2018 Slavery From Space: Punjab Area 2 - POI


Oh Goody! I like a nice dry wine… I guess I can stand red for once… I prefer a white.


First one of these kilns I’ve seen with two chimneys…


oh good one @Helen thanks for sharing. I have not seen one of these.


Wouldn’t it have been funny if the poly was just a wee bit more to the left so there would be no chimney in it? :laughing: You’d want so badly to hit that number 1 button… :smiley: Nice find!


This reminded me of a satin sheet.

An old man deep in thought (head only).


I looked up this one on GE… the historical imagery show is was one of the mudding fields like you can see in the lower portion of the image in 2014 image… then grew like this… just a bigger version, perhaps one of the efficient newer designs internally… the current GE images show it a bit better finished.

Still interesting!


Here’s a kiln that is either being built, just starting to produce brick or is abandoned - not sure. The bases for 2 chimneys are there - or are they the “new” styles (not tall)? There are some brick stacked in several drying fields, but I’m not sure if they are new brick or old inventory. Any input anyone? Thanks.


I was taking a breakfast break… tried the link but it goes somewhere else… since there is a poly line shown it cannot be the one in the link either… can you find that again… I’ve tried several permutations of the number…

However looking at the image, it seems similar to the one I posted in the other thread… notice the diagonal, slightly offset notches at the top and bottom… in that one, one of those was belching smoke in one version.
I am going to see if it might be one of those variants of my post from GE


Thanks Doug. That is the correct link - I just double-checked. I’m going to click on the link in my multi-clipboard and see if that brings me to this tile.
:thinking: After doing the above, I too was taken to a different tile. After I went into my browsing history, I found a link showing to be the last one and double-clicked that. That opened to the proper tile. What I don’t understand is why the map tile URL I posted is showing on this tile. Weird… glitch? Anyway, I deleted the original link and inserted the correct one.

Edit: I voted “Yes” on this. :neutral_face:


Well that does work better, viewing that, i was able to locate it on GE at 32° 56.810’N 71° 29.681’E
as always, it is fun to walk through the historical images there… first one is in 2001 current 2018.
There is one that clearly shows 2 of the portable chimneys in use… what appear to be those two show at the bottom end of the poly image… which is from a shot taken on 12/06 2016 in GE history… on the newest version GE I don’t really see two, but one seems t be there… One thing is for certain though… sort of… it appears that this kiln is undergoing modernization… a lot of kilns seem to have been convinced to do that after 2015 according to the trade papers… When Nepal started rebuilding, they adopted improved methods which they did to brand new kilns since theirs were sort of flattened. The governments were apprised of that and moved telling the kiln operators in several countries it was now possible to cut pollution AND save money with either new kilns or best practice updates to existing ones… I can’t prove it but it appears these smaller dual chimneys are part of that… the tall chimneys were part of a system they call FCBTK Fixed Chimney Bull’s Trench Kiln. They depended on natural draft and needed the tall chimney, now they are adding blower fans and don’t need the tall ones… also the need for a strong draft is down due to the zig-zag stacking change.
And so forth… those solid appearing roofs over the bricks are also part of that to reduce heat loss. Kilns are neat devices but there are so many ‘variants’ to the design. I’d call it a kiln, and it is still working apparently.
But 2 small in the image rather than 1 tall, and the little ones can be moved.


I had that feeling in the back of my mind, but wasn’t sure. With the amount of brick in the fields, I wasn’t sure if they had abandoned the kiln and were in the process of getting rid of their stock, or if it had just opened and these bricks were the first of several batches to come out. Isn’t is funny how modernization can sometimes mess us up? :laughing:


Hi all -
Thanks for all your terrific work on this important effort. It looks to me like we have covered the area! I am planning to pull the campaign down later today to take a look at the results. Thank you so much for your help!


Oh Oh just saw this…was going to hurry and get to my next level…that’s okay there will be another one!!


Me too! I did manage to get to 15.2k polys viewed… which is a lot better than some I’ve done… still didn’t have much time available though so it’s a bit of a small miracle that I got this far… but at least I wasn’t sick this time… just helping my friend and trying to recover from my winter flu… which was the worst I ever experienced… but aside from smoke we’re doing good…

Time to rest up in case the Atlantic H season arrives in earnest soon… they say it will come… soon.


I’m cleaning up after this campaign… took a while, TerriB has seen these…
It isn’t all of them I fear, but just what I was exposed to during my stint… I get bored and use GE to plot the map strips we see… doesn’t take all that long… and gives a feel for what we were looking at. I found this while uploading a set for the Western Wildfire work.

I believe that this counts 21 strips, but I think more were not included because I didn’t see them all… this is for the 2nd campaign…