2018 Staff Vacation


I guess we’ll have to wait until Mel gets back and processes the data before we can see what she was up to… unless… she deletes the good stuff she doesn’t want anyone to see. :rofl:


Hey, we have 1 day left to play! :smiley:


Whaaa :hushed:…but…but…but…she only went yesterday confused6 …surely Confused-thinking

Right then, get those speakers cranked up for some body boppin, foot tappin mappin cocktail


WAKE UP, people!

Live version


Have never heard of this dude but he’s pretty good. At least you can understand what he’s singing, which is amazing. Good strong voice.


He first rose to fame in UK in 2014 with his first hit Budapest


Welcome back @Mel_Nod ! Hope your vacation was G-r-e-a-t!!!:sunglasses::grinning:


I’m back everyone! Thank you for holding down the fort!
Lovely vacation and lovely weather and interesting things to see!
Mayan ruins

and jungles an beaches

and interesting cities.

The only downside is the sunburn I brought back, from our very last day!! Hope you all have had a good week too! Love the pics of the cats in the suitcase…


Beautiful pics! It looks like a fascinating place to visit… I think I’ve just put another place to visit on my “bucket list”, maybe next year, once I’ve done my aurora chasing later on this year!


Reminds me of my very bad burn at Atlantic City, NJ. Burnt to a crisp after using baby oil. My friend and I had to put garbage bags down on the beds, then soak the sheets in cold water. Feverish all night.

Wear white— you’ll look deeply tanned!


:laughing: Oh gosh you just reminded me of my sister and I when we were in our teens. Sunbathed in the back garden for 3 hours; thinking we’d built ourselves up enough over the weeks, we used baby oil too…oh were we sorry…so…so…so…sorry :sob:

@Mel_Nod That’s what usually happens to me, I become a little lax that last day or so and get caught…every time :confounded: You’d think I’d learn my lesson :roll_eyes:


Haha that picture of Barbie @cageycat :grin:

And YES that’s exactly it @EmeraldEyes I think I let my guard down the last day. Believe it or not I actually got my burn while staying in the shade. I was under one of those little thatched umbrellas but it must not have been complete shade, even though it felt like it. So yes, sunburn from the shade, gives you a sense of my general skin color…


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