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Here’s something that has nothing to do with nodding… a time-lapse video of an artist drawing a circle and continuing on to make a baby girl, and then changing it over and over to show the girl “grow up” all the way to an old woman. At the end the woman’s eyes close and she is changed into a baby again… one different from the first… rebirth? The video is 4:12 long, but is very fascinating. The artist is named Stonehouse. :thinking:


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That’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing :grin:


I watched it 3 times. :smiley:



The cars are explained, but why is the plane there?


Maybe there was a problem with the plane and after it landed was moved off the runway (to the left) to this “holding area”? There appears to be 2 service vehicles to the right of the plane. Just my guess.


But why is the plane in the middle of the Mojave? If it is too hard to get to the car park by car, then why put them there? (Were the cars transported via cargo planes? Talk about waste of fuel!) There is plenty of cheap land not in the middle of nowhere to store the cars. :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:
There is something weird here…


That area of the Mojave desert has an airplane storage, and other items it seems as well…
Maybe that plane is being taken out of storage and being readied for flight out of there… or just arrived…

They also do parts salvage there… things are so dry they last and last…


It is not a car park per se, but only where they are storing those vehicles (VWs) that were taken off the road after VW was found out about their fudging the emissions numbers. I suppose - eventually - these vehicles will be returned to VW or will have to be retrofitted with new engine parts or new engines. It would seem to be an awful waste of resources just to let all these sit and deteriorate.


And an occasional sandblasting! Ready for the next paint job.



For what it is worth… that is George AFB… aka the SCLA on the civie side… (Southern California Logistical Airport) the photo in the article is inverted… the top is the bottom…


They’re trying to mess with us… turning things upside down. As if we don’t have enough to deal with already. :laughing:


Got that right! Here is one for you… I wrote that note right after my previous one… but failed to push reply…
that was at least 1 day ago by the counter… I found it STILL waiting to be sent when I came by this morning… ha.


:rofl: I done pretty the same thing… except not for as long. I’ve typed out a reply and had to get up to do something. When I returned I found the editor was still open - waiting for me to hit “Reply.” Usually it’s about 10-20 minutes… not the next day. :laughing: Senior moments? Or just too busy… Let’s go with the just too busy excuse… Sounds better. :wink:


The weather is a concern this time of year for holiday travel and get togethers. The other hurdle is “flu season”. Saskatchewan has already had an unusual year for this. Normally the flu starts the middle of December and moves from the south of the province up to the north. For an unknown reason this year it started almost a month earlier and has moved downwards from the north to the south. Half of the province has already seen the flu bug go through their area. This is the map for the first week of December:


As we move into travel time I am hoping my flu shot and general good health helps me to avoid it!


My hubby and son have been down with colds; I’ve had my flu and even a pneumonia jab a couple weeks ago. I started sneezing this past few days and thought the family had shared their cold with me :roll_eyes:
Today out shopping I remembered…hay fever tabs, took one when I got home and am fine ever since. My keeps telling me ever winter it’s not a cold I’ve got it’s hey fever and I keep forgetting and she’s not here to remind me this year :unamused: :roll_eyes: So I remembered all by myself :grin:


Autonomous seeder now for sale:


I just learned that a friend of mine’s mother passed away. They are a big family - his mom had 19 children. :hushed: And here I thought my mom and two of her friends who seemed to be trying to outdo each other by having 11, 12 and 13 children each made for big families. The funeral is Monday, but for everyone’s sake I hope the messy winter weather (snow/sleet/freezing rain and rain) ends before hand.


A few hours ago I heard a call on the scanner for up in the village. People were reporting a strong chlorine odor. Police and rescue confirmed the smell and after checking around informed the dispatcher the entire village had the smell. I said to my wife, “Don’t you think someone should call the water department and have them check the filtration plant for a chlorine leak? They do use chloride in the purification process. And the plant is just half-way up the hill on the west side of the village.” :roll_eyes: We had a slight chlorine smell here, but that was overpowered by someone who had a wood fire going in their house. Smelled like they had the damper closed too much and the wood wasn’t burning properly. That stung my eyes when I first went outside at the time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: