2018 Slavery From Space: Punjab Area 2 - POI


When I went to hit “prt sc” to take that screenshot, I inadvertently hit the F12 button which is also “Airplane Mode”. I wondered why I had to hit the print screen button twice… Then when I went to upload the photo, I got an error page saying they “the browser” couldn’t find www.tomnod.com! What? When I looked down at the WiFi icon in the system tray, the icon was gone! Duh! Hit the “Airplane Mode” button, icon came back up and reconnected. All better! :roll_eyes:


I see you used the “litter box” before moving on. :unamused: And you left your ball over there on the right.

And one final one before retiring. I found the satellite caught Cagey’s ball making a splashdown from wherever she dropped it from. Must have been from quite high up. :hushed:


Not what I see there… more like this…


Note: I DO NOT see any resemblance to Cagey… honest! :rofl: It is just Stripe.


Nice “Smiley”! :smiley:


Winnie the Pooh is in Punjab! :smile:

How about a rocket booster.




That is a parked PAF Shaanxi ZDK-03 AWACS aircraft… made for PAF in China. Look it up if you are interested… fairly rare, There are others but not the same… it was a custom variant for PAF.

It resembles a Hercules but the tail is a give away. the horizontal stabilizer has ‘gates’ on the ends see that little black spot… that is a ‘gate’ … you can see the stripe on the radome and in the shadow …


WTP I see well…

Rocket took a minute… assuming you are a Guardians fan… let me know if you meant something else…

I’m talking raccoon, you might mean that thin taper shape on the ‘ear’.

I think a Rocket booster would look like Groot.


WOW I will look up the

Thanks Doug!


Before I zoomed in I also “saw” an owl and a few others animals - part of this and all around. Didn’t want to get too involved though. :smiley:


Here are the letters T, F & I - with an Arctic wolf’s head at the right side of the top of the “T”. There’s also a hex bolt with a flat washer above the letters. Someone decide to bolt the mountain together? :grinning:


The other end of the runway from the plane and hangar I posted above…


@cageycat, I found you again! Peaking out of a hole in the rocks. You silly playful rascal you! :grinning:
(Near the top of poly, just left of center.)


An unusual kiln…



Looks like a modern kiln. Judging from the lack of rows of brick in the drying fields, maybe it hasn’t been fired up yet. Or maybe they dry the brick inside the building. We used to have a brick yard - about 6 decades ago - down along the river. They had switched from making clay brick to shale brick. Both types were dried inside the building on conveyor belts that ran through ovens. I remember one day a pulley overheated and started the belt on fire. A quick-thinking employee killed the power to the conveyor and doused the fire before it set off the entire old building. (All the rest of the employees hightailed it out of there!). That conveyor was back online by the third shift. (They were running 24 hours at that time.) Now that brickyard property is the Port of Coeymans. :smiley:


Every campaign has a mythical beast in it. Here’s a dragon with a “beast rider.” (Top of poly and just above it. The rider is above and to the left of the dragon’s head.)


Seals! Oops! Wrong campaign… :laughing: Time for me to go to bed when I start seeing Weddell seals in Punjab! :tired_face:


But there’s no crack or hole. :wink: :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile:


I cropped it out… he he he! :wink:


This is the first “field” I have seen on fire…