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Last night as my wife watched me getting a bowl of ice cream she remarked, “You eat more ice cream than three people.” And that was just my first bowl! :rofl: And I’m on my second bowl at the moment… two nights in a row. I’ve finished the sweet black cheery and am currently working on cream and coffee fudge swirl. :yum:



I looked at that list on a security company website. I remember my wife used to use one on the list many years ago - until I gave her a little grief until she finally changed it. She had told me at the time that it was “easier” for her to remember. I pointed out that it was also easier for that password to get cracked. Live and learn. :smiley:


None of them are even remotely close to any of mine and too short thankfully, but then mine are so random and off the wall I’d be amazed if they were cracked, it would have to be pure luck but more likely some kind of bot. But then who’d want to go to all that time and expense to get into the likes of my TN account :laughing: Facebook :rofl: Twitter perhaps :joy:


Does Donald know his account has been hacked :face_with_hand_over_mouth::astonished::grin:


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A tradition for kids each Christmas Eve…to track Santa’s route…



Aw, my children used to get soooo excited when we’d bring that up on Christmas Eve and them Santa was on his way; they really believed it :smile: They’d nag us all to get off to bed quick or Santa would miss us out :astonished: :laughing:


One of my neighbors had just got home and was on his way to his house from his truck. He spotted me on the porch and hollered over, “Santa will be here in a couple of nights!” Thinking fast - as I sometimes do - I replied, “I hope he has his passport or Trump will deport him.” My neighbor burst out laughing and said, “Back to the North Pole?” My reply was, “They’ll probably lock him up in some detention center for a couple of years, and then send him back. But I bet he doesn’t get reunited with his reindeer… they’ll probably tell Santa they’re not sure where they sent them.” My neighbor laughed so hard he almost dropped his packages. Of course he came out with his standard phrase he says when I come up with this sort of stuff, “You’re crazy!” I just said, “Yeah, I know. I keep on hearing that.” :smile:


Nice story… but more likely HS would order a shoot down first… IF there was no flight plan and no radio contact with ATC or Norad… can’t have an incursion across the United Statesian border nowadays… especially with all that RED on board… flying fast and close to the ground… Just like the Brits in their Tornados in Desert Storm…

Now go have a nice bowl of “I scream” and relax with a cup of eggnog as well. the good kind.


Would you’all help me out?

Please tell me what eggnog tastes like. I have never had it, not a drop. (Lots of foods / drinks I’ve never tasted)… Does it tastes like whipped eggs? (bleh, shudder!) Does it have milk in it? (yum) Warm? Cold? Is it an alcoholic drink?? If so, what’s in it?

Why is the word nog in the name?


I tasted eggnog once when I was “knee high to a horny toad” - didn’t care for it at that time. I’ve never tried it ever since. I couldn’t even tell you what it smells like! :neutral_face:


hard to describe taste in text… lots about different recipes…though…

Some don’t like the use of raw eggs… and there is a chance of salmonella to be sure…

Try this on… lots about it here

You should be able to find ready made, non alcoholic versions by the quart or litre… in most places you buy milk… quite popular that way, and safer since they pasturize it… I find that stuff is better if you thin it a bit with something like 2% to taste… it lasts longer as well… some I’ve been able to go 50/50 but usually favour the EN side… a bit… has to be to taste… and without cutting, the commercial product is a bit rich to me… but I can drink it… Anyway I seldom drink much… only a litre or so daily… ha ha. through Christmas…
When we had Target in Canada they had a nice version and cheaper too… but that was a loss leader… I’m sure… I don’t know about in general, but Target was much maligned here… and just starting to get it’s legs under it when corporate yanked out the carpet… too bad… I liked what they offered, and the price was good, but not what was available at Target in the States… and so we are stuck with higher priced chain stores… and big boxes…

Hope that helps a bit… the nog bit is covered in that wiki… there were several variant roots for that.


As I was reading through the Wiki article, I saw they mentioned grog. Years ago I tried a grog - spiced rum. Didn’t like it. Too spicy and seemed to ruin the rum flavor for me. :nauseated_face: :dizzy_face: I very quickly switched back to an ale. I always preferred a pilsner with dinner, drank in a stemmed bottom pilsner glass. Years ago I had a set of 12. Over the years, a certain wife of mine seemed to break one every so often. Those glasses had a leaf design etched around the glass just below the lip. Very nice they were as they had been my grandfather’s on my father’s side. The last 3 glasses (left out of 12) I gave to my son who has them on a shelf over his “bar” in his little corner of the basement which he calls his “man cave.” :rofl: :roll_eyes:


Sorry Cagey, can’t help you there, I don’t drink…alcohol…but it does look scrummy :yum:
I did have zabaglione once years’n’years ago in my youth, now was nice. Made with champagne/sweet wine, eggyolks and sugar. Sounds similar to the eggnog recipes though they tend to be spirit based if added at all.

So basically, my guess is it just tastes like custard…a very liquidy, drinkable custard…with a dash of booz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Beeeleh! Bleh bleh blehhhhh!




Kind of like when a little one gets into your drink and then you realize there’s “backwash” in it? :roll_eyes: