2018 Staff Vacation


Another random announcement about my time away from the forum (and everything!)

I will be out Weds 4/4 through Tues 4/10 on a vacccaaaation!! Going to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

I know you all will hold down the fort for me, with @cageycat’s unimpeachable leadership!
Let me know if there’s anything I need to do before I go (I have your Friday log-in on my list @Shaul! :smile:)

2018 Jan to June - Keep all your Random Thoughts right here!

Ten un buen viaje @Mel_Nod :airplane: :smiley:


Have a great time away on vacation!!! :sun_with_face: The weather will be sooooo much warmer!!! :sunglasses:


And I thought Mel liked cold. I thought she’d vacation in Antarctica. The we could look for her while counting seals - with updated maps of course! :rofl:


excited wooh-ooh vacation packing I’m packed…can we goin now…can we…can we…can we excited%20jumping

Bon%20Voyage :wink: :grin:


I liked your “Bon Voyage!” emoji.


Just found that one tonight on the internet https://tenor.com/search/bon-voyage-gifs
You know you can save and use any of the ones I’ve already posted just by right clicking over them and selecting “save image as…” They’re not mine, just what I’ve gotten off the internet. :wink:


My son always uses the phrase, “ripped off” the Internet. :roll_eyes::wink:


I guess that means I won’t be retiring like I was thinking of doing.

Yucatán Peninsula? Well, gang, here is where we’ll be looking for her. This is the only map, so we can get started on the 5th. (Or buy a 5th? Or take the 5th?) Be aware, since we have no idea what Melissa looks like, we’ll just be tagging all the ladies. Please let’s be careful to not use push-pins!


Well. Since you ASKED. If you get the vacation, then we get the pizza party, right? Please order up some beverages, pizzas, cheese balls, garlic bread, meat platters… enough for everyone. :smiley:

On a serious note… Could you pick somewhere for even a teeny tiny FUN campaign? Somewhere to look around at something that is not white? — shudder!


Hurricane Maria is still running. Instead of white you can stare at a multitude of colors, but then again there is a lot of water, trees, what used to be trees, tons of buildings (at least they’re not small like seals), and you get to flip back and forth between “old” and “new” tiles! The past 3 nights I’ve done about 1,000 tiles (completed 3 maps and started a fourth). I planned on hitting the seals (not literally) after a couple of hours on the hurricane, but I get carried away (not by wind or water) and suddenly it’s 2 or 3 AM! I say, “Okay, tomorrow the seals,” but I keep getting blown back to the Caribbean. Oh well… tomorrow’s another day… it’s already here though. Oh well… bedtime for me. A certain little girl who is learning to walk has decided to try to run as well. Keeps grandpa on his toes so to speak. :heart_eyes::rofl: I think she’s starting to tire me out. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No silly, not “ripped off”…just freed from the 'net! AngelHalo
Well, I mean, somebody had to liberate them…I couldn’t very well just leave the poor emojis trapped there for all eternity, now could I angel_saintly
And beside…nobody else was using them embarrassed3


Thank you all, I am hoping it will be horribly, incredibly hot and I’ll tell you all about it on the weather thread!!

@cageycat I KNOW new fun campaigns have been in short supply. Believe it or not, I have something I’m getting teed up for when I’m back. I know fun is in they eye of the fun haver but it will certainly not be white!


@Mel_Nod You mean :sun_with_face: hot :sun_with_face: as in bikini weather?! :swimming_woman:

cardboard fan
:shark: protection
:soccer: ball
:sandal: :sandal:



Thanks Jim for looking at Maria tiles!


Now don’t you go and make a fabulous Mayan find and stay on the Yucatan studying it for the next ten years. Stay close to civilization, as the area down there has had some violence. You could bring us back some margaritas, if you have room in your luggage.


If all we have are little carry-ons, we can very quietly get on the airplane.


See!..we don’t take up that much room…image

and they’re not gonna notice if you’ve put on a little weight Mel…


image :grin::grin::grin::rofl:


shhhhh… methinks we missed the right plane.

Worse, we’re headed to Madagascar!? Owch… I didn’t pack any boots!

Going through suitcase…
no use for this now!


Madagascar :astonished:


Wonder if we yell REAL LOUD, will @Mel_Nod hear us out in the wilderness?

Watch out! Danger!!

:bear: !

:bearded_person: with :hammer: !

Not safe! Come home!! BTW, WV3 sent a message that he’s been keeping his :eyes: (er mirrors) on you! 1, 2, 3, Look up and Smile…Scanning…:artificial_satellite: