2018 Slavery From Space: Punjab Area 2 - POI


Here’s a mining operation with the administrative buildings within the poly. The mining operation continues up the map for quite a ways. You can follow the roads through the quarry to various areas of different types of material and also see tractor-trailers/articulating lorries (for Em) backed up to material waiting to be loaded. Odd that I didn’t notice any heavy equipment to load the vehicles with. I also saw many electric transmission towers which run through the quarry in a north-northeast to southerly direction - just like we have running across the shale bank hill at our old landfill site. :roll_eyes: Had to stay away from those towers and made sure we didn’t undermine them as we scrapped the shale loose with the rippers on the back of the bulldozer. Had to leave big “islands” for the towers. :wink:


Remember Star Wars (the movie)? Here’s the little robot, R2D2.


Here’s a weird one. An egg-shaped dome in the mountains with a road running past it and a side road running through it! A “secret” hiding place? :thinking: (This is above the poly. Just follow the road up through the poly. Zoom 0, or for a closer look, zoom in more. :wink:)


Can you see? A bear (hint: facing right) and a couple of owls? Nice illusion courtesy of the mountains. (Outside the top right hand corner of the poly.)


The road continues and snakes here and there and then abruptly ends…or goes in a tunnel or cave or something…hard to tell.


You’re talking about the road that go up past the “egg” (with a road through it) and cuts over to the left? I followed that road to where it seems to end and then looked all around to see if I had missed where there may have been a branch going off in another direction. Nothing. You’re right… it just seems to end abruptly. Then I followed the road down below the “egg” and it seems someone built some houses on a ledge (for a nice view?). The road continues down past these, but when it goes over certain types of rock, you can’t make it out very well, if at all. But that’s where I gave up so I could get back to nodding this campaign and H. Maria.


It is strange that it winds so many places and over different terrain and then just quits. …I will look down from the egg and see what it looks like.


I wanted to show you these two newer kilns from above…one is the pole barn type, and the other the newer oval type.

In this one image …there are nine kilns…and one chimney in the poly…Chimney Vote!!!



Aw, you sure you’re not just blowing smoke. :wink: LOL teasing Some funnies just fall out of the sky and hit me on my head, so I can’t resist. :smiley:

dizzy :cat2:
:tea: ?


Here’s a kiln chimney thats “smokin’”! Looks like a pretty big operation here.


mmmm… did you zoom in on that…? it is smoke, but it looks like there are several small plumes joining…
more like a post demolition waste burn… or the end of an active fire… those dark spots on the brownish road look like fire trucks… could be either way, just to blurry… but not a kiln in my view… unless it’s a pottery shop.
while you recheck, look at the scale when you zoom… besides where is anything resembling the infrastructure, or what have you… like the kiln and chimney itself…:sunglasses: I’ll see what develops though…


You may be right, Doug. With all the smoke and the photo being blurry, it’s hard to tell. The three vehicles could very well be firetrucks - the bottom one is parked at an angle compared to the other two. Now that I’m looking more closely for a building of sorts for the kiln, there are a lot of trees to the immediate right. Probably not a good place for a kiln. I’ll change the tag to “No Chimney.” Thanks. :smiley:


@Jim7 this might help you… took me a minute or two

Just honest critique… ha. It was hard to read af first… blame @TerriB for getting me going on photo analysis, finding places in a haystack… and being grumpy… :rofl:
The fire trucks might be… or just hedges… they seem to be clearing something in there… later … glad to help.


This is the 2nd octagon-shaped building I’ve come across. This one has two stories with a doom on the roof, the first was three stories with a dome.


Here’s the letters “U” and “O” in the mountains. They’re new the top of the poly, just to the right of center.


Oh no! The penguins have invaded Punjab! :rofl: That was the first thing that came to mind when I first saw this. I think maybe I’ve worked on one seal campaign too many? :dizzy_face:

And here’s an oddity. A framed picture of the sun with solar waves radiating outward from it - complete with a couple of planets. :smile: Okay, I know there’s a radio tower and the planets are shadows of the antennae, but being the final night of the Perseid meteor shower I had to give this a “space” spin. :smirk:This is half in and half out of the poly on the left side. (See industrial complex (refinery?) farther over to the left. Also above this “picture” is what looks like a bi-valve (clam/oyster shell), although it looks like a bulldozer or front end loader is pushing the sand or whatever material it is away from the drop point of the conveyor.


Even Mother Nature gets into the emoji creation. Here’s one of her ‘smileys’. (Just off to the left of the top left corner of the poly.)

And a communications tower bristling with antennae (cellular + ?).

A colorful ghost of an airplane. (To the right of the poly.)


hey! can’t a cat have any privacy?!


I’s peeking out at you. Wondering how you missed me!


I should have realized it was you, Cagey. You left two balls outside. One off to the left below you and the other straight down from you. Always forgetting to pick up your toys! Tisk, tisk! :smiley_cat:


I ran inside when that chimney started smoking. Died off now. Then, I sensed this big :artificial_satellite: overhead. It looked like a good place to nap. Now that you found me, time I move on.

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