. A beautiful picture of all three girls together though…




Canadians went through this last year:


Canada’s cannabis law comes into effect on October 17th:


They probably already do! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Probably…at least legal now…




Obviously in Saskatchewan someone is trying to make money on this…
There are many restrictions in place for advertising, graphics, etc, as to not entice younger people. All advertising literally is just the name of the company with no graphics of product.


The Snowbirds just performed their final season flight, on their home base in Moose Jaw, Sask. during a visit of our Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette.