2018 Slavery From Space: Punjab Area 2 - POI


Oh! I saw that one last night just before quitting for the night. That was the first one I’ve seen also.


We see the markings after they burn the field, but I have never seen an active one.


I’ve seen lots of small ones, part fields and a lots of small ‘piles’…


We had a whole campaign to mark active burnings. Forget where.


The be the Indonesia campaign. That was horrible to see how much forest people burned for palm trees - just to make palm oil to export.


@cageycat, Here’s some more “seals” and the “crack.” :rofl:


@cageycat, I found your ball of string, but it looks like someone messed it up on you. (right of poly)


Think the last we had was the Indonesia Illegal burning campaigns back in October 2015 :thinking:


I need people “praying”— put up your hands, palms facing each other, then move hands apart about 12 inches. Now to wrap my string, round and round and round… This is how big it was… I could just push it ahead of me and watch it roll… :globe_with_meridians:


And whoever it was, it looks like they got taggled in it and managed to string themself upside down…I can even see their ponytail dangling :upside_down_face::rofl:


I finally saw this plane…many many many tiles later…:slightly_smiling_face:




Here’s another field being burned. Maybe a lot of the “haze” we’re seeing in many of the photos is actually smoke and not hazy cloud cover.


I believe that one is in the air having just taken off… that is the same field that had the radar plane… and at the other end of the runway there are 3 more of this type that appear smaller relatively and cast shadows… Other than a bit of dark smudge I don’t see one here… also I looked at a hangar or some other building across the runway and can see the roof and a full wall… so I think the angle of that extended would put the plane above the center line of the runway but much higher… just a feeling based on what I see… Jim’s fighters are down that end as well I notice… This airport appears in several image strips with and without planes we see here.
Having fun…


JIM you are supposed to be searching Punjab… NOT BC.:rofl::rofl:


Hi all I’m back from vacation! Thanks for nodding this past week and keeping everything going (which you do anyway :smile:)

I can’t remember if I’ve described this before so just ignore me if you’ve heard this one. But I was looking at @Jim7 and @TerriB’s ghost plane pictures (of the ones in flight). The reason that you see this in satellite imagery is that the satellite collects the multispectral bands at a slightly different time than the panchromatic band, so when the image is created with both the panchromatic and the multispectral image, you see this shadow in objects that are moving quickly!


I hope this isn’t what I think it is - a house fire at the start… all smoke and no flames yet. (It’s in the lower right corner of the poly. This is zoomed in to +2.)


I’m sure you can relax… I think it is just a wispy bit of cloud… Open the link, zoom out to -1, then pan over to the right… and move up and down the image… in context the clouds suggest that this is one as well… same density, elongation, shade of colouring etc. also you have enlarged it a bit so you are getting some effects of doing that, plus… TN seems to convert to .jpg formats… and that leaves artifacts of compression process… IMHO.


I’ve noticed that when I’ve uploaded PNG files. They show up as JPGs.
When I zoomed in, the “smoke” looked like it was coming out the both sides of the house and some from the front. Maybe the nadir effect made it seem like it was going “up” and not horizontally. :thinking:


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