2018 - TESS and other Space news


Just like the game:



Far far beyond what we can see or know:


Click on the black screen and the twitter feed will start

NASA on Twitter: “This #ObserveTheMoon night, follow the light and shadows washing over the surface of the Moon throughout a lunar day. This contemplative 4K visualization was derived from actual data from lunar days in 2018, made for the #NASA60th. Unplug & go fullscreen: https://t.co/4Nj3r6ZYDX… https://t.co/JtJARU5DTB”


And Curiosity’s other brain worked!!!


Lots going on in space the last few days…


Interesting food choice…










Remember we talked about Curiosity earlier in this topic. It is the Mars rover that got caught in a dust storm and went silent. They switched brains on Curiosity and it is on the move again!!!


I wonder if that would work for some people who seem to be “dumber than a box of rocks.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:


Would be a bonus if your brain stopped remembering things to be able to switch to the “smart side”:rofl::smiley::smile:


Reminds me of something from Monty Python… about the ‘Department of Redundancy Department’…

Besides which, it isn’t nice to talk about me that way…:sunglasses: or as my GPS says “Recalculating”


When I took the shortest route to get from point A to point B - and I know that was the shortest route, I would laugh when I 'd drive by the intersection the GPS “wanted” me to turn off to, and then it would say, “Recalculating.” When I used to drive from my home down to Hopewell, Virginia, after several trips I found the shortest and fastest route - and with a lot less traffic! But every time the GPS wanted me to take other routes that I knew would be congested because people were getting out of work. One time the GPS wanted me to take the long way around Washington, D.C., going west before the city, then south and east around it to finally end up where I would be if I just took “my shortest route.” :rofl: The only time we use the GPS is when we have to go somewhere in the vast beyond where we never went before - and we didn’t have time to look at maps and figure out the “best” way to go. :wink: Take for instance, I’d pick up route 17 in New Jersey and take that down through Virginia - bypassing I-95 for that distance. Route 17 is a divided highway, 2 lanes on each side… no tolls… usually less than half the traffic as I-95. It actually cut well over 30 minutes from the drive to arrive at the same point where I’d have to get back onto I-95. Oh well… such is technology.

Whenever people tell me they got lost getting to my home from out of town, I found out they inputted the correct street address, town and zip code, but the GPS was taking everyone to the same street address in the town north of us… different town name and different zip code. It’s as if they strictly go by the street address and then match that up to the first town that pops up - disregarding the fact the town names are different. UPS used to send me packages to that other address. And another time someone somewhere entered an incorrect address with my name. I was waiting my new camera to arrive and finally tracked it down to a street address up in the village. The only thing they had correct was my name and the house number. The street name was wrong, the “city” name was wrong, and the zip code was wrong. How can they do stupid stuff like that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Anyway, the house was vacant as the landlord’s tenants had moved out. He waited a month before making down there to repaint and make a few repairs. He found my package between the front doors, looked up my name in our local telephone book and gave me a call. I shot right up there and retrieved my camera. What a time I had with the “White Pages” on the Internet to get my name disassociated with that address! :unamused: