2018 - TESS and other Space news


For you TESS enthusiasts out there:




I love these NASA produced videos - they’re informative, but uplifting and awe-inspiring at the same time. (Is there an emoji for awe-inspiring? None of the choices seem to fit)






Oooooooh… I like that. Leave it to Em to have one in her super duper giant collection of emoticons and emojis that would make Google envious. :grinning:


Actually Jim, I’d just swiped that one from Google :laughing:


Oh, oh! They’re probably mad at you now. :slightly_frowning_face:



I’m not sure where to post this, as it isn’t “Space News”, nor “Meteors and sky watching”…

…but I’m very happy that I was able to show the passage of the International Space Station overhead tonight. Even my 5½-year old was able to see it, and could describe when it disappeared behind a cloud, and when we could see it again, to make it certain that he was watching the correct “moving star”. My eight-year old was very stoked, too, and plan to tell her class mates tomorrow.

I told them a little about the ISS before we walked out on the balcony, and afterwards I showed them a picture of the six crew members that are on board at the moment.

I use the web site www.heavens-above.com to see when ISS and other satellites will be visible, and tonight’s ISS passage was very appropriate for a first-time viewer – we saw it high in the sky, and it was brighter than usual (-3.9).


Technically, you could have posted to either. The ISS is a manmade satellite orbiting our little blue-green planet (“Space”), and to see it you have to watch the sky (“Meteors and sky watching”).

Glad your kids were able to see the ISS, it’s quite awe-inspiring to see it traversing all the way across the sky.

I use the Heavens Above website for ISS sightings, and also the soon-to-be-defunct Iridium flares. Glad I managed to see some of those before they fully decommission the flare-causing satellites.


I’m glad you and your children got to see it. It’s great that you get you children involved in “looking up.” I’m especially glad that they were excited over it. That’s special! :smiley: