2018 Slavery From Space: Punjab Area 2 - POI


For a millisecond I thought I was looking for seals on the snow…:smile:



Wish I had the number of one I saw… was going to post it… looked like a bunch of Weddels sitting in front of a small growth of pine trees with a line of penquins marching by to the upper left… But then is when I noticed my button problem and I forgot… besides which my mind has been questioned quite enough lately… and I knew what would be said… hah!
Actually made it to 1.5k a bit earlier… may get more later… or some sleep. Keep getting distracted by fires… smoky here today. They also found a crashed aircraft in Kannanaskis on Mt Rae… my old SAR group and others in the Elk Valley had been put on alert but were stood down when it was found in AB side of border.


I think you’d better get some sleep… a lot of it! :laughing:


I’ll take the sleep for sure, but I said they looked like what I described… not that I thought they were what I said… hah!


Here’s a military base with a squadron of fighter jets parked in a circle just off the upper right corner of the poly. I zoomed out to -4 to get the entire base shown.


Here’s an octagon-shaped building. (It’s within the poly on the right.)


Strange one…what do I vote? I cannot see the chimney, but assume it is there after the edge of the map, in the poly? What do you think?



But there’s no actual Chimney visible so I’d say 2 No Chimney!


Tn cut the campaign there, and without it IN the poly, it’s no. If Tn gets a new map together, we might get to see the other side.


Sorry Cagey but you mentioned “the other side”…I just couldn’t resist :heart_eyes:


@Jim7 can you imagine grading (or paving or fixing) on this road???


Oh yes! We have a road in town that for many years was stone - no asphalt of any type. It wound up a very steep hill - had all kinds of hairpin turns and at one point actually tilted toward the drop-off! That was the first thing the town did when the road was deeded over to them. Plowing it required a 4-wheel drive truck (or the old truck I used here in the hamlet - as long as it had decent tread on the tires). It’s called Buck’s Ranch Road and ends at the old farm house just below the peak of the hill. (I believe there’s an old hunting cabin at the very top.) We have roads cut through bedrock so that rises up on both sides, and roads with bedrock cut away on one side. Many old farm/logging roads were turned over to the town years ago and required extensive work to bring them up to par. Still a lot of fun during an ice storm! Wheee! :laughing: :crazy_face:


All this color…and a little bulldozer/grader/ something…on the green road?


A look at a different type of kiln on the right.

2018 Slavery From Space: Punjab Area 2

It was, at first, hard to tell exactly what the machine was, but seeing the tracks in the road says it’s a front end loader. The photo, shadow and angle makes it a little difficult to see it clearly. It appears the operator has a road made to the right which climbs the hill. He probably used this to dump the finer stone/shale into a pile. The trucks/lorries are loaded from the bottom of the pile. I did this same thing at the New York Quarry by the Alcove Reservoir some years back. When the trucks were loaded and gone, I kept building the pile up higher and higher - about the height of 3-4 front end loaders. The quarry owner gladly gave the shale - which lay on top of blue stone - to the town so he could mine the harder blue stone for stone walls, walks, floors, etc… All he would have done with the shale was to fill in a ravine with it - wasting it in other words. He actually built an entire building out of the stone and had his stone cutter decorate the stone before it was laid up. I’ll have to take a trip up to the other end of town and take some photos of it. Some of the carvings in the stone are really cool!. Those guys and gals do great work!
I also noticed that straight up the map is a newer part of the town (up and to the left) where they have marked off some property boundaries prior to building homes. Isn’t it nice to be able to relate to something on the other side of the world - almost?


Cool! It looked immediately like he was digging out of the dark rock behind the machine. I wasn’t sure it was shale. The multiple colors, look like solid rock, but this was an area that had a different texture from our view anyways. I didn’t go around the map, so great you found a newer part of the town!!! We seem to go through many images of the colored stone, but usually only see the roads snaking through the terrain. I will pay closer attention now.


That “dark rock” was shadow from the hill. If the sun was in a different location you’d probably see the whole face of the pile from where they load the trucks/lorries. Having a shadow like that sometimes makes it hard to see when a section of the pile is going to give way and start sliding down at you. Yikes! :laughing:


@TerriB, I’m looking at that machine again. Something was bothering me of the way it looks at the angle the picture was taken. It may very well be an excavator and not a front end loader. Sometimes we had to use an excavator to scrape the rock from the side of a hill because a front end loader’s bucket would take too big of a bite and not be able to get the rocks loose. You can also load a truck/lorry with an excavator. I just wish the photo was a little bit clearer than what it is. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m not at all sure since I am back on my eeebook with the little screen for now… plus I have to fudge a link to the poly… once I can read the number… ha.

My first squint at it, was that it was a wheel excavator or a track hoe… same idea.
But I will look closer in a while, I received one of those silly MS warning scams earlier. But I’m sure it is just that… but checking carefully just the same… yep the new one…

@TerriB i might be away for a bit, but I don’t think it will be long… I’m just checking the box function for intrusive elements… but scans say it was clear so far…


The excavator is not something I thought of at first…but that makes sense…and I agree probably what it is.